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What The Seahawks Said Following Their 24-3 MNF Win Over The Giants

Interviews, transcripts, and press conferences from the Seahawks' Week 4 win over the Giants at MetLife Stadium.


Featuring postgame quotes from the following:


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Head Coach Pete Carroll

Opening Statement: We had so much fun tonight. Golly, that was fun playing football. One of the first things that comes to my attention is the guys that continue to step up and play for other guys. We had a mix-match thing going on the offensive line again, but it's been three weeks of it. I'm so proud that we have guys that can answer the call and play at the top level and give us a chance to compete in these games.

But it's not just that spot, though, it's other places, too. A bunch of guys played on the pass rush today. Everybody figured in on the pass rush today, which was great. It just reminds us that we're just getting started, we're just getting going. We're just putting it together and a night like this for our defense to be able to play that that explosively, three turnovers and whatever, double-digit sacks – I can't remember seeing double-digit sacks.

It's so important to us as we move into this, we're finishing, like, the first quarter of the schedule. So, with a lot of hope and looking toward the future, and developing the young guys, seeing them able to play a role for us just gives us the confidence that we're going to keep getting better. So, we're not a finished product, we're just getting rolling. It's really exciting to be able to tell you that because it feels like what I'm probably all together most proud of is how we played the second half of the last three weeks. We played great football and got it going and cleaned up some of the stuff that happened in the first halves of those games, and we're able to put games away. That finishing mentality is really, really valuable to us, and we're going to keep building on it.

Q: Did this feel like it was coming from (cornerback) Devon (Witherspoon), this kind of game?

A: I've never thought he wouldn't play like this. This is why we took him; to be active and to show that he gets this game of football, and this comes easy to him. He's an explosive, dynamic player. We got to put him in nickel for the first time. This was a process with getting him back out there. We didn't have enough time, we thought, to have him ready, although he's been working at it the whole time. He just did a great job again tonight, and you can see why we like him. We didn't have (cornerback) Artie (Burns) tonight, we didn't have (cornerback) Tre Brown tonight, and so he had to do it all night long for us. It was a beautiful job. He showed me who he is.

Q: How much does that suit his skillset, being a little closer to the ball? We saw him blitz early on.

A: Playing the position, if you compare it to playing corner, there's so many more things that happen. And there's guys on both sides of you, you're not playing on the edge, and there's runs and passes and blitzes and mixes of coverages and things like that, that makes it a position for a guy that can handle all of that naturally. A lot of this is natural skill and awareness that he could pick stuff up so soon and be so dynamic in there in such short order. He's just going to get better and better. And so, it's a really, really exciting thing to watch for us and so we'll keep going with it.

Q: You got six sacks today from linebackers and corners. How did you see the pass rush as a whole come to life?

A: This was a great night for (Defensive Coordinator) Clint (Hurtt) and the guys on defense. The mixes and the changeups, the variety of ways that we came after them, we used everybody on the field just about, hitting the calls at the right time so the guys could create some explosive plays out of it. You've got to give Clint a ton of credit. Pass rush isn't just the guys up front; everybody contributes to it. Coverage, and that's where the backers play a role as well, and it was a great illustration of that tonight.

Q: The frustration for (safety) Jamal Adams, what could you have possibly said?

A: He's going to be okay. He got kicked in the head, and so he misses this game. But the preparation to get him to this, then with the week coming off, he's going to be fine, I'm sure, and he'll be back out there. It's just a little glitch right now.

Q: Not that you necessarily needed any more motivation, but the hit on (quarterback) Geno (Smith) out of bounds, did that add a little fire to this?

A: That was so dangerous. I don't know why they didn't see that differently. It just looked so dangerous. It was all of the effect of a horse-collar tackle happening with the swing of the body that goes down on the back of the legs, and he got hurt on that play. So, a penalty wouldn't have rectified that. But it just looked like such a dangerous play. I might have wanted a second look on it.

Q: But did that fire you guys up a little more? It seemed at that point things kind of started to explode.

A: Maybe so. I don't know. I didn't see it that way, but maybe so.

Q: Jamal was furious after he came out of the medical tent. What's your understanding of why he was upset?
A: He had a concussion and couldn't play. By the time they got all the assessments done, he couldn't play. Somebody said something that wasn't with us, somebody else around, that he might have responded to. I'm not sure about that.

Q: Have you had the chance to speak with Jamal yet?

A: Just tell him to (inaudible). He'll be fine. Frustrating start, but all of the work he did to get here is what preps him for the next time coming around and he's going to be a big part of what we're doing.

Q: Not that you want Geno getting hurt, but is it good to let (quarterback) Drew Lock some time?

A: It's great for him to get out there, yeah. He was a little jittery at first, but he did great. Just getting out there and playing some football, it's so valuable, so the next time he goes in, it's not the first time. It was great to put him back out there and you noticed we got a chance to get some of our guys off the field. I can't ever remember taking (linebacker) Bobby (Wagner) out of a game. Maybe you guys can, but I can't remember us doing that, to give him the rest for the last couple of drives or whatever like that. So, we did the same with Geno, and it was a nice night for getting that done.

Q: Does Geno have an injury or is it just kind of a pain tolerance thing?

A: He kind of twisted his knee a little bit, yeah. It really was knee and ankle at first, but I think it just came down to taping up the ankle and then his knee was a little bit—he might be sore tomorrow. He'll need a break.

Q: (Guard) Phil Haynes and (guard) Damien Lewis?

A: Phil's ankle—calf again. It's his calf that he had a couple of weeks ago. We were going to rotate A.B. (guard Anthony Bradford) in there and not overplay him, but we didn't get to that before it didn't hold up.

Q: Ankle on Damien Lewis?

A: Yeah, he's got a twisted ankle.

Q: (Nose tackle) Jarran Reed, what happened with him?

A: He got kicked in the shin and it kind of blew up on him a little bit. So, it's not broken or anything like that. He'll be pretty sore for the next few days, but he'll be alright.

Q: Usually, you don't want the bye this early, but three wins in a row and all the injuries, is this maybe a good time?

A: Yeah, this is a really good time for us. It's a good time for us to come back with new perspective for the young guys where we can kind of go back to talking about what they've accomplished and how far they've come along. Really, to me, there's so much focus on those guys and their ability to contribute as we move forward. I think this is a really good stopping point for us in that regard. We'll certainly (inaudible) and try to help them continue to develop. It's so important for us to get those guys where they're part of it, and it'll be such a factor to us once we get to the midpoint of the season hitting the second half.

Q: It was only nine plays, but did you see what three safeties with Adams can do to the entire defense?

A: (Inaudible). I know what he can do. That's why we're playing him there. We know what we're doing. We haven't seen the benefits of it yet. He missed the sack right off the bat when we had a shot at him. I'm sure he was maybe a little overexcited about that one. He was as free as you can get.

Q: Witherspoon, the touchdown, what did you kind of see as that play was unfolding?

A: He situated himself right between the two receivers that were doing their little return thing. I'm not sure who they were throwing to or they thought the guy would slide more but he was right in the right spot, and then just nailed it. The thing I like the best about the play was the other two guys, (safety) Julian (Love) and (cornerback) Tariq (Woolen), recognizing how we needed them to help finish the play, and then the explosion of those two guys that jumped out and shielded his way all the way to the endzone, that was incredible. I love that part of the play.

Q: How about the impact of that play, turning around the game, basically? Because they were getting close.

A: Yeah, because they had made their way down the field. I thought the QB (Daniel Jones) did a nice job of running. Daniel did a good job of being really resourceful and keeping them alive and stuff. They kind of moved their way down with some nice individual plays. So, it was a really big deal to us in that game. Yeah, it was a huge play.

Q: Drew's pass to (tight end) Noah (Fant), I think it was third-and-10 on that play—

A: Yeah, he floated out and hit him, and great job by Noah running. Gosh, he's so—I mean how about the two plays. The one with Kenny (running back Kenneth Walker III), I mean, did he hit it or not? I still don't really know, but they called it where they did and him finishing out. He didn't get in the endzone; that was a good call there, but he did stay in bounds, (inaudible) a bunch of yards there. That was a tremendous run by Noah.

Q: Geno's touchdown to (wide receiver) DK (Metcalf), I don't know how good your view was on the sidelines.

A: I saw a quick flash of the replay. Excellent job by both guys. You know, the chemistry of understanding here comes my chance and for DK to get open and Geno to rip one in there. We practice that stuff all the time and that was a perfect example of how we practice that throw right there in the corner. It was a great job by those guys.

Q: Big picture, just where do you feel like you guys are at after four games?

A: Yeah, we screwed up the freaking second half of the first game and I haven't forgiven myself for that. The Rams have done a nice job since then, they've played good football. But we just didn't play the second half like all the rest of these halves. This is the way we are supposed to finish, and we just didn't do it, so I am going to be kicking myself for that one, but there is a couple teams that are 4-0 and it's really close.

Q: Do (cornerback/safety) Coby (Bryant), Artie and Tre all have a chance to come back after the bye?

A: Coby has a really good chance. I'm not sure about Artie, we got to wait to see because it's a hammy, got to see how he does.

Q: Speaking of finishing, you guys have had issues getting off the field on third down. They started four for seven, but then they finished the game six for 16, is that something coming out of this game that you are encouraged about?

A: It's a huge improvement for us. It's been the number one emphasis on both sides of the football to be more effective on third downs. Of all of the areas in our game, that's where we have to improve and it happens to be on both sides so it's good to see some of those go in the right direction.

Q: Anthony Bradford is a pretty rugged kid, it seems like he's held his own inside.

A: I think so, again. He went against the two best guys that we'll face all year. Those guys are phenomenal defensive tackles. I don't know what happened so much, but I do know the way he plays matched up well. We had intended for him to play this game even though (guard) Phil (Haynes) came back, just to see him out there. He is very physical, he's 360 and he can handle it well and he moves his feet well and all that. He's a dynamic, young kid on the offensive line for us and it's great to see him get this play right, it's invaluable play time.

QB Geno Smith

Q: How are you feeling?

A: Feeling better. Feeling better. Obviously ugly situation, but I feel a lot better.

Q: Take us through that play I guess and what you thought happened there.

A: I was just running out of bounds and kind of got rolled up on. Just an unfortunate situation.

Q: Do you think there should've been a flag?

A: I don't know. Honestly, I try not to think about those things but in the moment, I was kind of heated, but after the fact, I don't know.

Q: When the play initially happens did you think the injury could've been worse than it was?

A: Yeah, initially, I really just was kind of in shock a little bit, just from being rolled up on and having my leg pretty much trapped under the guy. It was some slight pain, but overall, I was just happy that I came out okay so, whatever the case is, God's good.

Q: Is there soreness? Or a sprain? What'd it say?

A: I really can't get into that right now.

Q: Were the Giants saying things about that play? Is that why it kept going on?

A: Yeah, the coaches, the fans – it is what it is. It's on the road, it's going to be like that. You expect it.

Q: You obviously have history with this team and in MetLife. How does it feel to come back and more importantly get a win?

A: The win is what's most important. Obviously, being here for four years – five years, it felt like home to me, but now that I've been away, it's just another road game.

Q: 3-1 heading into your bye, three wins in a row. How do you feel about this team overall?

A: You know what? I think we're still getting better as a team. I think overall, we've got a lot of room for improvement. I think a lot of guys battled; a lot of guys stepped up. We we're putting offensive lineman in left and right, and guys were stepping up, making plays. The defense played a tremendous game. Probably one of the best games I've seen them play. Guys stepped up all around, and (Seahawks cornerback Devon) Witherspoon had a tremendous day. The defensive line, linebackers, secondary, everybody played a great game, and I think it was a great win for this team.

Q: You mentioned that offensive line. Your starting center is playing guard in the second half. You have backups at every other spot. What kind of job has that group done over the last few weeks?

A: I think (Offensive Line Coach) Andy (Dickerson) and all those guys have done a tremendous job of staying ready. Obviously, you'd love to have your starting guys out there, but in this league, you never know what could happen so guys have got to step up and that's what I thought happened today. Not a perfect performance, not our overall best performance, like I said, we've got a lot of room to improve, but I feel like the guys stepped up and they battled against a really good defensive line.

Q: You mentioned Witherspoon in practice all the time and what he can do. There, we kind of got to see it tonight. What were you thinking from the sideline watching him?

A: Exactly what we expected of him. He's such a competitive dude. So talented, so smart. He's got what it takes to be one of the best, and when he plays the way he played tonight by just doing his assignment, the ball will find him because he's a playmaker, so I think he's a great player and who's only going to get better.

Q: Talk about that first touchdown to (wide receiver DK) Metcalf. What you were seeing and execution.

A: Just scramble drill. We talk about it all the time, we practice it all the time, off schedule plays and DK's a big target. He's who a guy who you can put the ball anywhere and he'll catch it, so really saw the DB's back turned. DK kind of game me kind of like a little bit of a head nod to throw it and put it in a spot where he can get it and he made a big catch.

Q: You've had a couple of those touchdowns with the DB right there and you throw it anyway. How much trust do you have in him in those situations?

A: A tremendous amount of trust. Like I said, he's such a big target with a tremendous catch radius, so you just put the ball somewhere he can get it and he usually make those catches, so it was great to get us started, kind of get some momentum early. We need more of that, so we're going to work hard to get better.

Q: When a corners head and back is turned are you throwing that every time because that's going to be a tough reaction for the DB?

A: Yeah, that's what you look for. It's hard for that guy to find the ball and make a play. So, if the guys not looking, he can't find the ball, you give your guys a chance. Guys like DK, (wide receiver) Tyler (Lockett), all the guys can come up with those.

Q: You talked about the relationship you built with (Seahawks QB) Drew (Lock) since he's got here. I know you want to be out in the game but what was it like to see him lead the team down the field and get the touchdown before the half?

A: Oh, man. I was so excited for Drew, and like I always say, he's a starter in this league and he's a really, really good quarterback. So, kind of what I expected of him. I expect him to go out there and do his thing like he always does. The great part about of is that we work together and the belief that he has in me, I have the same amount of belief with him, and I know he's going to great things when his opportunity arrives, which he did today.

Q: Giving how you were once treated here; do you feel indication in winning in such a dominate fashion is?

A: Honestly, I don't. I was only here for one year with the Giants, and my stretch with the Jets was kind of up and down, good and bad. I was always thankful for my opportunities here. I have a lot of great friends who are from New York, still live in New York and a lot of fans still here. So, it's a lot of love, I have a lot of love for New York and vice versa, so it's just another win, like I said. I think the special part is the way that we got this win and the way that everyone stepped up and all the things that we battled through to get it done.

Q: Where would you like to see improvements on the offense coming out the bye?

A: I would say consistency. Down to down consistency. I would say being better on third downs, still an area we need to improve on. Then, for me personally, just overall accuracy. Just being better with my accuracy, doing things better in and out the huddle. Everything, really. Everything's got to improve, so I'm just looking forward to the next opportunity.

Q: Did the ref tell you why you got the taunting call?

A: Probably was going overboard. Shouldn't have been talking to their sideline, should've stayed in my place, so that was deserving.

Q: Was that reacting to Lockett getting tossed way out of bound?

A: Yeah, I just felt like things were getting a little chippy out there, and it's my job not to take part in that, so I've got to reel my guys back in and just kind of got overboard.

WR DK Metcalf

Q: Can you take us through the touchdown, please?

A: I mean, (Seattle Seahawks Head Coach) Pete (Carroll) tells me to practice all the time, so just another day at the office. Practicing the scramble drill and being up in the right place, I made a late reaction like (Seattle Seahawks WR Tyler) Lockett made last week.

Q: How did you react to Seattle Seahawks QB Geno Smith going out injured?

A: It's just the next man up and we practice with (Seattle Seahawks QB) Drew (Lock) all the time. We see him at practice, so it was nothing new. For us, it was just a matter of executing the plays that (Seattle Seahawks Offensive Coordinator) Shane (Waldron) called.

Q: Did Seattle Seahawks S Jamal Adams getting hurt deflate the team at all?

A: Just with dealing with Jamal, he's a great person, great energy that we love to have on the field at all times, and when he goes down like that it's always motivating. I wouldn't say deflating for us, because that's one of our brothers going down. So, we've got to pick him up and dedicate the rest of the game to him, because he would do anything just to be out there playing with us. So, just happy he got to play a game with us this year, and he'll be back real soon.

LB Bobby Wagner

Q: Team record 11 sacks, you tied the team record, what can you say about the pass rush from all three levels of the defense tonight?

A: I think we needed it. I think each game defensively we've been getting better. We've been doing a good job stopping (the) run, but the one thing was just applying pressure. I think the last game we had a lot of pressures but not as many sacks. I felt like this game we turned those pressures into sacks.

Q: Were you guys seeing anything offensive from them that made you want to bring extra pressure?

A: No, I think it was just understanding how the game was going to go. They want to put the ball in their playmakers' hands and so, we know he (New York Giants QB Daniel Jones) was going to try and take off, which he did a couple times to run the ball, and we just wanted to make sure that we applied a little more pressure.

Q: What'd you think of (Seahawks CB Devon) Witherspoon tonight?

A: I think he did a great job. He had what, two sacks, a pick, I think he had a nice tackle on a clutch play on the outside. He played really, really well. He's really coming into his own. Every time he plays he's very, very smart and every time he steps out there he gets smarter.

LB Uchenna Nwosu

CB Devon Witherspoon

Q: Could you take us through the pick six?

A: Just running the coverage. We saw the play that we had seen on film formation. He ran basically a return route so I jumped it, he threw the ball, and just tried to get to the ball. That was really my whole mindset.

Q: As you're running down the field the last thirty yards or so knowing you were going to score a touchdown, Monday Night Football, national television game, kid in his third NFL game, what was going through your head those final thirty yards?

A: It really was just don't get caught, but I'm really mad at (Seahawks CB) Riq (Woolen) and (Seahawks S Julian) J. Love because they made me look slow. They tried to walk me down, but it was slow, but shout out to them I was just trying to get to the (inaudible). That was an incredible moment for me. First career pick was a pick six on Monday Night Football. It doesn't get any better.

Q: How much did that play turn the game around? They were threatening to score and make it a one score game?

A: It was a big play, changed the momentum. We go up on the touchdown and so our mindset kind of changed as we went back on defense and running different coverages and stuff, but it was a big play for sure.

Q: You had two sacks tonight. Is that the first time in your football career that you've had multiple sacks in a game?

A: I believe so, yeah, that's my first time. It was lit though.

Q: How much fun is that for you, being able to go after the quarterback like that and blitz? It's a specialty thing for a corner.

A: That's a lot of fun for me, especially when I see the d-line do it. I want some of that, let me get some of that, so coach called a blitz and I came up (inaudible) and I was like, hey.

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