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What The Seahawks Said Following Their 20-21 Win Over The Cardinals

Interviews, transcripts, and press conferences from the Seahawks' Week 18 21-20 win over the Cardinals at State Farm Stadium. 


Featuring postgame quotes from the following:


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Head Coach Pete Carroll

Opening statement:
"We really had one thing that we could get done today and that was to come out and win this footballgame, regardless of what happened anyplace else. I'm so proud of the way this happened. You know me, I like them when they finish like this and as hard as it could possibly get all the way down to the
nub. It took another two-minute drive and it took a stop to get it done. The way these guys hung (in), how tough they were and how they just did not give up on the chance—everybody wanted to go for two. That was the easiest decision ever. I thought it was a really impressive finish for us under the
circumstances that we had. And could we have won two games today? Well, we would try to win two games today but we only had one shot. I thought it was a stellar effort across the board to get that done. These guys are playing good too, and you can see it. You can see why. They've got good
players. I don't know how to put it all in the capsule here other than to say that I love this team and I love the way that these guys play. I've told you that for such a long time that they continue to keep coming back. They continue to keep believing. They stick to the essence of what we're trying to get
done. If you could have heard 'Lock' (WR Tyler Lockett) talk in pregame and before we went out. His words of wisdom about hanging together and playing for one another and it's the guy next to you. He was going to call on everybody just like he wants us to call on him and all of the principles that are so
powerful for a team. Lock was on it and then here he did it again. We've been coming here for years. I think we've played 16 times here since I've been in Seattle, and I don't know but Lock must have made a winning touchdown catch in most of those. He made a great play today to put us out there
and to give us the chance. Then he also capped it off with a great throw by 'G '(QB Geno Smith), but also a great finish on the two-minute play on the back of the end zone where Geno found him and hit him to give us a chance to win the game. He's my hero. He's been such a great player for so long and
he continues to go unrecognized probably around the world here, but it doesn't matter. We know how good he is and what a great contribution he's made to this program."

On if he called off K Jason Myers off after the touchdown in the fourth quarter:
"We were close. We were close and (inaudible). There was so much time left at 1:54. That was the discussion in my brain. Is there enough time? Can we hold them off? That kind of thing. We scored too fast kind of, so there was a little moment there, but there were so many guys and we all wanted to
go for two so it was really not a hard decision."

On if the coaches were eager to go for two in the moment or if they had discussed it previously:
"No, we had already talked it up before then."

On why going for two was an easy decision:
"Because everybody was on it. Everybody was for it. Geno on the field and all those guys there and the guys on the sidelines, the coaches—everybody was all for it so it wasn't a difficult decision. It was just going for it. It would have been fascinating to see what we would have done if the Bears won
today. It would have been a whole different ball game. I don't know, but it was exactly the right thing to do and our guys took to it and executed beautifully, perfectly to get that done."

On if he knew the result of the Bears game before he decided to go for two:
"Yes, I did."

On the Cardinals last touchdown and what happened defensively:
"We didn't have a penalty today. Do you know how many times we've done that since I've been here? Twice. Once today and on the other time somewhere around 10 years ago. I don't know when it was, but it didn't feel like that today. It just didn't feel like that. We'll hear the explanation if anybody cares
about this game enough to dig into it but there was a substitution there and we had a chance to substitute. I'm running down the sideline trying to get time out and I was too far away. They couldn't hear me. We could have had an opportunity there because they did sub. The kicker came in, and they
said that afterwards. They'll have to talk about it and figure it out and we'll figure out what happened with that but it was a great execution by them to get that done. We had him covered on the whole thing, but they still threw it and caught it. Their top guy makes the great catch in the back of the end
zone. It's a great play by (Cardinals QB) Kyler (Murray)."

On if Cardinals QB Kyler Murray came off the field on that drive:
"He went around the numbers area, which I don't know if he was across the numbers or not but he was out there. It was enough to where if he goes past it, he's got to come all the way back in."

On the fifth game winning drive for Smith:
"He's a real pro. He's such a pro. He's so far above the worry, the concern and being jittery about stuff. He's so far above that. He's a fantastic competitor. He's proved it. He just proved it again. I think Geno had a fantastic season for us and what he could do. We wish we would have done better around him,
but I think he did his stuff and showed his mettle by how he could hang in no matter how difficult the situation was. He's done it so many times, it couldn't be more obvious."

On when winning percentage is considered apart of the calculations when evaluating Smith:
"I don't know. I'd have to think about that a little bit. It's a really good question. Seriously. I'm not worthy of answering it right now."

On the finality of not making the playoffs:
"It's a total crusher because there's so many games in the season that we take with us. These games don't go away whether it's the Rams, whether it's Dallas, whether it's Pittsburgh, or it's the Rams again. There's so many games like this that they just tear at you. That's what you have to live with
because we've done the things we needed to do to win those games and other games that we just didn't get that. We needed one more. We should have had three more to have the season that we could have had. We were capable of doing that. I'm really disappointed about that, Really disappointed
because I think we should have been better. It's unfortunate, but even at that those games were all as close as you could possibly get and as challenging as it could possibly be. We were going to have to come through. We did it five times—we did it six times, really. We did it five times and then did it again
six times. Could we have done it seven times? Yes, and we should have. We were capable and we prepared to do that. Just needed to get it done."

On if his love for the team makes him want to come back as Head Coach next season:
"Yeah. Of course I'd love to do that."

On if he is expecting to come back as Head Coach:
"Yeah, I do. I do at this point."

On the difference in his message from last year versus this year:
"It's just strikingly different because where the emphasis comes from the outside of this—which happened last year with the Packers and the Lions. It was there again to be done, and our guys did a great job. I know you guys asked a lot of questions about where was our focus and were we watching
scoreboards. There was none of that going on. Somebody said the Bears had won somewhere in the last two minutes of the game or something like that. I don't think it would have had an effect at all, but the fact that our guys could just keep on driving, keep on going and come through. We had to execute
our tails off. I want to share something with you that you don't know. We set our expectations for the way we block field goals back in the offseason. The effort that we're going to put into it and the force that we bring when we blocked on earlier in the year. It's something that we carry through us all year
long to keep sending the message of how hard we come and how you're going to get your tail knocked off. We're going to knock guys back and roll them up. All of the things that we do—those add up. Our opponents, particularly guys who know what's going on and guys that have a lot of experience, they
can see how hard we bring it and I'm sure—I'm counting on it, that was a factor down the stretch. They knew if they didn't hit it just right, if they didn't block it just right, we're going to knock that ball down because of the ferocity that our guys have showed for so long. It's one of my favorite parts of the game because it's not something that a lot of people emphasize, but to me it shows the depth of your commitment to something that you don't get rewarded for until you do and today we did. That guy made 401 freaking field goals in his career and he just didn't get 402 or 403 today and he's a great
player. He deserves to be a great player and I recognize all that, but not today. I think our guys had a factor on that."

On ILB Bobby Wagner leading the league in tackles:
"He did everything. We've been talking about it all year and I really appreciate that you guys have all been on that too and respectful of how he has put this thing together in coming back to us. It's heroic almost and the way he came back, the way he answered the call and the way he was able to go 17
weeks in his 12 years of football and he's still in the peak of shape and condition and performance and look at his numbers. It's just amazing that he can do that, but better than all that he's a great team member, he's a great leader, he has great character and he has proved it to you again if anybody wants to doubt it. He proved it to you again. It was just a fantastic come through. The first time he was introduced at our stadium, that was one of the most chilling moments that I can remember in the years I've been here. The response that everybody had for him coming back. I'm thrilled that he was able to
set a record today."

On the locker room celebration:
"You obviously must not be close. This was OK. This wasn't one of the best ones but it was pretty good. They're smoking cigars in there."

On an injury update for ILB Jordyn Brooks and TE Noah Fant:
"He re-injured his ankle. He was barely able to get back. He made it through the week but he was tender on it, but (it was) the same ankle again. I think Noah broke his hand or something like that. I think he cracked a bone in his hand."

QB Geno Smith

On not making the playoffs despite the win:
"I think the best way to describe it is that it is bittersweet. Obviously, it is always good to get a win. First things first. Road win in the fashion that we did today. It took everybody and it came down to the wire. Also, for us not to be able to continue the season. For it to be ending the way that it is. For
us to kind of let our own destiny slip out of our hand that is something that frustrates me a little bit because we had a chance. We had a chance to get into the playoffs and see what we could do. We won today. That is all we could have done, is get the win today. The rest is up to what we did last
week. For us, we got the win today and that is all that matters.

On at what point he found out that the Green Bay Packers won their game:
"I kind of knew before that last drive. They were showing it up there and I kind of saw the score. You are looking up there at the score, but that is not going to dictate the way that I am playing the game. I am going to go out there and try to win at any cost so, shoot man, it took for us to go out there and
get it done in the second half and for us to really take it down on that last drive. I liked the way the guys finished. They played until the end. The guys played hard and we finished."

On his touchdown pass to Seahawks WR Tyler Lockett:
"Yeah. It was one-on-one. They were playing quarter-half. Doubling (Seattle Seahawks Wide Receiver) DK (Metcalf). It was a play that we were trying to get to pretty much the entire game and we just didn't have a chance to. (Seahawks Offensive Coordinator) Shane (Waldron)dialed it up at
the perfect time. We got the coverage that we wanted. (Seahawks WR) Tyler (Lockett) ran a great route. Protection was great. Obviously, I was able to make that throw. The funny part about it was that I was in the huddle and we knew that it was going to be a touchdown. I told the guys that when
we score right here, we are going for two so be ready. It happened exactly how we saw it happening so that was pretty cool."

On if he had to convince Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll to go for the two-point
"I had the two fingers up. As soon as we scored, I was looking towards the sidelines with the two fingers up. I think he was talking to the sideline, and he turned around and put the two fingers up as well. I was like, yes. That was great. We really wanted to get that done and it was great to have it
happen like that."

On where the team is heading into the offseason:
"I would say close. I think a couple games here and there, if we execute better, I think we can be a lot better record wise. You can't really look at that in hindsight. It is always 20/20. For us, we had control of it and we kind of let it slip away but that didn't stop us from finishing the season. Finishing
the way that we wanted to and that was to come out here and get a win."

On his assessment of the season:
"My assessment is that we didn't do enough. We didn't meet our goals. We have high expectations. We believe that we can do some great things together as a team. For us not to make the playoffs is a disappointment for me, personally. I look at those things as stepping stones and obstacles for me
to get past. It will drive me this entire offseason. I know that personally. I am going to be as dialed in as I have ever been dialed in the offseason. For my teammates, for my coaches, I love the way we fought. I love the things that we battled through. It wasn't always easy but we never quit, we never
gave up. Had a bunch of games come down to last second drives and that speaks volumes to the type of team that we are. For me man, I am going to look at it as it is, a disappointment and something that drives me forward."

On his assessment of his personal performance this season:
"I feel like I got better as a quarterback. I feel like I got better as a leader. I gained so much perspective this year. I battled through injuries. We had different things happen. Different circumstances with injuries as a team. We fought through it. I got better as a quarterback and that is
all that I can ask for myself. I pushed every single day. Didn't miss a single day. I was there early, left late and I gave it all that I got. I know that I can be better in some areas. I'm working to improve on those but I am appreciative of all of these moments because they always lead to something

On what areas where he felt like he got better with this season:
"The ones that I just told you. My leadership. My entire game. I felt like I was better in the pocket this year. I felt like I got better as the season went on. Limiting turnovers and really just leading this team. We were able to get a bunch of last second drives in the end and that is something that we always
want to do. We want to finish games the right way. Overall, I think that I just have to continue to improve and I saw some improvement for myself this year."

On breaking the NFL record for most fourth quarter go-ahead touchdowns in a season:
"I wish it was eight or nine, honestly. I wish it was. I wish that we had two or three more games that we won. I wish that we could continue to play. I love this team. I love my coaches. I love the guys. I love you guys. All of questions you ask me. The tough, the hard ones. It is fun. I never want these
things to end. I feel like they end so abruptly. We just have to keep working. Keep going."

On if he feels more secure now that he has a contract going into the offseason:
"I never really focus on that. My job as a player is to get better, so that is what I am focused on. Security and all of that, I am secure with myself as a player. I am secure with the type of quarterback that I am. I know that I am a championship quarterback. I know that I am going to continue to lead
and continue to be great. I just have to continue to push and get better and help the guys around me get better. That is really where my focus is."

On what makes Lockett so special:
"He is Tyler Lockett. That is all that we can say. He is the most humble guy that I have been around. He has a great perspective. That is just one part of him. He runs great routes and has great hands. He is tough as nails. He fights to the finish. He believes. He is one of the better receivers in this
league. He has consistently shown that over the course of his career and I am lucky to be able to play with him. I have seen him be able to make those catches when (Denver Broncos QB Russell Wilson) 'Russ' was here playing quarterback. I watched him do that when we played him at K-State.
He has always been great and I think that is who he is."

On the excitement of the locker room after the game despite missing the playoffs:
"I think (it was) the thrilling win. Whenever you win, it is hard to win in the NFL. Whenever you win, guys should be excited no matter what. I know that if the Cardinals won today, they would have been excited in their locker room. A win is a win always. Like I said, it is unfortunate that the season has to
end but, I am really proud of the guys."

WR Tyler Lockett

On his touchdown at the end of the game:
"Well we kind of ran that same play on the first drive. On the last drive and the first play. We ended up throwing it to (TE) Colby (Parkinson) and had a good idea to be able to get everybody open on the play. It was just dependent on how they guarded each and every one of us. We wanted to run it
again and so we ran it again, but we kind of gave it a different look where I wasn't as tight to (WR) Jaxon (Smith-Njigba). (QB) Geno (Smith) threw a great ball where only I could get it. He didn't play the ball, he just played me and so I was able to do late hands and be able to catch the ball and

On the feeling after not making the playoffs:
"It sucks man. It sucks not being able to make it to the playoffs. We were in the same situation last year and the team we needed to win ended up doing it. This year, I know we put ourselves in some tough situations, games we should've won. But we let it slip away. But the thing I love about this
team is that people didn't check out. People wouldn't give up. People wouldn't throw in the towel. Even when you're looking at the scoreboard and you see that the Bears lost. People could've easily said 'well I'm not going to throw my body in here anymore I'm going to make sure I don't get hurt.'" But you still see guys fighting and putting their bodies on the line for a chance to be able to win the game and I think that's all you can really ask. Because sometimes in life things don't go the way you wanted it to go, but you've still got to be able to fight and you can't let the circumstances dictate
whether you go hard or not. So how many people do you know in real life that are still trying when you know they've lost? For us, I mean that's the biggest appreciation that I have for the players and the coaching staff is regardless of whatever happens is that we stuck together, fought and it's always
better to end the season with a win rather than a loss."

On the decision to go for two and if it was a given:
"I mean I figured we were going to go for two after we saw the Bears lost. We were all for it. We wanted to be able to go for two and (Head Coach) Pete (Carroll) made the call. Geno did a great job going through his reads, his progressions, staying poised in the pocket and he made a great throw
and I just had to catch it."

On what QB Geno Smith showed the team and fans about his ability to be a franchise quarterback: "I think he's put everything out there. I think he's shown resilience throughout the course of not getting the chance to play and then these last two years being able to play, showing that he can
come back and do it again. Showing when people finally put him on notice, they're like 'well maybe it's just a one year thing' and he comes out here and plays great again. He leads us to victories, he's a great leader, he does everything right. For us we're thankful and happy to have him as our
quarterback. You see, even if its some throws that he'd wish he could have back - It doesn't stop him from the next play, it doesn't stop him from being sure the next pass is a better pass. And for us, he puts a lot of us in great situations. He makes sure that we don't get knocked out when we're running
across the middle. He does a great job protecting us, putting the ball only where we are able to get it and when he needs to maneuver in the pocket, he does that. That was a great play, even though they said it was incomplete. It was a great play being able to maneuver around with everything that
was going on. Throwing it to(WR) DK (Metcalf) and DK still being able to catch it. Obviously they said it was incomplete but I mean it looked like a great catch. So everything that he does, I think he means a lot to this organization and he put it out there for us to win this game."

On the offense thriving in late-game situations:
"I don't know, we do a great job practicing it, but sometimes I think we're just really good when our backs are against the wall and it would be even more amazing if we were able to play like that early on and play like that and maintain drives and start the third quarter or whatever. The case is
because anytime, we need to score, we go to two-minute, we do a great job. And so now it's like, how great can we be in four-minute offense when the team is trying to stop us to get the ball back? But we won't even let them because we're running the ball great and we're running out the clock.
So, I think there's a lot of things that we can learn, but we've done a really great job. We've, I think won six games and lost four when it came to one score games. And like I said, we let some of those games slip away just at the end when we had a chance to win and we just almost had it. So, I'm just
thankful for the team that we had, the players, the coaches and even though it didn't go how we wanted it to, we're 1-0, in 2024."

On the Cigars in the locker room:
"They had cigars. I didn't have a cigar. I don't know (what the purpose of it) was. Probablycelebrating 2024, and just celebrating. Even though it's disappointing for us not to go to the playoffs, it's still a win in a bunch of other areas. Some guys finish their first rookie season, I think Bobby
(Wagner) finishes his 11th or 12th season, you know what I'm saying? Some of us finished our ninth season. It's still a blessing to be able to put on a Seahawks uniform, to be in the NFL, to be able to make plays for people to wear our jerseys. We came out and we made it, we didn't get injured, some
(players) might not have to get surgery. Some people might. But it's still a blessing to play this game when they say every tackle was like a car wreck and people don't understand what people have to go through just to be able to literally play on Sunday. Some people are barely able to walk on
Monday and then somehow play and they play at a high level on Sunday. Some people say they don't play and they put it all out there on the line and say no, I'm going to play no matter what. So you got to show love to the people who have resilience and the people who have that commitment
and dedication just to be able to come out here and play regardless of what could possibly happen."

On people taking to social media about players smoking cigars:
"At the end of the day, a loss, I look at it like this, a loss to some people is a victory to others. And that's what you've got to understand. I could sit here and say, 'oh, I sold a house and that's a victory.' But if somebody else they consider that like that's not a victory, you're supposed to do that,
you know, so sometimes you got to be able to celebrate the little victories. I said, you know, everybody's got to have something to say, they're going to feel whatever they got to feel. But at the end of the day, man, like the only people that care are the people that's in this room because we
know what each and every person had to go through. We wanted to be able to go out on top. We wanted to celebrate. When we didn't go to the playoffs that one year, we had to play the Cardinals when they were going, we treated it like a Super Bowl game and you know, we won and we
celebrated like we won the Super Bowl. So what everybody's going to say, 'oh, that looks dumb, They shouldn't have did that, They're out to play.' Well, if we always talk about every game as a Super Bowl game. Why can't we celebrate every game as if we won a Super Bowl instead of waiting until you get to the Super Bowl to celebrate, we have 24 games to celebrate just to be able to get there. So, I mean, regardless, everybody has their own take about it. But again, man, it's a lot of people aren't in our position and so we're just going to be thankful and present and show gratitude and thankfulness as we continue to try to be the best that we can be in this league that sometimes they, you never know how much longer you got."

On assessing how the offense did in those one-score situations:
"I think we were doing pretty good at the beginning of the year for sure. I think somewhere In the middle we kind of slowed ourselves down. I think after the Dallas game as we started the Dallas game I think we got a lot better with some of the things that we wanted to see ourselves do better at,
I think we were able to really start doing that and we were able to score, obviously you want touchdowns, not field-goals when we're able to still put points up. And that's want we wanted to do as an offense, we wanted to be more physical and I think we did that. We wanted to run the ball, I
think we did that. We wanted to be more dominant in the pass game and we did that. We wish we could have done that a lot earlier and stayed consistent throughout it all. But things happen and again like I said, I'm just glad that we don't play on a team that gives up and says, 'hey, it's over by
throwing in the towel.' We got a team that says we're going to fight to the very end and if that doesn't take you to the playoffs, it'll take you somewhere in life that you would always want to be in."

On whether he'll be back with the Seahawks next year:
"We all have questions, but at the end of the day, all you can do is put your best foot forward, put it in God's hands and try to have those conversations and kind of see what's going on and what's going to happen. But, you know, I'm thankful to be a Seahawk and I like being here

LB Bobby Wagner

On the mixed emotions of winning a close game but not making the playoffs:
"I'm old school, it's nice to get a win but we didn't make the playoffs. We didn't do what we needed to early on, there's a lot of mixed emotions. As you progress in your career, you realize how hard wins are to come by so it's a balance."

On if there was anything said on the sideline about the outcome of the Packers game:
"We try not to let that play a factor or even think about it during the game but it is human nature. You glance up from time-to-time. I feel like we did a really good job in controlling what we can control, staying locked in on what we needed to do. I don't know with the decision to go for two, if the (fact
that the) Packers already won played a part, but I was for it and there was no reason to go to overtime the way (Seahawks QB) Geno (Smith) was going. We put the ball into his hands and Lockett had made that amazing catch before. He's one of the all-time greats for sure."

On if there was any emotions leaving the field with the uncertainty of his future:
"There's a lot of emotions, but I try to be present because you never know what's going to happen. I don't know what the future holds but that is out of my control. My control was coming back and being the best leader I can be, being the best teammate I can be."

On how it felt coming back to Seattle this season:
"There was a lot of emotions. The first couple weeks and the first game you come back and you have those crazy emotions. Two weeks later you're still playing and they bring back the Super Bowl team, so there was a lot of emotions that week seeing all the guys that have transitioned into their
next career – I got to relive it for a second but also trying to be present with what's going on. Obviously we had our ups and downs, I love playing for this team and I love playing for Seattle and it's been a blessing."

On his message to younger teammates after narrowly missing playoffs:
"You have to learn how to win, you have to win the games that you should win and you have to attack this offseason. You can watch the playoffs, watch the teams. You might watch teams that you feel like you could've beaten or should've beat or things of that nature. As soon as you start working
on those things that you need to improve – everybody asked after the game what we need to improve - the quicker you get back to taking care of that is how you add longevity to your career. Sometimes I feel like players either have a really good season or a really bad season and they let that change their offseason. The faster you figure out a routine in the offseason and be consistent with it, the better because there's a lot of distractions. It's the ones that know how to fight those distractions and come back focused and ready to play are the ones that will last the longest as far as I can see."

On setting a career high in tackles in year 12 of his career:
"It's cool. I don't know if I've fully processed that but I just wanted to come back and prove that I can perform at a high level. All the numbers will take care of itself, there's a lot of things I'm excited to work on in the offseason. I'm going to work on those things and we'll see where it takes me."

On the team's run defense this season:
"We didn't execute as well as we needed to execute. I think starting early on we were putting some much emphasis on making sure that wasn't a thing and you saw that teams started to throw the ball and you try to balance that and then stuff happens. It is more so just finding ways to get off the field,
making sure you do your job and I'm pretty sure I'll watch the (tape of the) whole season so if you see me around ask me again and I'll have an answer for you in a couple weeks."

On how missing LB Uchenna Nwosu impacted the run defense:
"It was big, that's a very smart individual, a guy that sets the edge really well. He's able to rush too, I think that's the thing that I respect a lot about his game is that he is able to handle the run game really well and in those pass opportunities he's just as good at pass rushing. We definitely missed
him and look forward to getting him back and I think he's going to be a huge asset."

S Quandre Diggs

On how he feels about the team winning, but not making the playoffs:
"Obviously, it sucks. I mean, you get the win, but don't make the playoffs. Last year we got in and we had to depend on somebody else. We put ourselves in the position this year to do the same thing. It just didn't work out in our favor. We fought today, which is cool, but I wish we would have been playing
another week."

On whether he thinks his younger teammates need to learn how to win:
"It's something I had to learn when I got here. How to be a winner. That's important. How to win and how to be decisive once you do. It's just steps. In the locker room that's our focus all day. I was able to learn that from Wags (Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner) and (former Seahawks linebacker) K.J.
(Wright). Even (current Jets S D.J. Reed) when I got here. These guys are used to winning. That's our standard. We haven't won enough, or as much as we did in the past when we first got here. So everybody has something to work on. It will be cool to see the growth."

On his teammates celebrating in the locker room with cigars and playing loud music:
"You've got to think, me and Bobby (Wagner), we've been around a long time. Our expectations are playoffs and that's not what happened. Those guys, it's their first NFL regular season. You have to give those guys credit. Seventeen weeks is a long season. Those guys have been prepping for this
year since last December. So, they haven't had a break. It's always a blessing and an honor to be able to play a full season. Those guys, it's their first year in the NFL, it's their first taste of NFL football. I can't blame them. At the end of the day, I think we older guys, we expect more."

On whether he wants fellow members of his secondary to approach this offseason differently
since they failed to make the playoffs "Not really. I just want guys to be careful over the offseason, that they take care of themselves and
come back ready to go. At the end of the day, everybody in there is a grown man and they have business and stuff they have to handle. I just want everybody to stay healthy over the offseason and just know, if you finished your first year in the league or whatever, you've got to grow. You can't stay
stagnant in what you do. You can't stay stagnant with what you accomplish your first year in the league. I'll be excited to see those guys grow."

On what Seahawks CB Devon Witherspoon showed him this year:
"He's a guy that just loves ball. He loves ball. He takes it seriously. He listens. He has a great IQ. He's the ultimate rookie. For a guy like me, to take him under my wing, teach him the game and tell him what I'm seeing, he listens. That's so important. It's just great to see the growth. Starting off the season,
he wasn't able to play but you can see when he got in, you can definitely see the difference. I don't see how he wouldn't be Defensive Rookie of the Year. He's been tremendous. Excited to see his growth. Excited to see him grow as a man and a person."

Check out some of the best action shots from Week 18 vs. the Arizona Cardinals at State Farm Stadium on January 7, 2024. Game action photos are presented by Washington's Lottery.

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