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What The Seahawks Said Following Their 28-16 Win Over The Colts

Interviews, transcripts and press conferences from Seattle's Week 1 win vs. Indianapolis.


Postgame quotes from the following:

Head Coach Pete Carroll

Opening Statement:

"This is a really excellent way to get this thing started. This team is a really good football team that we played today. They are well balanced, well equipped, they had really good players and good coaching and we had great respect for them, so to come away with the win against a team this well-equipped was really good. We had to play well in all three phases and I'm really feeling like that what it looked like today. Special teams, across the board everybody did their job today and it was a great start for us. I don't know about this travel stuff, but it's not so bad playing in the east. I don't know why everybody makes such a big deal about it, Greg. I don't know. So many things that were good today, because it's our first time to really get out and get playing and I know everyone was worried about how we handled preseason and all that, now look at it. Guys played like crazy, they were running, hitting, tackling, and doing all their stuff and we'll get better. So, I was really fired up about this accomplishment to get the thing started. I liked the challenge about going on the road against such a good team and really setting all that and we handled all of that. Russell (Wilson) played fantastic football today. He got terrific help with his guys catching the football and the pass protection was really solid as well. We were able to run the ball for 140 something (yards). Chris (Carson) looked great, to give us the balance that we needed, but really the day to me goes to Shane (Waldron). I think his first time out and chance to show it and I'm really, really proud of what he was able to do because he went for it the whole time and we did exactly how we've been practicing and how we've been preparing and he handled it with such a cool overall mentality and all and him and Russ were just cooking so. Oh, I'm sorry I said that. Scratch that, doggonit. They did really well together. I don't think I ever said that one time all last year. Anyway, it was a big day there for the coaches on the offensive side. They put this thing together and I know everybody was questioning it. We're just getting started, so we're just really excited of course."

The two touchdown passes from Russell Wilson to Tyler Lockett, what did you see there?

"Amazing, just incredible stuff. The one against the blitz, the throw, you'd be surprised how we practiced that throw and that catch and if you looked at pregame, you know we worked on that exact catch the ball coming in like that. It's an amazing chemistry that they have. For Russ (Wilson) to be able to step up on the deep ball and I don't know how far he threw the ball, but it was as far as he could throw it and it was as perfect as you could get to land and of course he is there. And then they can't even knock him down at the end of it for Tyler (Lockett) to finish – just a fantastic football player. It was really fun to see."

You grew up watching Willie Mays, did Tyler Lockett look like that to you?

"We talked about it on the sidelines, it was just like it was back in the day. I got the picture on my wall."

Was this the rapport that you saw developing during training camp?

"Yeah, this is what I'm talking about and this is what I was hoping for and I had never seen this kind of chemistry be so obvious between the caller and the quarterback and I hope that this is the first step of a, you know, great march together."

You talked all week about the importance of slowing down Jonathan Taylor and their run game. Obviously, they were able to get some decent runs, but Bryan Mone, it looked like he was in on every play tonight.

"He played great. (Bryan) Mone did a great job today. I heard he had five tackles and he had a tackle for loss and he was causing problems the whole time. You know, Bobby (Wagner) had 13 tackles, but we kind of expect Bobby to have 13 tackles, but for Bryan to have a game like that to get us started and I know Al (Woods) played well too. Those two big guys did a great job, so that's great for Bryan."

Injury updates on Rashaad Penny and Penny Hart?

"The Penny's got nicked today. Rashaad's calf tightened up a little bit and so we just decided, it was so early so he came out of there. We had a couple of guys, three guys, that can play past Chris (Carson) and that was alright, so we kept him out. Penny Hart had a concussion concern, so we had to keep him out. He also had a concussion alert and we don't know how serious those are until we really get some time on it, but enough that we needed to keep him out."**

I'm not sure how long the Colts' longest pass was, but it didn't seem like Carson Wentz had any time to get the ball down the field. Was that thanks to the pass rush or the back end?**

"I felt like it worked together very well today, and I thought we felt our pass rush much more than we have like early in last season. (It was) much more like how we finished the year. The back end, though, definitely knocked down a couple different route concepts that allowed us to get to him, and the rush was really consistent and persistent. And it worked together really well, so it's a good start for us, really good start. Let me say this too, I can't imagine not mentioning a couple plays that Jamal (Adams) made today. Holy cow. Just exactly like I told him to do it (laughs). No, that's not right (laughs), but just remarkable plays, and he has got so many of them. I just can't wait for our fans to see him and be able to watch what he does and be able to see how he creates and stuff. And the freedom that he uses to do that – it's really, really special. The fourth-and-one – we had three fourth down wins today, which were huge. The one on the sneak – he was so obvious that it was really – they didn't get the snap, and D.J. Reed had a heck of a play to recover that fumble right there, too. I just thought Jamal – it's what we come out to see. It jacks me up when I get to watch him play. I never can get enough of that stuff, so it was really cool." 

*Darrell Taylor's sack on the other fourth down was a big play.   
"Yeah, yeah, big rush. He had a number of rushes. You can see it. When we get him with the 12's, he's going to be 12's best friend now. When they can get to roaring on third down and on passing downs and get him the chance to get off, you can see how explosive he is coming off the football. He's going to have some big games. He'll have some big games where it'll be really hard for people to match him up, so I'm excited about that. And it showed." 

*Using five defensive linemen – how much of that was game specific? Or is this a new thing you have defensively? *"Well, we'll see. I don't know. That might have been a mistake in the substitutions today (laughs)."

How much more varied does that make you guys?

"The reason we're able to do that is because of the versatility of the players, the edge players. So, we've been developing that ability for a while now to see how flexible we can be. We have a number of guys that can all do it. We didn't see a whole lot of Alton (Robinson) today, but he's in that mix too. It's just part of it." 

*DK Metcalf didn't have a target in the first half and then ended up having a big game. *"We had some close to him, it just didn't happen. He had a good game, he had a really good game. His mentality was great. Even though he got the taunting penalty, he was stirring it up and got called. He was totally clear and poised about it and it just didn't work out quite the way he planned. He did a good job hanging in and coming back in the second half, making some big plays. The touchdown pass between him and Russ (Wilson) was about as perfect as you could do it. Russ looked off perfectly and threw the ball, ripped it to him in the back of the end zone."

*What was the thought process behind deactivating L.J. Collier? *"We had everybody healthy and that's just worked out with the way we stacked it up this time around. That thing is always in the question every week. It was just part of the makeup for this game."

*How much more varied is your offense with the way you're using your tight ends? *"There's a lot more to see. We haven't done all of our stuff, there's a lot to come. Really, Gerald (Everett) is such a versatile football player. You'll see him do all kinds of things, he got a touchdown pass today and all that. He'll do a lot more. He's got a lot of good stuff in him."

*Did something happen with Ethan Pocic at the end? *"Yeah, he did. He sprained his knee a little bit. We're not sure how bad that is. We have to wait and see."

*Were you just rotating him and Kyle Fuller there a little bit at center? *"Yeah, that was part of the plan going in."

*The same with Jordyn Brooks and Cody Barton? *"Cody (Barton) deserved to be out there today. He had a fantastic preseason and all. You saw there were a lot of rotations today, a lot of things that were happening. Rotating the nickels also and so, those guys deserved to play so that's what we're working with."

*Did you give any special recognition to Jon Rhattigan or say anything to him? *"It was good, his first ball game. He was really excited that he got a chance to play and he helped out. Special teams were extraordinary today, I thought the guys were so good. Intensity was so good, Michael (Dickson) kicked the ball so well. He had that one little, he was trying to bait him into it, but it didn't work. That was not by design, that was a mistake. Special teams, I just thought were excellent today against a really good special teams' unit on the other side. Really good returners too."

*Do you think having Shane Waldron on the field helps with the chemistry? *"Yes. I think it's really important. It was a decision that we went into the offseason talking about what we were going to do and how that was going to work out. The more I saw how he communicates with everybody, the offensive line, the tight ends, the receivers, everybody and how fluent he is. It just would be losing an asset during the course of a game to not have him available for all of that as well as coach to quarterback. So, he naturally should be on the field."

*When we see a guy fumble and then you go right back to him the next series, is that a concerted effort to show your faith in him? *"Not necessarily, Chris (Carson) got the ball punched out and that was a heck of a play by them. Chris works so hard to take care of the football. I wasn't going to let it phase the way we proceeded."

Quarterback Russell Wilson

Pete Carroll was just raving about the chemistry between you, and Shane Waldron I know you've seen it all summer but to see it play out in a game like that, how good does that feel?

"Yeah, I think the chemistry between Shane and I was great. It was terrific tonight. It's been great all off-season. We've spent a lot of time really working on the game and working on what we want to do. We have a great mixture of all the great things we've done in the past, we've done a lot of great things. We can't take that for granted. We've done some really, really special things over the years. All the things Shane has done around the world, he was with the Patriots, he was with the (Kyle) Shanahan tree or whatever, he's been with Sean McVay, so I think he has a great understanding of the game. He's so knowledgeable. I told you guys earlier this week he is like the wizard. I'll control a lot of it too at the same time and we're all working together. It's a beautiful thing. It was a great game tonight against a really great defense too. That defense is one of the best in the league, so I thought we played really well. The line did a tremendous job giving me enough time to make some throws and some really special things that some guys were doing. Deep ball to Tyler (Lockett) that was really cool, right before the half. You know DK (Metcalf) on that seam route on the left side. You know all that hard work we've been putting in. I thought Gerald (Everett) played great. I think all the guys touched the ball, really an exciting night and I think the tempo that we played with. I know you guys kind of wanted to see what we were going to do and this and that but I thought we played with great tempo. I thought also we were able to control the game but still be explosive, still get the ball out quick, and do all the plethora of things that we can do. There's nothing we can't do, so I think it always starts with the offensive line, they did a great job tonight and then I think from there we have a lot of playmakers. We've got a lot of guys that can catch the football and make plays and also run it really well. Chris Carson had a great night too. Running the ball physical too as well. We can get better, that's the good thing. Every game is going to be a challenge. We have a great schedule ahead of us and to come out and for me, I was telling C (Ciara) last night and this morning, it's kind of surreal for me because waking up across at the JW Marriott and looking over and seeing the stadium, Lucas Oil, I go back to sitting in that same similar position in a way and wondering what God had for me, wondering where I would go, what would happen and everything else, roughly 10 years ago. To be here for my 10th year coming in and to be with such a great team and to just be so grateful to be able to keep doing this to do, what I love to do. You put so much time and energy to it all off-season all the hard work. Everything I've been doing and the mindset of winning and what it takes to win and do everything we can, it's kind of surreal to be here in year 10 again. My first game in year 10 so, I'm grateful that God has given me the opportunity to play this game and be around such great guys and coaches and just really enjoy it. Our fans were great tonight, that was really cool to see all the fans back. It was loud out there to have our fans there too to participate in it was really special."

Did you hear your fans towards the end when a lot of Colts fans left?

"Yeah, we can always hear them. We can always here the Seahawks fans and we can always hear the 12's. They were as loud as can be, especially the end of the game, especially in certain moments when you hit those big touchdowns and everything else. They just roar like no other. That was really special tonight too as well. It was just cool to be back. We haven't had fans for a year so to be able to experience that again to feel that again, home or away, it was really cool and now we get to go back home, the best place in the world, it'll be fun."

How much more offense is there? How much did you only show today?

"Well, if I told you, you know I can't tell you that but that's a good question. There's so much that we can do. We have a lot more that we can do, to be really precise on everything we wanted to do tonight. The guys were hitting all their details. Just the small details of what we wanted to do. Guys really taking the coaching points and kind of feeling what I'm seeing, and this is why we have to do it this way right here because it's going to, boom, there it is. The touchdown to DK (Metcalf) I mean it was perfect. We've spent probably an hour and a half one day on just the seam routes and just spending time together early in the morning, it literally came to life. That's like the best part when you get to spend that much time on stuff, visualize that on film and critiquing what I could've done different or what that guy could've done different or hey if we do this like this and then it shows up. That's the mastery that we want to get to of the thought process and the plan and everything else. It showed up tonight and you know the great thing is, is that was a huge win, but it doesn't mean anything yet, we've got a lot to do, and we want to keep improving on it and we want to keep growing off of that. Shows what we can do against a great defense. I think their one of the best defenses in the game, the Colts so, to be able to do that tonight against a really good scheme that they have was really special."

How accurate is it, if you have a defense take away something, you're more equipped now then you ever have been?

"Yeah, I think we're equipped to do a lot of different things. I think Shane's (Waldron) world and also kind of what we're continuing evolving what we want to be able to do and all the pieces that we have and the guys that we have, it's really cool because I think, obviously we can take our shots. We can do the mid-range game, we can do the quick game, we can run the ball extremely well, we can mix it up and get on the edge, there's really nothing we can't do. What we have to do is if we can continue all the details, like I told you guys earlier in the year, we can be one of the best offense's, if not the best in football so, that's our mission, that's our goal. More than anything else our number one mission is to win every week and so to be able to come out, year 10, for me personally and also too for our team and get back on track and feel great about I and know that we won against a great playoff defense and play the way we did is really special, and the great thing is, is there's still some things we can do about it."

Some teams just like to be safe going into halftime, how much do you like the play call and taking shots at the end of the half?

"Yeah, I think anytime Tyler (Lockett) can run real fast, I just threw a deep high moon ball to him, and he just runs right underneath of it, it's a pretty thing that he can do. That was a huge play for us. I think we had a screen right before that I believe, I think that was the same possession We had the holding call, that was the same one. That was a big play and then came back and said, okay so let's look for it and we will be fine, look at it and throw it deep. He made a great play and I thought he had a great game."

How good is the protection for that kind of play to develop?

"Yeah, they showed me the clip in the locker room of that play, the deep ball to Tyler (Lockett). Just how good the protection was and how solid they were, I was able to drop back and hold the defense and kind of move and slide and kind of look away, do the thing there, just let Tyler run underneath it. I said this outside, he's kind of like a Willie Mays, he can run anything down. Maybe he's like (Ken) Griffey Jr., Seattle thing. He can really find the ball, track the ball really well. That's one of the things he does best."

When you guys were backed up there, did you lobby to keep the foot on the gas, or was Shane (Waldron) already in that mindset?

"Yeah, I think we were both on the same page, just play ball. Still had some time on the clock. Any time there's time on the clock, that's a good thing. It's possible. That was kind of our mindset there."

On that first touchdown to Tyler Lockett, what did you see there? They brought extra pressure. Looks like that's a play that's not necessarily by design. Tyler didn't necessarily know where the throw was going to be. What was going through your mind there?

"Well not saying too much detail, just film study. Just knowing that they do a great job disguising. I had a feeling that was what they were going to do. Go cover zero and kind of change it up a little bit, sure enough they did. A key situation. Tyler just does a great job. We've hit that before. I just threw it high enough so he could react. Once again, a Willie Mays, (Ken) Griffey Jr. thing. Just give him a chance to track it down and find the ball. He made a beautiful catch. It was another good job on the protection part of it too to give me enough time to get it off. If you noticed, I think (Darius)Leonard and somebody else were right there. So, I had to get it up off my wrist and get it to him. I guess it's a little alley-oop to Tyler. I don't know what you want to call it. He made a great play."

One of the details that needed to be figured out between you and Shane Waldron in this regular season was where who's going to call plays from. How did you like having him there on the sideline?

"It doesn't affect me either way if he's up top or sideline. It's always cool when they're on the sideline just because they feel the energy. You feel the energy. When you're up there in the box, you get to see everything, but when a guy scores a touchdown, you don't get to feel that part of it as much. That's really cool, that interaction, that fun part of it all. I think that's what matters. Austin Davis does a great job too. We're always talking, Geno (Smith), myself and Austin, about plays and thoughts and ideas. The dialogue is really, really great. I think that's the most important thing. We're always communicating. There's never taking a play off. There's never a moment we're taking off on the sideline. We're trying to learn. We're trying to see something. Get a new idea, a new thought. That's what ball playing is about. You're going to be out there for three and a half hours let's max up every second. Let's max out every minute, and that's what we were able to do."

*With DK Metcalf not getting a target the first half, was it an emphasis for you to get him the ball more as the game went on? *"Were always trying to include DK. He's such a great player. Really, the first quarter, I think they ran 10-minutes, 11-minutes off the clock so we didn't really have the ball the first quarter. The second quarter, we had the ball a little bit more, we tried to get him the ball, they covered him on a few on them, they double teamed him or whatever. So, we found other guys that were just open. That's the good thing. We have a lot of guys that can catch and make plays. (Will) Dissly made a sweet catch, he made a great one. It was good to get him the ball, a few other guys. So, it's just kind of how it played out. The second half, they were trying to find different ways to stop us, and we were able to get him the ball and let him do his thing and so, that touchdown that he caught was a beautiful thing."

*What did you think of Will Dissly's stiff arm? *"That was sweet. He just kind of threw him by, manhandled him and threw him by. He's been doing that since the first game he ever played. I remember in Denver, the first game I hit him across the middle on the post route and he just kind of threw everybody off of him. I don't know if it's a Montana thing or what but he's able to do it."

*That touchdown to DK Metcalf, is that one of the better examples of the work that you guys do in the offseason paying off? *"Yeah, I mean that's exactly what it is. The details of that route and that play and that thought process and the angle of it, it was to perfection. It's a teach day point. What he's seeing, what I'm seeing, the whole thing coming together, it's a beautiful puzzle and you have to be able to put it all together. That's what makes football so exciting. So, it's special from my vantage point because it all works together and it all comes together from the guys up front, blocking, doing a great job to the guys running their routes and being precise and being able to move the safety and come back. All of that coming together as one, made that special and his timing on that was perfect."

*How has being under center opened up more options for the offense? *"I think we can mix it up from the gun, under center, we can do all the things we want to do. From running the ball to passing it to throwing it quick, to taking our shots, all those scenarios. We want to keep the defense guessing. We want to constantly have them question who has the ball, where's it going, what are they doing, and we were able to do that tonight. I think it's what we really bring to the season."

*What does it look like when a defense is on their heels guessing during a game? *"It's interesting because you can kind of smell the blood in the water in a way. The defense gets tired or the thinking process and so, to be able to sense that, feel that, know that, to go after it, that's always a good thing. Staying in attack mode. That's what we were able to do and that's why we were able to get a huge win."

*What did you think of how it worked out when you guys did go up-tempo today? *"I thought it was really smooth. I thought everything that we did up-tempo was great, I thought we executed on everything, every play that we wanted and it's something I'll always love and something I've always been, I think pretty great at. I think that we could, as we continue to do that, it's going to be really challenging on the defense. Also, it we'll be able to slow it down and change it up and do all those things too. The good thing is we can call anything, no huddle, tempo, all that, call every play we have in the play book and knowing and really challenging the defense in that sense. That's what we did tonight."

Gerald Everett said he wasn't the first option on his touchdown, is that an example of that?

"Yeah, for sure. I kind of looked the defense away and (Will) Dissly was really kind of number one looking at him and then here comes a guy underneath and that was Gerald and Tyler (Lockett) was number four in the progression, boom, here he comes around. So, I think that that was just perfect play call and just perfect situation with Gerald. He has great hands, so you just flick it to him, and he'll catch it easy. He made a great play against (Darius) Leonard and got in there."

*Were you surprised how well you clicked with the offense after not playing the offseason? *"I saw it developing in camp. Last year, people talked about the preseason how important it is and everybody questions it. It is important, especially for guys like myself. When I was rookie year, young guy, trying to get in there, I think that when we have mature guys, and guys that can really take the job serious in the offseason along the way. We take our job very serious and all the time that we spend on it, I mentioned earlier the time we spend on details and talking ball and all the zoom calls too, all the conversations, all the texts and all the study and all the work in San Diego or California, wherever we are. It's just all that time and then when we get together, we're going to be intentional. We're not going to waste any moments, any time. It's part of my job too, right. Making sure, if we're going to do something, we're going to do it the highest, highest level every day. There is no other option. So, I think that for us, in practice, every day is a championship practice. We're preparing for something. That's just our mentality. The reps that we get in practice, should feel harder and almost better than the game. That's how we want to make it every time. Also, in the preseason, you may only get one possession, get five plays. Five plays aren't going to make or break your season. I think the biggest thing is all of us being healthy, being ready to roll, I think that was really key for us. That was really great for us along the way too as well. We felt great. I think a lot of it was a lot of the time we spent talking and communicating and doing that really well. Guys just spending time working. You can't mistake the work. That's just what it is."

Wide Receiver DK Metcalf

I guess no targets in the first half and then in the second half you came through with a bunch of big plays.

"I mean yeah. That's how the game goes sometimes. We were putting points on the board so that's all that matters and we came out with a win."

What did you think of those two touchdowns Tyler Lockett had in the first half?

"Amazing. I mean I was celebrating before he even got in the end zone. That's Tyler (Lockett)."

This was our first chance to see Shane Waldron's offense in action. Was everything just clicking?

"Oh yes sir and I know we still had some mistakes on film that we have to clean up. Just excited to clean up those mistakes and get back to work."

What is different for you in this scheme? In this offense, what is different or new for you?

"I don't think anything is different. It is still football. We are still trying to scheme up the defense. So, I mean Shane (Waldron) is coming in and all the hard work he puts in and the coaches put in to watch film and give us the best game plan to win. So I'm just excited to keep going along in the season."

Safety Jamal Adams

What did you think of the way the defense played, giving up those two scores early and then shutting them down mostly the rest of the way?

"Yeah, I thought we came out with a lot of energy. Getting those stops on fourth down really gave us a lot of juice, but we definitely can be better. This is one game. At the end of the day, we aren't going to get too high or not going to get too low. We understand that it is a win, but the ultimate goal is at the end. We want to celebrate at the end. So, we are just going to watch the film, get better, correct the mistakes and get ready for Tennessee."

Were you trying to get the snap on fourth-down play? Did you read quarterback sneak or were you just trying to disrupt the snap?

"I tried. I tried. Yeah, just through film study. Obviously knowing what he likes to do by playing him over the past years. That is one of his go-tos as far as a quarterback sneak. I'm just trying to get a little jump. I think I went a little bit too far, but I got his back leg a little bit so he fumbled the snap and we got it so that's all that matters."

How good can this pass rush be?

"Elite. It's very elite – so many guys that can get after the quarterback and do special things. A rotation of really three fronts, you know what I mean? It can be really, really, special. I'm coming at times. Bobby (Wagner) is coming at times. Quise (Marquise Blair) is coming at times. Ugo (Amadi) is coming at times, Quandre (Diggs) – everybody's coming. That's what makes us very unique in a lot of ways. It's very exciting."

Wide Receiver Tyler Lockett

Take us through that first touchdown. What kind of adjustment did you have to make?

"Just being able to go back to the play. The nickel blitzed outside of me, so we knew the kind of pressure that was coming. I tried to be able to see who was going to be guarding me. Trying to get myself in position and then after that it was just trying to figure out where the throw was going to be at. Just the way that Russ (Russell Wilson) threw the ball, I was able to adjust to it and luckily I was the only one that was able to and the DB had no chance."

What did you think of the balance of the offense? I mean that was a goal and the tempo maybe mixed into that a little bit, what did you think of it all?

"Yeah, I thought we did phenomenal man. Just being able to go into the game, understanding the coverages that they were running. Understanding their tendencies, the philosophies – all the things they were out there trying to be able to do. I thought we capitalized on it. We adjusted to it. We ran the ball the way that we wanted to be able to run the ball. It opened up a lot of stuff on play-actions. We didn't always need to go deep. We went short at times. We went medium at times. I think that is the thing that is going to help us out a lot. As you go into these next weeks, and even next week, teams are going to game plan. They are going to try and stop certain types of players. But I think what we showed is it doesn't matter who gets the ball. We are going to feed whoever and however based off of what it is that the defense chooses to give us. We are not going to force the ball to anybody. We are not going to try and be too aggressive. I think the best thing that we've learned is to take what the defense gives us and that's what happened today."

DK Metcalf and Pete Carroll both raved about having Shane Waldron on the sideline and the chemistry and communication he was able to develop. How did you see that play out today in the play calling and how you guys executed?

"I think it played out really well. Even when we are in meetings, Shane (Waldron) is really, really, smart and just being able to listen to him, if you didn't know football or even if you think you know football, you will learn a lot just by being able to listen to him. The way he knows the game, the way he understands defenses, the way that he puts people in certain places. He understands how to use defense's tendencies against themselves. Like all those different types of things so I think for us as players, the more we are able to just kind of take a back seat, listen, he will be able to put us in a position that need to be done and so we just go out there and kind of run it. But it allows us to play a lot faster and a lot freer when you kind of have an idea and an understanding of what the defense is going to do and what it looks like."

The Seattle Seahawks take on the Colts in their first game of the 2021 season at Lucas Oil Stadium. This album will be updated throughout the game. Game Action photos are presented by Washington's Lottery.

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