What The Seahawks Said Following Their 17-9 Win Against Philadelphia

Postgame quotes and locker room reaction from the Seahawks' 17-9 wild card round win over the Philadelphia Eagles

Head Coach Pete Carroll

On surviving for at least one more week:

"This was a really good accomplishment for our guys. We've come off a season of playing really well on the road and having played well here too. To get back and get to do it again. I know there's a lot of talk of how you do that stuff again, but we did. As a matter of fact the score was even the same I think. It's a really big accomplishment. Of course you get to advance and you talk about surviving. We're just fired up to have another chance to keep playing football and keep pushing it and see how far we can go. This was a really good night for us taking the opportunity of the quarterback got banged up so they bring in [QB] Josh [McCown] and he's obviously a seasoned vet. You can see that he had some really good plays tonight and we were able to take advantage of some stuff there, so we played really nice on defense overall. It was bumpy at times, but we kept them out of the end zone, which was really key. Without getting any turnovers, it was a challenge. So we're really fired up about the defense. A bunch of sacks again here and really great red zone defense made a big difference. I think the whole football game was really the third downs. We did great on third down on offense and had a big night on defense. This was a really highly ranked third-down offense and defense from Philadelphia, so I take a lot of pride in that. They're ranked fourth or something in both so that's a good deal for us to get that done. Really that's what kept us going. And big conversions and big, big plays by [QB Russell Wilson]. I thought Russ was spectacular tonight in moving around and finding guys when we really needed in crucial situations. But I think the night was stolen by [WR] DK [Metcalf]. He just had a phenomenal night. He showed you what he is capable of looking like. He's had a great season in his rookie year, but to have a night like that in his first chance ever in the playoffs, that was spectacular. He did some stuff that it's hard to imagine anybody else doing. We're really excited about that. Fantastic night for us to get this thing going on the road. I'm pretty confident about going – I know we're going to Green Bay. We're looking forward to getting organized and doing that."

On what gives this team so much confidence while playing on the road this year:

"We really have found a rhythm throughout the season and we had a lot of momentum. We had one mistake down late in the season when we didn't get it done. But other than that, we've found the way to play and the way to play together regardless of the setting and the fans and all of the difficult environments that you're in, weather and whatever. These guys have really found it and it's really exciting to see. It's just one week at a time, but there's a real confidence about us. We don't care where we play."

On QB Russell Wilson being able to do what he did tonight while missing so many players on offense:

"I thought his running was spectacular. His movement was great. There's three or four big plays that he made on the move creating space for the guys to get open and our guys finishing on the routes. That was really beautiful football, and that's what Russ gives you. He gives you those extra shots and he found them tonight and came through with some great passes."

On RB Marshawn Lynch's stiff arm and WR DK Metcalf's TD on consecutive plays:

"Yes, third-and-one and he kisses the route to fly and turns it up and makes 20 or something and then coming right back with DK – those were just knock-out shots for us. The game was too young to knock them out but it felt like those were really extraordinary plays for us and made a big difference."

On the success of their pass rush tonight:

"It was a really good job done by the guys on the back end to take away their stuff and give our guys a chance to rush. Really, there could have been more. [Eagles QB] Josh [McCown] was running all over the place out there and there were at least two or three opportunities as well that we didn't get him down. Everything worked together really well tonight."

On whether this was one of SS Bradley McDougald's better games tonight:

"I can't tell you that. I don't know. I'm sorry, I don't know enough about what happened. I didn't see the film."

On whether Marshawn Lynch's TD run was what he expected tonight:

"Great finish. He hit one a week ago, too, in great fashion as well. That was a great search and he just wasn't going to let them stop him. That was really fun to see. I know everybody is enjoying the heck out of him. You should. He's a classic and he's doing his thing and he's helping our football team win."

On whether there was something wrong with their communication after they were slow out of the huddle a few times:

"No, there was a couple times when the communication on the headsets was a little shaky. I felt it, too, that we weren't using the clock as well as we could have as quickly as we could have. So we were talking about that and I felt we sped things better as the game went on."

On DE Ziggy Ansah's status:

"He had a stinger. I can't tell you any more than that."

On how he felt the left side of the offensive line played:

"I thought they came through fine in pass protection. We didn't really roll well like we wanted to. Again, I need to see the film. I can't tell you about that."

On the ability of Seahawks WR DK Metcalf to perform as a rookie in his first playoff game:

"It was spectacular. It was a spectacular game. To finish, the execution at the end, that was something we were looking forward to. We worked on all week. The call from Schotty [Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer], the adjustment by [Seahawks QB Russell Wilson], the whole execution of that – the exquisite throw and catch. That's as pretty as football can look right there and at the most critical time. It was really just memorable."

On the fourth down stops by the Seahawks defense and holding the Eagles to field goals:

"Everybody kept hanging. Just kept hanging tough and executing really well. [DE Jadeveon Clowney] was really good down the stretch there. In those situations we tackled well. There were tackling issues at times, but in those crucial situations guys came through and got us out.

On whether he'd consider today a "rope-a-dope" event:

"I didn't really feel like this was a rope-a-dope event, but I can see why you're asking that question."

On RB Marshawn Lynch's touchdown run:

"Yeah we talked about it. It was classic. He's tough and then he just doesn't want to stop. He keeps his legs churning and fighting and clawing and scratching and finishing like that [is what he does]. I love it when he's out in the open field too. On the flat route that he caught, just to see him get the old stiff arm on again."

On the growth of Metcalf throughout the season:

"That [would be] to say he was way behind or something. He's been pretty much the same the whole time is why I bring it up here. He's been really steady. He's always understood as we installed and taught him stuff. He's always picked things up. He's never stumbled or staggered his way through it. He's been a great learner and he's been a great worker. He takes his work very seriously. He practices really seriously. He stays late all the time. He's always working on his things – on his technique, on his principles. So that's just been the way he's been. So I don't think there's been big changes. I think, if anything has shifted, would be his confidence is really there. He knows he can play this game at this level and he wants to be in the middle of it all. He's got a great demeanor about that too. He's not yapping about wanting the football or for calling for this or that. He just plays the game the way you love guys to play – with great work ethic and great focus. And he's got marvelous talent, so he's just getting going. I just think it's been a really steady ascent to this point. That was a huge game obviously, but he's been playing good football all year."

On the final completion to Metcalf and the decision to have Wilson drop back into the end zone to throw it:

"We were ready for it all week now. We knew they'd be taking some chances on us to try to get the ball back in that situation. So it gave us an opportunity to go after him with the coverage that they had. We had to pick up the pressure that they brought. We worked exactly on that during the week. So the opportunity was there. Schotty [Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer] said, 'Do you want to leave that opportunity out there?' 'Heck yeah, let's go – that's what we've been practicing.' And they just did it exactly the way it was supposed to happen. So that's really just because of the preparation and really good foresight by the coaches to come up with the idea and the thought for that moment and then the practice of that so the belief was there to go ahead and call what would otherwise look like a really risky call. We worked our way through it, so it wasn't. It was just something that we planned on doing and we did it perfectly."

On Metcalf's ability to go up for that throw against the defenders:

"I think Russ would tell you that he threw that ball up, as opposed to just laying it out in front of him. He threw that up to make sure that he would have the chance to elevate. He looked like he was all by himself there even though there were guys around because of the way he got up."

On DE Jadeveon Clowney having an extra spring in his step this game:

"Yeah, he was really on fire. His impact with the rest of the guys and the way he was playing – I don't know if it was all in his numbers. I think he had a sack, but it was just the way was competing in this game. His mentality was really there. He's felt the best he's felt in a while, thankfully, and hopefully we can find a way to get him that way again next week."

On the impact of having S Quandre Diggs back:

"He's just been such a steadying force ever since he's played with us. We've played really well when he's been with us and he just did it again. He just has a steadying presence about him and guys play better around him and it's a great quality to have."

On the pass interference calls on CB Tre Flowers:

"He just didn't need to do anything. He just had them. It was really almost incidental type of stuff. Stuff we really can clean up."

On the returns by WR David Moore:

"It's really exciting when David gets the ball in his hands. He's explosive and he gets some extra yards and makes things happen – you think he's going to score when he gets the ball in that kind of open field. It's great to see him getting those opportunities."

On how the team made out injury-wise tonight:

"Pretty fair night for us in that regard. We have to see what happens with [DE] Ziggy [Ansah]'s stinger that he had. Just a couple guys got banged up, but nothing serious with them. Everybody that got something during the game went back in."

On whether he thought that Clowney should have got a penalty when he hit Eagles QB Carson Wentz:

"No, of course not."

Quarterback Russell Wilson

On the third-down completion to Seahawks WR DK Metcalf to seal the playoff victory:

"Yeah, it was an awesome play by [Metcalf]. First of all, we scouted what we had done before in that situation. [It was] a very similar situation as last time – we threw the little quick ball – and we knew [the Eagles] were going to try and stop us and go Cover-0 and, sure enough, we went over the top and DK made an unbelievable play. I just wanted to make sure [Metcalf] got his hands on it. That could have been another touchdown for him. But I just wanted to make sure we caught it in that situation and let the clock run. It was an awesome play by him, great awareness by the fellas and a great call by [Seahawks offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer]. It sealed the game for us."

On his relationship with Metcalf:

"DK [Metcalf] and I have a special bond. We spent a lot time together in the offseason in the summer time – a lot of other guys too, as well – but this receiver group is tremendous and [with] how much time they spend together, it's really fun playing with those guys. They make it easy on me. DK was special tonight and he's been special all year. [He's] one of the best rookies that's come out and has a nice little chip on his shoulder, too. I'm glad he's on our team, that's for sure, and he's on our team for a long time. I think the great thing about him, more than anything else, is he's always been professional since day one. Nothing happens by accident. I think his preparation, how he's come in and prepared week-in and week-out – even since the offseason. All the extra work, all the early mornings – [we were] throwing at 5:20 in the morning in the summer time - that's what greatness looks like and he's done it. He's continued to put it on film. I think the thing about him tonight, too, is there were a couple more out there, too, that we could have had. He's just been doing a great job and, more importantly, as the season has gone on, some people hit the rookie wall [and] there's no such thing for him. He's stayed the course and he continues to get stronger. He's like American Pharaoh out there – he gets stronger as the race goes on and he's doing a great job of that."

On when he knew Eagles QB Carson Wentz was hurt and how it changed the complexion of the game:

"It was tough to see Carson go down. He's such a tremendous football player for [the Eagles] and had a great year. I don't really know what his status was fully. To be honest with you, I thought [Eagles QB] Josh [McCown] came in and did a great job, too. I kind of made a joke with him after, I said, 'How young are you?' Because he was moving around and making throws. It shows you how important the [quarterback] position is and [McCown] did a great job of that. We were able to sustain. We were able to do our thing on offense when we needed to capitalize and finish the game. We did really good on some third downs to keep drives going, too. Ultimately, our defense locked it down when we needed to. [The Seahawk defense] had two fourth-down stops that were just massive plays [and] huge momentum swings where we got the ball back. A great job by the defense there."

On the route Metcalf ran on the clinching third-down conversion:

"I didn't say anything in the huddle, but in terms of my throw, I wanted to make sure that [Metcalf] got his hands on it because it's always good when he catches the football and gets his hands on it. Especially with all the wind and stuff like that today, I just wanted to make sure he caught it. If it wasn't in that situation, I probably would have just let it out there like I did earlier on the post that he caught for a touchdown. But I just wanted to make sure we sealed the game and won the game. That could have been another touchdown for him. He did a great job – you saw his vertical leap to go up and snag the football – and it was as good as it gets."

On knowing the run game today was going to be tough and whether or not he went out there today thinking if he gets an open space, he's going to take it:

"They [Philadelphia Eagles] did a really good job against the run against us. We were trying to battle, trying to battle, they have a really good defensive line. They made some key stops when they needed to. We handled the ball off to Marshawn [Lynch] down there and we got a touchdown that was huge. We felt like with the play action and stuff like that, me moving around a little bit, every once in a while would be a good thing, too. We knew that they are a very aggressive defense, they've always been. They are coached extremely well and have great players, so you just have to find ways to make plays. In terms of me moving in certain situations, I'm always looking to throw it. If it's not there, it's time to get something positive. We were able to get some positive runs in that situation."

On the 38-yard pass to Seahawks WR David Moore that set up the first touchdown and if he thinks that set up what they could do down field with Seahawks WR DK Metcalf:

"Yeah, that was huge by David Moore. That third-down was kind of – he slid to the left, cut across the field, he just stayed on his course and kept running. I kind of threw it to him and just got it to him. He made a great catch, he's hard to tackle, too. He made a great catch and then scampered up the sideline. I thought he was about to score, then sure enough we ended up scoring the touchdown. So, that was a huge, huge momentum swing. That was the two-minute drive too, right? So, that was right before the half, it was critical."

On coming back to the ball and how important that is; separation:

"Anytime the ball is in the air, you want to be aggressive to the football and I think our receivers did an unbelievable job of that. [Seahawks WR] David Moore showed that for example. [Seahawks WR] DK [Metcalf] on the deep ball, [Seahawks WR] Tyler [Lockett] running all year. They did a tremendous job of that."

On playing with Seahawks WR DK Metcalf; how DK mentioned he wouldn't want this any other way:

"I think DK [Metcalf] and I are really enjoying playing together. There's a lot more ahead of us. I kind of told him in the locker room, 'Great game, keep balling.' We hadn't done anything yet and that's just the reality. So we're just getting started. The goal is bigger than just this one game. Let's see if we can strike magic again next week. That's the reality. So, this game happened so fast, week to week, you have to come back and be prepared. He's an awesome force, he has the right attitude. I told you guys last week, a couple weeks ago, I get these scouting reports, they are probably 10-15 pages sometimes depending on the week, and everybody studies them, but he studies them. He knows everything from the protection, who the DBs are, to the linebackers, to what they did last time, four years ago -- to this to that. I quiz him. Every time. Every week. He knows them really well. His mind is what's helping him accelerate. Obviously his physical nature and his ability to catch the football and do all those things, but the separations and the mental part of it, and him just believing that and knowing all of the things he needs to know. So, I'm just getting started with that and it's fun. He's got a great leader in Tyler, too, who does a lot of that same work as well."

On the hit on Eagles QB Carson Wentz and whether he thinks it should have been penalized; what should count as a penalty when tackling a quarterback:

"I didn't see the play so I can't really answer on that in particular. I know they are trying to protect the players and stuff like that, but I didn't get to see the play unfortunately."

On how gratifying it is for him to be cited as a quarterback who has opened the door, has been a model and an inspiration for others:

"I think about – great question – I think to be, to have an impact, to have an influence on players, the younger kids who are coming up from middle school to high school, the guys who are in college, even transferring, all that stuff that's a tough situation. To all those different circumstances. People gave me hope before. Guys like Drew Brees, Steve Youngs of the world, Michael Vicks of the world, Donovan McNabb, here in Philly. I watched a lot of those players play. Even though they were smart, they were always giving me hope and how they played the game with great energy, great toughness. So I think for me, to be an influence for other players, as you mentioned, and other guys like [Chiefs QB] Patrick Mahomes and [Ravens QB] Lamar [Jackson], that's a humbling thing for me just because I love watching those guys play. Those guys are lights out. Mahomes and all the throws he can make and same thing with Jackson. Even [Texans QB Deshaun] Watson, I love watching him play, too. So I think it's a cool time, a lot of great things. I think for me, I'm grateful of the job that I get, that I have. To be one in 32 men in the world to get to do this, it's a blessing. I say that all the time. It's the reality so it's always fun."

On Metcalf breaking a franchise record for receiving yards in a playoff game and what it means to be a part of that:

"The plays that he made, I mean, he made some sensational plays today. DK was lights out. The protection was great on those plays, too, as well. We had some huge, huge plays out there. [WR] Tyler [Lockett] had that catch on the sideline too; that was amazing. Guys were making plays. [WR] David Moore's play cutting across the field. There were a lot of great plays and DK was definitely one of the stars of the night, that's for sure."

On being 8-for-15 on third downs:

"Well, we were huge on third down. I mean, to win this game, to win playoff games, to win any game, really, championship moments like this, you have to be great on third down. We were converting. We were hanging in there. Guys did a great job of protecting. Guys did a great job of moving around and getting open. I was able to sit in the pocket a little bit and move a little bit and find guys late across the middle. So, that was huge. That opened up the drives and gave us touchdown opportunities. Sure enough we hit them when we needed to."

On facing the Green Bay Packers next week:

"I didn't pay attention to anything before the game or anything like that; I didn't want to know. [NBC sideline reporter] Michelle Tafoya told me on the field that we were playing the Packers. To go back to Wisconsin, that's another home for me. To go back there is going to be great, it's going to be cold, [and] it's going to be snowy most likely. But it will be fun. We will prepare and get ready for that, and study the film and get ready to roll."

On the culture of the team:

"I think our culture is a winning culture. I think winning is a habit. When you are able to build a winning culture and allow guys to be at their best and believe to the best they can be and to always be consistent through it. I think [Seahawks head] Coach [Pete] Carroll is a tremendous leader in the sense that he's consistent every day win or lose or what's going on in the world. I think, too, as well from a leadership standpoint like [LB] Bobby [Wagner], guys like [LB] KJ [Wright], different players that we've had around. To bring guys in, too, as well like [LT] Duane Brown a couple years ago; what a great leader he is even though he wasn't here tonight, just his leadership across the board throughout the weeks and throughout the seasons. It's been amazing. And [DE Jadeveon] Clowney – he's been a tremendous addition to us. The player that he is and the person that he is, and fierceness that he brings to the game. [S Quandre] Diggs as well. Diggs to come in and step in the way he has. It's a tribute to [Seahawks General Manager] John Schneider, too, [for] pulling the trigger and making sure we got some great players looked at. I'm glad they're on our team, that's for sure."

On Ravens head coach John Harbaugh saying protection is going to have to extend out of the pocket and his thoughts:

"I think to be able to throw the ball inside the pocket and outside of the pocket, to do it all, change the launch point and do everything – that's the key challenging the defenses and I think that puts them in a bind for sure. It's good to be able to throw it and move it and do all that, too. And then [to] have great players around you that can do it all and help you around, so it's been a blessing for me for sure."

Wide Receiver Tyler Lockett

On whether he knew he had gotten both feet down on the play that was reviewed:

"I felt like I was in but I was so focused on trying to catch it and make sure that I continued to have it as I hit the ground. I wanted them to be able to throw it but I wasn't going to force it. Obviously, we're in an away stadium so they're not going to show the replay because they don't want us to be able to challenge it. But, [Seahawks Head Coach] Pete [Carroll] trusted his gut and threw it and it was a great challenge play where it helped us just with field position and being able to expand the ball and score."

On whether all the close games that were played during the season have an effect on the team during tonight's game:

"I think it came into play real big. I think the biggest thing is when you're in the playoffs, every little thing matters. You can't focus on the big things without taking care of the little details. Both teams held onto the football, both teams I don't think had any turnovers. Things like that is what separates a team coming out victorious and a team losing the game."

On whether he saw the Eagles defense react after seeing Seahawks WR D.K. Metcalf continue making play after play:

"No. But, we're so focused on getting back in the huddle and just being able to go to the next play. Especially being able to watch the play clock and making sure to see if we have time. I think for us, it's just about making the play and making sure that we continue to emphasize getting back into the huddle, getting back to running the next play. Because you never know, we might run no-huddle, we might not. We don't really have as much time to celebrate as you would want to."

On whether Seahawks WR DK Metcalf had any special motivation playing against the Eagles today:

"I just think that he just went out there and did his thing. He's been doing it all year. I don't think that this was any game that separated his play from any other game. You look at San Francisco, he did really well. You look at any other game prior to this one and he's done really well. He's expanded and he's become an amazing receiver as a rookie. I don't really think you can pinpoint this game and say that it was more special than other ones. He just had a special game and these are things that he can do every single game if given the chance."

Wide Receiver DK Metcalf

On the game plan he had going into today's game:

"Well [Seahawks Quality Control/Defense Coach Tom Donatell] told me at the beginning of the week that they're going to play a lot of man. Some of the balls are going to come to us and we have to make a play on it. I was watching film, just competing at practice just really translated over to the game."

On him breaking the Seahawks record for most receiving yards in a game:

"I'm just blessed to be in this position, just to have this opportunity to play another football game. That's all I could say, just blessed to have this opportunity."

On the TD where he had to reach out for the ball:

"[Seahawks QB Russell Wilson] laid it out. I look up, I saw it was in front of me, so I just stretched out and caught the ball. I didn't feel like I got touched, so I just got up and stretched out for the end zone."

On what he did to prepare for his first playoff game:

"It's really no different than the regular season pretty much. I wasn't trying to change anything, just continue to play our style of football and just treat every game like it's a championship opportunity."

On what Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch said after his touchdown:

"That's like classified information."

On advancing to the next round of the playoffs:

"Like I said, it's just another championship opportunity. You know just another time to compete and just go out there and like I said, just compete."

On his last catch of the game on third down:

"[Seahawks QB Russell Wilson] laid it out, it was in the air for a minute. All year [Wilson] has been telling me don't let the ball come down, don't let the ball come down. That's all I was thinking. Just attack the ball. It's just amazing that he believed in me just to throw it up to me in that situation. But I just had to go make a play."

On games where both defenses are playing well:

"[Seahawks QB Russell Wilson] Russ is Russ, man. A game is never over, a play is never over when he's back there at quarterback. I've seen him convert a 3rd and thirteen running the ball. He's a great competitor, a great leader out there. [LB] Bobby [Wagner] as well. The way they compete and just fight every play. It was a great environment to just be playing at."

On how much fun today's game was for him:

"It was fun and it was scary at the same time. The way the season's been going, this team, you know I didn't want this to be our last time playing football. So I'm just having fun out there with this team and just the group that we have."

On the feeling during the last play call on third down knowing the ball was coming his way to end the game:

"It was going to me or [Seahawks WR David Moore], but we knew the play was coming so one of us knew we had to make a play."

On how many times they went through the final catch play during practice this week:

"We went through it four or five times. I think that's about right."

On his crossing pattern early in the game and whether it was designed:

"[Seahawks QB Russell Wilson] just ran through his progressions and just saw me underneath and saw there was nobody out there."

On his confidence level going into the season compared to now:

"Having [Seahawks WR] Tyler [Lockett] and [Seahawks QB Russell Wilson] talk with me almost every week has grown tremendously. They're trusting me a lot more. I mean so that's big. And just like I said, [Russell Wilson] and Tyler [Lockett] have calmed me down and just reminded me it's a championship opportunity every week and just have to attack."

On whether the Eagles did anything different defensively compared to the first time they played each other:

"No, we knew there was going to be a lot of man-to-man, they were going to throw some zone in there, cover zero."

On whether he and Titans WR AJ Brown have kept in touch this season:

"Yeah, I talked to him last night. I told him we're going to handle business tomorrow and then we're going to have the same conversation next week."

On him wanting to make a statement since the combine:

"I'm blessed, man. That's all I can say. I'm blessed. I got 'miracle' tattooed on my back because God performed a miracle with me in college. So I'm not taking anything for granted. I'm taking every practice, every rep like it's my last. I'm just excited to be a part of this team, this organization, and that's pretty much it."

On what he means when he says a miracle happened in college:

"I broke my neck."

On when he caught a slant pass in the beginning of the game:

"Yeah, I mean whatever comes my way I'm not mad. But I know it was going to me or [Seahawks WR] Tyler [Lockett] and [Seahawks QB Russell Wilson] chose me."

On having Russell Wilson as his quarterback compared to others in the league:

"There are great quarterbacks starting all over the league. Like I said, the Seahawks believe in me and just happy to be in this position where I have [Seahawks QB] Russell Wilson back in the pocket."

On whether Seahawks WR David Moore's catch and run to set up first touchdown opened up the passing game on offense:

"Yes, sir. After he caught it, and you know, broke the tackle then turned up field, I told him that we can convert third downs like it was nothing tonight. So hats off to our preparation throughout the whole week."

On whether he is a chocolate milk fan:

"No, Strawberry milk."

On whether he is a Beatles fan:

"I mean, it was a cool sweatshirt."

On the running game not being effective:

"We knew our game plan coming in. We were going first team. It wasn't going our way tonight so we had to turn our offense up."

On his relationship with Titans WR AJ Brown:

"AJ is like my big brother. We've been playing each other since high school. We have the same work ethic and come from the same place."

Seahawks DE Jadeveon Clowney

On the hit that knocked Eagles QB Carson Wentz out of the game:

"I didn't see anything. I was just playing fast and he turned like he was running the ball, so I was trying to get him down. It was a bang-bang play. I don't intend to hurt anybody in this league, let me just put that out there. I've been down the injury road; it's not fun. My intention was not to hurt him. I was just playing fast."

On the empathy he has for Wentz given his own experience with injuries:

"Like I said, I don't intend to hurt anybody. That's a great player over there for their team and for their organization. I hope he's okay. Like I said, I didn't intend to hurt him. I didn't even know he went out of the game until the next series. I thought it was just a small hit, but everybody was going crazy on the sidelines. I was just trying to finish the play, but it happened. I hope he's okay. I hope he's good."

On whether he was excited about the win:

"For sure. It was big for us. We've been practicing all week and harping on coming down here and playing well on the road. We came out here and did that. We just have to continue to play like we've been playing on the road all season and keep it going in the playoffs."

Defensive End Quinton Jefferson

On whether anything changed when Eagles QB Carson Wentz went down and Eagles backup QB Josh McCown entered the game:

"Actually, he was more mobile than I thought. That was the first time I've ever played against him or seen him and he was very mobile and I tip my hat to him. They were still running their offense and I think he did a great job. It was just a tough fought game."

On being 8-1 on the road, winning a game with high stakes in hostile territory, and what does it say about this team:

"Every single game we have played in this year, it has been a close game and we have been in it. We have been resilient so I am not surprise, that we won the game. So we have to keep this going."

On the play of Seahawks DE Jadeveon Clowney after missing four of the last six games of the regular season:

"He worked his tail off to get out there. He is high energy. He is going to make some splash plays. He is going to bring some intensity and rush off the edge. So it is dope having him out there."

Linebacker Bobby Wagner

On whether he thinks the team played with poise today:

"We were definitely poised today. We had a lot of chances for them to change momentum with the score and things of that nature, but we didn't let them in. We felt like that kind of killed some of their momentum when they got all the way down there and didn't score. Especially towards the beginning of the fourth quarter, where they ran a lot of time off and didn't get a score. So definitely hats off to that."

On what he saw from Seahawks LB Cody Barton today after making his third start:

"Just that he's a player. He has been waiting for his opportunity and finally got his opportunity and made the most out of it. He did a great job out there, I think he got a sack today. So it's fun to watch him play."

On what was going on with the large yard plays in the middle of the field:

"We have to watch the film to see what happened, but at the end of the day we didn't allow them to score. So we want to stay focused on the positive and figure out how to make our changes."

On whether the defense has gotten accustomed to Seahawks QB Russell Wilson routinely making plays when it's third-and-long:

"First of all, 3rd-and-10 is always a big deal. He and the offense making those plays are something that you don't want to take for granted because, when they make them they definitely ignite us. The play towards the end of the game, where you throw the ball up to [Seahawks] DK [Metcalf] and he makes the catch to end the game is something that ignites the team. So that's kind of how we look at it. You get prepared to go on the field and we're hoping they make a play to ignite us and they do."

Game action photos from the Seattle Seahawks' Wild Card matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles.