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What The Seahawks Said Following Their Loss Against The Rams

Take a look at what the Seahawks said following their meeting in Week 10 against the Rams. 


(Opening remarks) "I know this may not seem like what you would think I would say, but I really loved that football game today. It was hard, tough. You're ahead, you're behind, you're catching up, you just keep fighting. We made a big mistake to give up the ball and a great sack by their guy. They turned the game around right there with a turnover right after that and scored, but that just excited our guys even more. That kind of fighting, that kind of battling will take you a long ways. We don't care where we go, or who we're playing, it don't matter. We're going to go, we're going to battle. That's a good football team over there. They do great stuff. They're having a great run right now and they deserve a ton of credit. (Head Coach) Sean (McVay) is doing a fantastic job. On this day today, it pretty much went nose-to-nose. We battled it out. Congratulations to those guys. I love these guys. The way they went after it today, it was awesome. We aren't slowing down. We're going to keep going, keep running the football, keep setting the tempo the way we want to, and just try to play a little bit cleaner, try to slow them down a little bit more, and give ourselves a chance to win. Maybe a couple of more seconds on the clock might have helped us out a little bit."

(On his offense running for 277 yards without Seahawks RB Chris Carson and Seahawks G D.J. Fluker) "That's just a statement about the guys running the football up front. It doesn't matter who's up there, who's running it. I think (RB Rashaad) Penny had 100 yards today, and fantastic job by Rashaad. It's great to see him busting out like that, but that isn't a surprise because we've seen other guys do the same thing, too. (Seahawks RB) Mike's (David) done it, (Seahawks RB) Chris (Carson) has done it. It's really just the whole thing's fitting together and we're able to show that kind of consistency. We've got to make it win for us. It didn't turn into a win today, but it certainly will a bunch of times. I thought it was an unbelievable job by (Seahawks G) Jordan Simmons today. He went into the game, played the whole game. He had never even played before, and stepping up and doing that was fantastic."

(On if he feels like his team is better than 4-5) "Yeah, I really do. I really do. I've been feeling that since we got going about week four. We started finding ourselves and figuring out what we're all about and how we can play this game. I love the way we're playing. The kicking game was on it today. We messed up on our surprise onside, but the kicking game was terrific today. Running the football, fighting on defense like we do, and having 'Russ' (QB Russell Wilson) able to make plays and do stuff like he did today. It was an incredible comeback, incredible game by Russ, just to keep running and making things happen and keeping us in it. There wasn't anybody on the field that didn't bust their ass today. Everybody did. That's a tribute to everybody that's working in this program and how they fight regardless of what the circumstances are. We'll go anywhere, play anybody."

(On the toll that losing so many close games takes) "Yeah, I tell you, it's hard to take because we want to win and get going. Go back to the first two games, we were so far off the first two games. I don't know how many points, it was like six points or something like that. We weren't even close to playing the way we can play. So, we just have to stay alive. We've got to keep going, and keep this thing going as we finish this year. A lot of games coming up at home. We've got to make a surge here and see what we can do, and I like our chances. I don't care who it is or where it is. We can go on the road. These guys don't care about playing on the road. It doesn't even matter at all. That's a great characteristic of a team that has a chance to do something."

(On his decision to call an onside kick in the middle of the fourth quarter) "Well, let me tell you this. If it looked like that during the week, we never would have called it. It looked great all week long. We never missed it one time. That was not the ball we were supposed to hit. Too bad for 'Seabass' (Seahawks K Sebastian Janikowski). He's a great pro and all that, but the ball didn't come off the way it was supposed to come off. We thought we had a great chance to surprise, take advantage, take the field goal and try to get the ball right back, and believed in our defense to try to hold up. All of that stuff went into that. But during the week, the execution was so much different than when we showed up on game day, it's unfortunate."

(On his impressions of RB Rashaad Penny) "Rashaad looked great today. He looked just like the guy we thought he would look like when we drafted him. He was excellent. All the way back before he got hurt and he missed the month with a broken finger, that's what he looked like, and today he just busted out. We've been on him hard. We've been challenging him to get right, work at the right tempo all week, find what it's like to be pro, just teaching a young guy figure it out. He's been very open, very receptive. There's just a lot that goes into helping a guy find himself. I felt like today, he needed it so badly. He knows he's a great player. He just hasn't been able to demonstrate it the way he wants to. He's frustrated by it. We've worked him through it and I was just hoping that he would get a chance one of these games to get the opportunity to show it. Maybe from this point forward you see him just take off. He looked fantastic today. It's great for us."

(On how QB Jared Goff has improved from last year) "I think he's just taken off where he left off. This season has just been an extension of last year. He had a fantastic year last year, and he's just been lights-out throughout. What they did so well today is they took care of the football. We didn't get the ball away from him. Without the turnovers, it's a really difficult team to beat, and we weren't able to get the ball from them. He's done all of that. He makes the big throws. He does all of the stuff off the play action. He runs the team really well, too. This is a complex system that they run for the quarterback. He has a lot of stuff to do at the line of scrimmage and he's handled it beautifully. Their coaches have done a great job of bringing him along. But it's not just now. It's been happening for some time now."

(On what happened on the third-and-15 that the Rams offense converted) "We just busted the coverage and bit on the wrong route. It was just a fundamental error and we just screwed it up. That should never happen."

(On how the Seahawks can change near losses to wins) "We need work, but we need the football. We win when we take the ball off. We were minus-one again, today. We were minus-one last week too, same thing. Look at our record. We need to get the football. That comes from creating situations where you're ahead, and you take more chances and you get more opps. That's part of it, but there are times when you just need to take the ball away from them. You've got to tip some balls, you've got to knock balls out in the run game, and just take it away from them so that you can turn the game. That's as big a factor as anything. If we were plus today, we would have won. If we would have done that, we would have won today. Just look at our numbers - they bear that out and they have for 20 years, almost. That's the number one thing. If we get on the positive side of the turnover ratio. There's a lot that goes into that - get the ball. We've got to take care of it better. That's the first thing, but we need more consistency throughout the game. They did too much stuff on us today. They did a great job putting the ball on the perimeter. We needed to knock some of those plays down and play a bit better on the outside there, and stuff like that that keeps them from being as productive as they were."

(On if he regrets using an empty backfield formation on a failed third-and-three attempt) "No, no regretting that. That shows the protection and shows the pass rush. One more quick little step up would have made it just a little bit better. That was a great pass rush by (OLB Dante) Fowler."

(On if Seahawks QB Russell Wilson's arm got hit on his last throw) "I didn't see it. I don't know."

(On his message to his team) "We have a bunch of stuff ahead of us. We have a lot of games that are coming up. We have all kinds of opportunities. We've got to bring this thing together and a little bit tighter. We have to do the things that we've been doing, but the fight that we've shown, the competitiveness that we're all about is going to give us a chance to do something really special. We keep believing and that's the message. There are no negatives here. There are no negatives coming out of this thing. There's always opportunities to do better. We have to figure out how to capture those, but that's not the essence. The essence right now is hanging and believing and knowing that we can get this done and staying in the truth, staying in the truth of who we are. I can't wait for another week to keep this thing rolling."


(On the last series of plays) "Yeah, I thought we moved the ball really well getting down the field. The drive before — we have however much time left. We were able to stay locked in and make some plays, got a touchdown there and defense made a great stop. Got the ball back with a minute and not much change left, able to get the ball down the field and they were able to make a play on the last play. We needed one or two more plays, we feel like we could've done it. So the best thing about our football team right now is the drive, the focus. We are very, very you/ng, but we're very talented and great things are going to be in store, great things are going to happen, and the best is ahead."

(On if it was harder to lose such a close, hard-fought game) "Well, I think it's building character. I think it's building belief. I think it's building who we're gonna be, you know — for the rest of the season, but also for years to come. We've got a lot of great young guys, and I'm looking forward to what's in store. I think that you got to have great faith, you got to have belief that great things are going to happen. You want to win every game, you want to be able to judge a lot of things by wins and losses, but I think true character and true growth really comes from how you prepare every day and how you build off of the tough times and also how you build off of the good times. You've got to have both. You've got to have both to really become who you want to become, and I think that we're doing that and we're right in the midst of it. We lost to the Rams in a tough game at home — pretty much the last play kind of thing, last drive or whatever. Then we, unfortunately, it came down to we were able to get a touchdown and come back down again. I think the whole stadium was nervous, to be honest with you, on their end. I think that, unfortunately, it didn't work out for us, but we have great faith that great things are going to happen."

(On what he saw on the last fourth down) "They made a good play. I think (DT) Aaron (Donald) was chasing me there at the end there. I was trying to find a way. I was going to run it - didn't think it could get it cause somebody was coming at me — I don't know who it was, I haven't seen yet. But just tried to make a play right before I got tackled. So, it didn't work out. It didn't want to hold on to it, obviously. I wanted to try to get out of my hand. I think it was just a couple inches too high."

(On when he saw from OLB Dante Fowler Jr. in the third-and-3 strip sack) "He made a good play, I mean that's why they brought him here. He's a great player. He's one of the best defensive ends in the game. He came in and made a great play. I was throwing the ball at the time, you know, down the field. He got me just in time. But like I said, we still had great belief, we still hung in there, we still made a great play, and a great drive. I mean we went up and down the field there at the end, the second to last drive, same thing with the last drive. We were right there, you know? So, I'm looking forward to what's gonna happen."

(On what his end goal is with this team and what he believes they can still accomplish this season) "Well I think that you always want to accomplish the big end goal, right? Like Ive always said, that's always something that you always want. But you have to enjoy the process and the growth process through the good and the bad, through the tough times and the good times. We played a great football game today, we played a great football game today. A lot of great things happened. They played a great football game. It was two teams battling for something that we all want, you know, what we're all working for. They made one or two more plays than us — out of all those plays. So we kept battling, guys made great plays. (Seahawks WR) Tyler (Lockett), obviously, made that great touchdown catch. Some other guys made some great plays. I think (Seahawks RB) Mike Davis and (Seahawks RB Rashaad) Penny ran the ball really well. We were physical at the point of attack. We did some great things and like I said, they made one or two more plays." 

(On how much he ran the ball today) "Yeah, just playing ball. Not trying to necessarily run it. Like I said, we don't really have that many designed runs, just playing ball how it is. We had a couple in there, but then we had some scramble plays. We were able to get some big runs out of that, too."

(On seeing RB Rashaad Penny get his chance to play like he did) "Yeah, it was huge to see Penny. You know, first round draft pick — a lot of pressure on his shoulders just in general as a first-round pick and everything else. He stayed humble. He stayed working his tail off everyday. He's going to be a great player for us. He's physical, knows how to run it, sees the reads really well, and stayed the course throughout this journey. So, we've got a great staple of running backs. Unfortunately, (Seahawks RB) Chris Carson wasn't able to play today. So if we can get him back too, that would be even better. I just think that the growth there has been awesome to watch. (Seahawks RB) Mike Davis had a great game, too."

(On how much the Rams' pass rush limited what he was able to do down the field) "Their pass rush is pretty legit, obviously. They've got, I don't know, four or five first-round picks upfront. They do a great job getting to the quarterback. Donald is arguably one of the best players I've ever played against. Some of the other guys they have. They have (DT) (Ndamukong) Suh. They bring a lot of pressure, especially on third down they were able to make some plays there, unfortunately. But I still thought we did great. I still think the offensive line did great in the sense of us being able to run the ball the way we did and giving me enough time on the last two drives, really, to get up and down the field and make some plays, and us hang in there. So, there's a lot of good. There's a lot more good than bad, that's for sure and we are going to rely on that part of it all."

(On his confidence in late game drives)"I think our whole sideline is confident, everybody in the huddle is confident. I think they're a little nervous, too. We've scored a lot of big — won a lot of big games in the fourth quarter, a lot tough moments. I think when you have a lot of success in the fourth quarter and a lot of success in winning late in games, everybody believes. You're not going to do it every time, but you believe that you're going to do it more times than not. So I think we're looking forward to the next time and just staying the course. Last week was a tough one, right? We almost had it there at the end, too. Then this week was a tough one, too. But we're right there. We're right where we want to be from the sense of our team, our culture, the professionalism in the locker room, the youth too as well, and and mixing the two together. Great things are in store."


(On comeback chance after his big pick up on final drive) "I knew that we were going to have a chance to comeback, we play with a team that never backs down we will always fight to the very end. They got the fumble, they went down and scored a lot people probably thought it was over, but we didn't. We were in this situation last week they went down and scored, we got the ball back to get a chance to win, but you got to be able to figure out how to be able to finish at the end, that's all that is."

*(On final drives being easier or harder)  *"I think it's both. It just shows the type of fight that we have and we understand that we are not out of any game regardless of what the score is and regardless who has the ball. Defense did a great job, they backed them up whenever we have three timeouts and we knew we had a chance. I think the biggest thing we got to figure out how to execute on some of them plays we went three-and-out on to continuing to keep the tempo going in our favor, I think that's the biggest thing."

(On offense going stagnant) "Nah, I just think the Rams did a good job being able to go back out there and regroup and once we came into halftime we were able to regroup and kind of figure out what it was they were doing. And we went back out there and started being able to do what we wanted to do again. I think that it's a game of the mentality being able trying to keep everyone off their toes and being able to do things that aren't expecting. I think they did a good job of that and we did a good job of it as well it shows that they ended up winning."


(On how easy it is to get in your own head and have to fight back as well as the opponent) "Definitely, when you don't get that many opportunities. You know, you look going in like, 'Man, I can't do any of these things because I just need the opportunity to.' That's just me being young. I feel like, I've grown up the last two to three weeks. I have to say once my opportunity comes just go all out and ball."

(On how the big gains instill confidence in him that he can keep doing it) "I can do it. That's all I tell myself, 'Man, you can do it.' You know, you've got to grasp it though, but you can do it. That's something I told myself the whole game, just thinking in my head like, 'You can do this. They trust you.'"

(On how he's reading it differently now than maybe he would have two or three weeks ago) "Just staying late with my running backs coach. (Seahawks Head) Coach (Pete) Carroll believed in me. Our offensive coordinator just told me to do my job, take one play at a time. I think that was the most important thing for me. I kind of worried about two or three plays ahead instead of the one play that I needed to focus on. Now I've just got to find my groove, and I think I am more ready."


(On the team's confidence coming into the game) "A lot of confidence. Especially how we played them the last time we played them. Even the year before when we came down and played them here. There was a lot of confidence. We knew we had to make sure we played a pretty good game. Couldn't shoot ourselves in the foot and I feel like we did that."

(On the amount of penalties and big gains the defense allowed) "Just both sides, from penalties to the gains and some of the plays they had. We just had to make sure we were on our stuff. We let some plays get away from us. We had some good plays, but when we had a bad play it seemed like it hurt us. We just have to do better and keep going"

(On if there's still belief in the locker room) "One hundred percent. I definitely believe that we can turn this around. We've got a very tough schedule. It's going to show what we're made of. We have to be right back at it. We've got a Thursday night game so it's one of those times where it's good to kind of get back out there and wash away this loss."

(On coming within one score in both losses to the Rams this season) "I'm not a moral victories guy. A loss is a loss. We need to grow from it. It's only good if we learn something from it and do better. We've got to do that. We have to apply that to the rest of the season."

(On the team's 4-5 record) "We feel like we're a lot better than our record shows. We had some plays that got away from us and lost some games. There's still a lot of football left. We're confident that we'll pull it out."

(On the play called when the Rams converted on third-and-15) "At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter what we call. Coach gives us the call and it's our job to execute and stop them. Especially on third-and-15. No team should ever convert on third-and-15. That's an area we have to better at. I feel like some teams have converted on those longer yardages. We have to be more locked in and more focused. We can't really worry about the calls. Players make the calls. No matter what they call if we execute we're fine."


(On the Rams' offensive game plan) "They came out with a lot of misdirection stuff and a lot of fly sweep. They tried to tempo us and keep us in our 12 personnel. They tried to go fast. They came out empty and tried to give us different looks. It's one of those things where we have to line up and play our keys. That's the one thing, they try to just hurry up and screw with the looks and everything to get guys caught off guard."

(On the tempo of the Rams offense) "Sometimes they'll hurry up, come to the line and check the play. The biggest thing is just line up and play your keys. I feel like we would've been good if we did that. We came out in the second half and did a better job of that. It's just one of those things"

(On what the Rams did differently on offense since their last meeting on October 7, 2018) "They didn't do anything differently. I guess I'd say the empty looks. They did a ton of the fly sweep. They did different stuff off of that. One time they faked it to (RB Todd) Gurley and pitched it to (WR Brandin) Cooks. You just have to defend the core and the guys on the edges have to stop the fly sweep."

(On the amount of concern after dropping to 4-5) "Honestly, I'm not concerned because I know the guys we have in this locker room are going to fight their ass off every game. I know next game, we're going to come out and give it our all for the rest of the season. I know we can make it to the playoffs, we just have to finish. Come out there and finish, that's what it comes down to. We're in every single game, we just have to finish."

(On the performance of SS Bradley McDougald and CB Shaquill Griffin to force the punt on the last drive) "They just did their job. Like I said, when we all do our job and are on top of our stuff we can shut anybody down. That was the big thing. We came out there that last drive like everybody do their job and we'll get them off the field."


(On his point of emphasis heading into the game) "For myself, personally, it was all about effort today. I understood that they had playmakers all over the field. I knew if I just gave it all 110 percent and was around the ball it would give our team a chance to come up with a big play. I think we all kind of came out with that mentality. It was just a couple plays that got away from us and then we just ran out of time."

(On the defense's performance) "It's a lot to think about. We just didn't come up with enough plays on the defensive side of the ball. We just needed one more play on defense. Maybe it was a strip sack or interception. Maybe it was just a simple first down on offense, but we just ran out of time."

(On if it was a lack of execution or a well executed play by the Rams) "I think it's just the execution. We were either one gap away from stopping Gurley or just our hands up on the defensive line from getting a tip on one of those crossing routes they had going on."

Game action photos from the Seattle Seahawks' 36-31 loss to the Los Angeles Rams in Week 10 of the 2018 NFL season.