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What The Seahawks Said Following Their 30-17 Loss to The Vikings

Interviews, transcripts and press conferences from Seattle's Week 3 win vs. Minnesota.


Postgame quotes from the following:


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Head Coach Pete Carroll

What happened to Jordyn Brooks?

"He had really bad cramps on both legs and came back in the game."

How is Kerry Hyder Jr.?

"He had a concussion."

Seems like the last couple weeks you had trouble identifying screens. Can you put a finger on what's causing that problem?

"What really was obvious, when you see Bobby Wagner saw one late in the game, he goes and gets it. We have to recognize them. We're not recognizing them quickly enough and we're getting back in our drops and they're working -- you know, they have a nice scheme, they throw the ball behind you, as they did. We're driving out of there and we get too much space between us in the screen, and that's why you throw those sometimes. We were late to respond. When we did, we didn't force one properly, we had snuffed out. And then the other one Bobby makes a play on it because he feels it. We just have to do a better job sensing it. Any one of the guys, linebackers, DBs who are in the forced situation have an opportunity. Unfortunately there was a couple, and they were impacting. I think they threw four in the first half. They did a nice job with it."

What happened with Marquise Blair?

"He banged his knee during the week and we thought he was okay. In warmups he just didn't feel right and he couldn't go."

What changed in the second half?

"I don't know, I don't know. Because part of it is opportunities. We got to stay on the field, you know, and when it doesn't mix right and the defenses is giving up first downs and the offense didn't convert them, it's just out of the balance. What changed? They didn't do anything different and we didn't do anything different. Shoot, I was fired up about -- I think we scored four times in a row or something. We were really on it the way we needed to be. Just missed our chances, and then all of a sudden the game gets away."

You guys have been 1-2 two before, I think 2018, and you turned that around. Is that part of the messaging to the team, that you've been here before?

"Yeah, stay together, it's a long season. We don't know how the stories are going to be written. Right now you guys will go off and try to figure it out, but we don't know. We don't know what's going to happen with other teams and all of that. Just have to keep staying together and connected and keep giving ourselves the opportunity to have a great season. Only way to do that is to hang. On the road next week. Got to get through this start and get rolling."

How do you get more consistent?

"Yeah, both first halves were really good. And then the second -- I think, the last couple weeks -- and then the second half we didn't hold it together. We got play better. Got to play more disciplined. We got to play to keep it like it's been. That's all."

Quarterback Russell Wilson

What led to zero points in the second half?

"Well, I think that we were moving the ball extremely well in the first half. I think our temp was great, in and out of the huddle. We really had two possessions really in the -- one in the third and one in the fourth, and then we had that two-minute one where I thought it hit Penny for a touchdown. They made a good play with like four minutes, to go 3:50 or whatever to go. They had a chance there on fourth down. So I think that we just have to stay the course. We're a good offense and we can do a lot of the great things. It's going to be challenging sometimes. It's not going to be -- you're not going to be able to score every single time necessarily, but I think that we had that -- the drive in the third quarter where they made one or two good plays on that, and then we got the ball middle of the fourth and just we could have been a little bit crisper here and there. So I just think that we got to stay the course. We got a challenge ahead of us, and that's really where our head is at."

You talked about it last week, about when the other team had a couple really long drives, how challenging it is to stay in a rhythm. Happened again today. When you're in that type of situation and you know the defense is really having trouble stopping the other team, does that put extra pressure on you and the offense with those limited opportunities?

"I wouldn't say it puts extra pressure. I just think we have to be that much cleaner, we got to execute every drive. We believe that we can score on every possession, every drive. That's just our mentality. So we got to make sure we do that. We got to find the little things that we can do within the drives, within the game. I think we had a lot of good plays today, we had a lot of great things we did. Like I said, that one with -- we were down 13, 14, whatever to go at the end of the game there. We thought we had a touchdown potentially. They made a good play or whatever. I didn't get to see the replay. They didn't show it. So we thought we still had a chance, and unfortunately didn't work out."

Was that a catch or were you arguing for pass interference?

"It looked like a catch where I was at first, and then they were saying incomplete, but also looked like pass inter -- you know, I didn't know. You're trying to argue for something to go right right there. I knew they were talking, so I just wanted to hear what they were saying. So that was good opportunity. Almost had it. That would've given us a chance to go win the game and try to find a way."

How confident are you in how this team is going to respond to a little adversity?

"I'm super confident. I think that we are confident that we can respond in the right way. I thought we responded in the right way even this game in the sense of coming off of last week's game. I thought our mentality was right coming into the game. The game was really there for the most part until late in the third quarter. Kind of got away from us there beginning of the fourth. We felt really confident in what we were doing, how we were doing it. We were really well-prepared. Shane did a great job preparing us all week. We were on our stuff. So as we go through the season there will be challenges. It's going to be a journey. We're not stopping here. I think our mentality has to be at the highest level always, and that's where we are at. We know that and we're prepared to do what and we're prepared to go on this journey, and we know it's going to be tough. You take one game at a time, play one moment at a time. We can always be cleaner and we can always be better. But I believe in this football team. I believe in what we can do and what we will do."

What was it like playing out there?

"It was definitely loud out there. They did a great job out there, the fans and everything. It's a beautiful stadium. It's loud. It was really not really a factor though, in the sense of what we were doing, how we were doing things. We felt like we were communicating really well. We had some really good checks and things that we got to and I got us to that -- Chris Carson had a sweet run on that one and checked out of it. Guys were really sharp there. I just think that as we play on the road there is always going to be -- we got some great road games to go to. I've always loved going to tough environments, and we'll be prepared and continue to be prepared."

How big a relief was it to see Tyler was okay?

"Yeah, how he went down, started grabbing his knee or whatever, I was worried, to be honest with you, just because he's worked so hard for it. Just glad that he's okay. Yeah, that was a little a little bit of a shock for us all I think. He's okay. He's up, he's moving, he's smiling, so he'll be really to roll."

How did Jake Curhan do in his chance?

"I thought Jake did a really good job stepping in there playing right tackle against some really, really good pass rushers. I mean, you think about Danielle Hunter over there, just the guys that they have. Everson Griffen obviously is great player, too. But Hunter mostly on the right side there. I thought he did a really good job. He was poised. I thought Jake Curhan did a tremendous job stepping up and stepping in. He's been really, really solid all training camp, to be honest with you, and all season. So to have a rookie right tackle that can step in and play the way he did with the confidence he did in a tough environment, loud, I thought he was poised. So, as the games go on he'll continue to get better and better."

When the possessions are as limited, sounds kind of weird, but how important is the coin toss and the second sequence at the end of the first half, beginning of the second?

"Yeah, you know, I think the coin toss is -- a lot of times we defer so we get the ball in the second half. You can look at it two different ways: We can lose it or win it. We got the ball the first drive and we just went up and down the field and scored right away. It was a beautiful drive. Everybody was getting the ball and DK did a really great job. And so guys were making plays. We were really great on third down and this and that. And so we were up 7-nothing right away, which is a great feeling, and they did a good job responding too and the game was back and forth in that first half. And you're exactly right, when they took -- I think they took nine minutes off the clock in the third quarter, very beginning of the third quarter. You know, that was definitely long. And then really the possession before the half there was about 5:50, I think, 5:30. I'm always watching the clock, so it was about 5:30 before that half. They had that long drive to score another touchdown to make it 21-17. You know, and then they had five and a half minutes there and then the nine minutes on the other end, so back to back. So I think that every possession for us we got to -- and that's just always. I mean, that's always been the history of football. Every possession, every play counts. Nothing really changes. We just have to be sharp and fine tune some things. I think I have 100% confidence in what we can do. I thought Shane called a really good game, to be honest with you. We just didn't have enough opportunities there. We were in a great vibe, great flow of all the things we wanted to do. Shane was great. Guys were on it. DK played a really great game. Tyler, him being healthy. I thought Freddie Swain made some really key plays. Gerald made some great catches. Chris Carson had a sweet run on that one to the left. So there was a lot of good things there. I'm not discouraged by any means. I believe in what we can do and what we will do."

What did you check from on the Chris Carson touchdown run?

"Yeah, we had a pass -- we actually had a pass and just saw the front, the look and everything else. And I got to -- clock was ticking down so I had to go up and down the line really fast and get to it. We got to it, and great blocking by the guys on the middle left side there for us to scamper in and just Chris had a sweet run on that. Yeah, so that's the one we checked and got to it off the look that they were given."

How did you think DK Metcalf responded today?

"How he responded all week. Didn't start today. Really started this week. DK respond in a tremendous way. Attitude was right, mentality. He's a champion. Knows what to do. He's a pro. You all have up and downs and tough moments, but he was really truly prepared. Had one of his best weeks of and practice and it showed in the game, and thought he played really well tonight."

Tight End Gerald Everett

What do you feel like you need to do on offense to keep carrying over from the first half to the second half?

"It starts with everybody winning their matchups. We have to treat every drive and every set the same. We were moving the ball pretty effectively in the first half. But the Vikings made some halftime adjustments and then we just stalled a bit. So, we will go back to the drawing board tomorrow." 

What did you see from the Vikings that gave you problems in the second half?

"Nothing specifically. Their defensive line was really dominant. And their secondary played like we saw it on film. So, it was nothing surprising for us. For the most part it just came down to who wanted to compete and who wanted it more and unfortunately, we had to take the loss tonight."

With the guys on offense how confident are you in the offense's ability going forward?

"We got some of the best guys in the business from the top down. We expect the most out of each other and that's not going to change. Sometimes games like these happen. It really is just a game. Somebody has to win, and somebody has to lose. We all know that. But we have to treat it like a business, and we have to be better."

How much of this is growing pain?

"Everything you do that is new, you have to get out the wrinkles and the kinks. That's what we are doing. We felt good in fall camp, preseason, and week one. But Minnesota is a good team, and they were coming off a couple tough weeks. But we should have had this one."  

Is this one that got away a mutual feeling in the locker room?

"Each quarter played its part. They won the second half. We just have to do better on both sides of the ball. We don't point fingers here. We aren't going to say what should happen, or what could happen. Everyone can play better from the top down." 

What does that do to the rhythm on offense when you don't have the ball for 8-10 minutes in a row?

"Guys on the sideline try to stay warm. You try to throw, and stay in a rhythm but, they did a great job of controlling the time of possession and moving the ball effectively to their playmakers. They had a great game plan. It just came down to executing and they executed tonight." 

Do you think execution on offense has been a problem in the second half?

"We have been rolling. We have been explosive to Tyler [Lockett], DK [Metcalf] and the tight ends. Chris [Carson] has been running like a bull. Each week is different. We can't talk about last week or next week. We have to focus on what we can fix from tonight for next week." 

How close to perfect was that opening drive?

"It was ideal. That's the confidence we play with. That's what we expect to do. Unfortunately, we didn't have that type of drive throughout the entire course of the game. That's what we are going to continue to strive for."


Re-live Each Game With The Seahawks Rewind Podcast

Re-live every Seahawks game this season with game highlights, player and coach postgame interviews, and a whole lot more. Available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and wherever else you get your podcasts.

Defensive End Carlos Dunlap II

How are you feeling right now?

"Frustrated, disappointed, we got out executed this game and the second half of last game. Nobody loves to see that happen. We know we have way more ability than we have shown but we have to go do it."

What did you make on just the pass rush today?

"We had a couple sacks but we didn't get home enough. Coverage and rush collective has to be better in order for those things to happen. I can only control what I can control from my perspective and for my group, we have to try to get our hands on some of those balls, bat them up in the air some more and then when they do hold it we have to get home."

Are you confident in what you guys can do going forward?

"Yeah, I've seen this rodeo too many times. I feel like we have the opportunity of a lifetime and the better ones that have had the opportunity to suit up with, but that doesn't matter if we don't go out and do it. We can't keep things on ones like this and last game slipped away when we have an opportunity in front of us. An opportunity doesn't come twice so we have to take advantage of each and every one because they count, they matter."

How are you without L.J. Collier, Mayowa Benson, and Kerry Hyder Jr., how did that affect you guys today?

"I don't think one person cost us the game today or two people cost us the game today. We as a collective on both sides in all phases did not put our best foot forward and we all got out executed today and that is what the scoreboard displayed."

With a couple teams in the division already 3-0, does that add to the urgency?

"I can't look up at what everyone else is doing because we have to fix our own and if we can control what we can control then what everybody else is doing doesn't matter. When we see them we have to see them."

What's the biggest issue happening in the second half in these games?

"Finish and getting off the field. Can't give them too many opportunities. Teams have the opportunity to cause as many plays as they're calling because they're putting together these long drives and have to be on top of your execution even more."

The Seattle Seahawks take on the Minnesota Vikings in their third game of the 2021 season at U.S. Bank Stadium. This album will be updated throughout the game. Game Action photos are presented by Washington's Lottery.

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