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What The Seahawks Said Following Their 26-17 Loss To The Rams

Transcripts, interviews and press conferences from Seattle vs. Los Angeles Rams


Head Coach Pete Carroll

Opening Statement: "This was a really disappointing second half for us. First half of the game kind of went like we had hoped. Keep it close and play tough and see what would happen. Had a chance to be up, save the penalty that happened to us right at the end of the half. Really nice two-minute drive would've capped it off well. Unfortunately didn't get that done. In the second half we had one monster play that happened in the game and we were in command of the third and 10 and we were on top of it, and they make a, I don't know what kind of play that was. Very fortunate play, but it changed the field position and gave them a chance and they scored and took advantage of that. That was a huge play in the game I thought. Unfortunate. Defensively we played really well on third down. That was one of their two conversions in the game, and usually that gives you a really good chance to play well, like we did in the first half. But there was just too many big plays, Stafford hitting both Robert and Cooper over the middle. Those plays were field-changing plays, and they got in behind us in our zones and we didn't have the pressure to kick the ball to get it dumped down. It's football stuff. The things we have to fix, we have it clean up, get better at, and make sure we don't allow that to happen again. The second half was a big explosion for them offensively and we really were in way better control of that, and really disappointed that we let that happen. I thought this is a significant night because Russell wasn't able to finish the second half. He's got a badly sprained finger that we need to figure out. There is work to be done in assessing all of that. Russell is one of the great healers of all-time and he'll do whatever he can to get back as soon as absolutely possible. Geno did a really good job, very much in command. We were able to do all kinds of things with him out there. He handled all the communications beautifully and played really well. You know, we had a chance to win a football game. With all of that we had a chance to win the football game with the ball in our hands and couple minutes to go, and unfortunately we threw an interception when Tyler slips or gets tripped, I don't know what happened on the play. I couldn't tell. I do know that they made the big play that changed it. Give them credit. They bounced back from a loss last week and they did a nice job hanging in this game and took advantage of the opportunities when they came. They're a good club and we know them and know that. So there is stuff for us to fix, stuff for me to fix. There are areas that just jumped out that when they're able to throw the ball over the middle like that, they're getting too much time, and we have to do a better job with our backs and we have to get to the quarterback so he has to dump the football off, and that did not happen in the second half. This has been a very good pass protection team. They have only had three sacks all season and the quarterback doesn't get hit and they were able to do that in the second half, and that gave them the shot to get back in it and they did it, so more power to them."

Is there any early indication on how long Russell might be out?

"No. I wouldn't put any timeline on it right now."

Does Wilson need additional imaging?

"We just got here. No time to assess. I don't have anything for you. They'll do everything that needs to be done, x-rays and all that kind of stuff."

What was the determining factor that pulled him?

"He wasn't able to hold onto the football the way he needed to, to throw it, because we throw the ball, and we need to throw it all over the place. We didn't know what he would be able to do. He was just unsure. I trust him that, If he could have, he would've."

Did he dislocate the finger at all?

"I don't know that. I'm not going to tell you. I don't know anything. I really don't know enough about it. I know it was pretty darn sore."

Once they were really having a lot of success carving you guys up with those crossing routes and your linebackers are having trouble, why not play Ryan Neal more?

"That has nothing to do with it. Sorry, that has nothing to do with it. It was first and second downs, you know, and he plays in dime, third down situations. Maybe we will resort to that. That was not in the game plan to be done this time, so that wouldn't have made a difference. Because you brought it up, I'm going to check it out."

The one monster play on offense, is there frustration five games in about -- you want a balanced offense, a rhythm on offense. Are you getting that this year or is it more boom or bust?

"We've been pretty big-play oriented, which is what we always want, to be like that, explosive and all that. We didn't feel like we weren't able to protect him and felt like we ran the ball some. Felt like the game was there for us, until kind of suddenly it wasn't. Then Russ goes out and things change. We needed to complement better with our play on defense at that time and we weren't able to do that."

You mentioned Geno a little bit earlier. Obviously didn't end the way he wanted, but for him to get a shot, as a backup he usually doesn't get to play.

"I went right to Geno afterwards and said, you been waiting a long time for your opportunity. The faith you've shown in our program and us to stay with us, so proud that when he got in there, he did great. He really looked good. He's been working for that. He's a talented football player. He knows our system. If Geno is going to play for us some as Russ comes back, you know, he showed that we're in good hands. I was just proud for him and the fact that he hung with us all this time and believed in being part of this program. Then when he got his chance, he did really. That was pretty good."

What was Wilson's demeanor on the sideline when he came out of this game?

"Very calm about it. He was clear that this was not going to be the night to come back in there. He tried and would've if he could have, but already projecting forward, you know, I'll be back. I'm going to get this thing figured out. Just exactly like he does. He knows -- that's where easy goes. He's not going to sit in the moment and dwell on it at all, and he didn't."

Seemed like you guys did a pretty good job protecting both quarterbacks tonight. Does that seem like that front held up?

"It's one of the best outings we've had. Yeah, I think that's part of the system and the way we did it. We had some different thoughts this time around and I thought it worked out really well. Guys did very well up front."

Gerald Everett, did he test negative today?

"What I'll tell you about it, I was in all the way until 1:00 today. He tested negative again. His tests will be -- the test for today will come back tomorrow, because it had to go to Burbank. He really kind of got caught in the technicality of that because he had been positive -- he needed two negative tests back-to-back, but because he had been -- the test, the first negative test wasn't decisive enough. It wasn't a powerful enough statement about the level that he was at for the docs to okay it. So he was negative and then he was negative the next day, too. So two days in a row, but the first day they didn't count it. So the next day was today, and I think some stuff will happen here with the league. We realize that we're in a difficult situation because he couldn't get the -- today's test to the place in time. There was no way. So I think they're going to look at that. You know, difficult deal. I really was pulling for him. I just wanted that to happen. I think he had five straight negative tests, five days, but that wasn't enough."

That was a test he had taken on Tuesday?

"The day before that showed up yesterday, yeah. As well as -- he tested negative for five days. The reason we're talking about it is because everybody should understand COVID and how it works whether it's football or in real life. These tests tell us a lot of stuff, but some tests are considered more accurate than others."

"So the way that the tests are evaluated or more clearly assess the level of the load of the virus. In that, they just -- it wasn't quite enough. It was negative but wasn't quite enough. I hope they'll learn and figure it out as we all go. All this stuff is brand new. I know what happened and competed with him all the way to have a chance for Gerald to play against these guys. They just couldn't get there."

Was he still asymptomatic today?


What did you see out of Alex Collins?

"I think Alex continues to show good stuff. Everything he does, he shows quickness and play making ability. Very good in the open field. The screen was a beautiful run. Alex is really doing his job. Something we should mention, I don't know this for sure, but that might have been one of the great plays I've ever seen a punter make. I mean, one the great kicking plays in the history of the league, and I've been around a lot longer than you guys and seen a lot of football and never seen that happen before. What a remarkable play it was. Not just to kick it again, but to kick it where he kicked it and to get so much out of it. I haven't seen the film. I don't know how close it was. It was just a remarkable moment, and Mikey is a pretty darn good football player."

One hand scoop?

"Yeah, the scoop was ridiculous. Reminds me of one that Marshawn made years ago. Plucked it. But that was marvelous play we witnessed."

You decided to punt early in their territory, and the next drive you go for it?

"The situation was different."

What was different?

"I can't tell you too much. I can't tell you, sorry. But they were different situations."

What did you think of Jamal Adams tonight?

"Unfortunately on the big play he didn't find his way to the ball. They were very fortunate that that happened. We were over the top and had the guy doubled and all that kind of stuff, and I don't even know why he threw it. But the fact that they did and they made a play, give them credit. It's great play by their quarterback and by DeSean (Jackson). You know, I'm not going after any one guy on anything about anything right now. It's not the time. Go after me first."

Darrell Taylor had his fourth sack in this one. What have you made of the start to his season so far?

"He's really doing well. This is a guy who's going to have multiple sacks in games. He's just a factor. We just a got to keep placing and getting him in there. After this break we'll assess a little bit of the first five games, have a chance here, and maybe spot him even more than he's already getting and more in passing down stuff because he's just been one of our most effective guys. It's no surprise to us. He looked like a beautiful football player coming. He's just raw and young and getting it figured out. He's going to be really tough to deal with as we go down the schedule."

The sequence at the end of the first half when you get the long completion to DeeJay Dallas, and then it looked like it took a while for the next play?

"We were hoping to play fast there. We just got a little sticky in the call. We didn't want to stop the clock there and give them a break. We wanted to put the pressure on them. We love to do that. The clock was burning right there. Just took us a while to get set up. But it was 8 or 10, 12 seconds more than we should have. I was counting on it being faster, but it just didn't quite work out. That was a really beautiful drive, except they got us on the hold. Couldn't ask for more. But yeah, just expected to get up and down faster than that."

Do you know enough about Russell's injury to rule out surgery?

"I don't have any idea about that right now."

You called Russ one of the great healers of all-time. Has his durability and ability to bounce back over the years been one of his hidden traits?

"Oh, he's been just remarkably durable, but the marvelous part is his attitude about how he approaches it. I mean, he's going to heal himself. He is the epitome of what the mentality of taking control of how your body functions. Man, he makes stuff happen. He does marvelous things."

"There are a number of players that we've had over the years that just heal better than others. Penny Hart, he played with a second-degree knee sprain. There is no way in a short week. He played and was remarkable. Some guys you might be out for three, four weeks. I don't know how he did it. It was a marvel to everybody. He never was going to miss it."

"His mentality is the kind of mentality that exhibits the people that can do stuff like that. Remarkable, and Russell is the epitome of that."

Just to clarify, did Russ tell you when he came off the field after that throw to Parkinson and said, I just can't throw?

"No. He was just trying to figure it out. They were working to figure it out, and took a while, and just could tell that it just wasn't right to go back out."

Did you have to make the call that he can't go back out?

"No. I worked with the docs and everybody was together on that. I wasn't going to force him back out. Russ knows his body, what he can do. So we just worked it out."

Was he pushing hard to get back in the game or he knew?

"No, he knew. This wouldn't help us tonight."

Quarterback Geno Smith

Who told you that you were going into the game?

"It was a few people. (Russell Wilson), Coach Carroll, and Shane (Waldron) came up to me and said, 'can you go?' Told me to get out there."

How did you feel when you heard that? 

"I felt ready. Been preparing. One thing about me is I always prepare like I'm going to play. You never know what can happen. I've been around long enough to know that." 

"So just been preparing, been ready. Studied the heck out of call sheet, so I like to feel like a coach when I'm out there. So when I got my opportunity, really wasn't too much to it. Just wanted to go out there and try to get a win." 

What did it mean to you to be out there hearing the fans chant your name? 

"It would have been a lot better if we got a win, but it meant a lot, the city has embraced me. This team has embraced me, and I'm really grateful for that." 

"I appreciate all the fans. The atmosphere was just electric tonight. I mean, you could see it out there. Everyone was fired up. I really thought we had a chance. Thought we were going to come back and get it done; unfortunately we didn't." 

"But we'll bounce back and get better." 

You talked about always staying ready. What's that like when you're playing behind one of the most durable quarterbacks in NFL history? 

"I would say I played behind three of the most durable quarterbacks in NFL history with Philip Rivers, Eli Manning, and Russell Wilson. So it's been a long time coming, but no way am I satisfied with just going out there and playing. It's about getting wins and it's about leading the team to victories." 

"I like to think that I'll be able to do that." 

Geno, that's the most you've played in four years I think. To come off the bench, go 98 yards straight down the field, that had to be a pretty good cherry on top of tonight? 

"You know, honestly I was just thinking score. The guys did a great job. I feel like the line played a great game. Those guys were getting open out there. We were seeing it well. Shane was calling a good game and we were in rhythm. Whenever you're in rhythm, doesn't really matter how far you got to go. You just keep rolling." 

"I felt pretty good out there. Felt like we had a solid chance and we just fell a little short." 

What was Russ like on the sideline? 

"Man, Russ, I can't say enough good things about Russell Wilson. He's a great, great competitor. Guy didn't want to come out of the game, and that says a lot about this man. He's tough as nails. When I was out there, he was supportive, as supportive as I am for him. I think that speaks volumes about his character and who he is." 

"Sucks for him to get hurt, but really appreciate him." 

You said you stay ready week in and week out, but it's been a long time since you've been called upon to play. What keeps you motivated to prepare the same way week in and week out? 

"My motivation comes from a bunch of factors: My family, obviously my son, and obviously just the love for the game, just respecting the game." 

"I've been playing this game long enough to know just when you think it's not going to happen is when it does, so just preparing every single time. It is gut wrenching sometimes. Sometimes I fight back tears before the games, like man, I wish I could be out there. Reality is you got to prepare and you got to keep preparing. That is something that I pride myself on is being prepared and always being ready. And that's mentally, physically, and anything else." 

Did Russell Wilson say anything to you either before you went on or after that first touchdown drive? 

"You know, not much needs to be said. Russ knows me. He sees me every day in practice and knows what I can do, and so do the other guys. It's not a surprise to anyone." 

"More so, like I said, we're just trying to get wins, and today we fell short." 

What do you want to show to the NFL if you do get a chance to start next Sunday in Pittsburgh? 

"Just want to win. That's all that is important. Just want to win." 

Any feel for whether you're going to get to start? 

"We'll see. We'll see. I'll be ready."

Free Safety Quandre Diggs

On how the team is feeling at 2-3 on the season.

"We just have to keep pushing. It definitely stings right now, we know that, but there's a lot of football to be played. We know what we have to do. Guys just have to lock in and be ready to go."

On what the defense needs to do.

"We got (stuff) we need to fix, and everybody knows that. At the end of the day, you either do your job, or you're not ready for this type of atmosphere. That's just plain and simple." 

On what is causing the issues with the defense allowing big plays.

"I don't know. It needs to get fixed, I know that. We have the guys in the room to fix it. We just got to do what we got to do, and hopefully we make these plays when these opportunities come."

On the 68 yard pass to DeSean Jackson.

"I didn't really see it, I was on the other side. I just started running when I saw the ball in the air. I didn't really get to see it, I didn't really look at it on the (Surface). Like I said, those are the plays we got to have. We can't have guys third and 10 and we give up big plays like that. That's unacceptable."

On the frustration of not being able to put together a whole game of good defense.

"It's super frustrating because you can see what we did in that first half, we were locked in and guys were on their stuff. I don't know if it's mental lapses, I don't know what it is. Guys get comfortable that we hold a team to three points, and you get relaxed. It's the NFL, you can't do that. It's a rivalry game, I would think everybody's antennas would be up. I don't know. We'll see."

Wide Receiver Tyler Lockett

On what he saw from Geno Smith.

"When Russ went out, Geno came in, and I thought Geno did an incredible job. I think we were on the 3 or 4 yard line, and he drove us all the way down there. He did an incredible job, man. Those were some big time drives that he did. Very patient, reading through everything, all his keys. He really did phenomenal; I was really happy for him. I told him I was proud of him, the way that he played. We all know that he can play like that and stuff like that. When he got his opportunity, he showed out, and I was just happy for him. That's what I kept telling him."

On how shaking it was when Wilson wasn't able to play.

"It is very shaking. It's foreign territory. But, he was still a leader out there, still talking to us, as if he was out there still. Being able to tell us what he saw, what plays that will be able to work. He's a part of the success that we had out there, too, in the second half."

On whether he talked to the referees about not getting a penalty on Geno Smith's interception.

"No, that isn't my job. If they don't throw it, they don't throw it. I can't do anything about it. I just have to go back and wait for another chance. I got tripped, but I can't do anything about it, they just didn't call it."

On struggling in the third quarter.

"Actually, I don't remember much about the third quarter. I think we were actually able to move the ball a little bit. Just had one bad play, and it kind of messed up the whole entire drive. But, I mean, that's just football. They did a great job being able to change stuff up, like any team. Teams always change up stuff in the second half. I think for us, we were still able to get things going. We just weren't able to put ourselves in the best position to sometimes convert on third downs. When we had those third and shorts and third and mediums, we were able to convert on it. But, we just have to get better, especially if we do put ourselves in situations where it is third and long."

On whether he was able to talk to Wilson on the sidelines after he got hurt.

"Yes, he talked to me, but he was talking to me about the game. We were still focused on the game and trying to see what we could do to be able to win. He was just being a leader, and doing everything he could to be able to put us in the best position possible."

 On having a 2-3 record.

"I think we let this game slip away. Like I said, I felt like I put it on me. Left a lot of stuff out there. It was kind of a weird game for me. There were some plays that I definitely left out there that I know I can make. For me, I think it's a game that I can get better on, that I can be able to grow on. It's not like this hasn't happened to me before, so, just being able to continue to be a better player, continue to be the best self that I can be and not let this be a game that shakes me up to where it messes with me as a person or my career and stuff like that. Things happen, and that's just a part of the game of football. Things go your way all the time, sometimes things don't bounce in your court. Sometimes everything bounces in your court. But at the end of the day, if this is what my role looks like, I'm willing to embrace it and keep going. I'm not going to let anything stop me from glorifying God and being the best self that I can possible be for Him. If this is an obstacle and a block for me, then I just have to get back to the drawing board and do what I got to do."

The Seattle Seahawks take on the Los Angeles Rams for Thursday Night Football during Week 5 of the 2021 season at Lumen Field. This album will be updated throughout the game. Game Action photos are presented by Washington Lottery.

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