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What The Seahawks Said Following Their 17-16 Win Over The Broncos

Interviews, transcripts, and press conferences from Week 1 vs. Denver.

what the seahawks said

Featuring postgame quotes from the following:

Head Coach Pete Carroll

This opportunity to play on Monday night and all the hype and all the build-up and all that stuff, it was such a challenge for our guys. Just all the natural things that you would think could happen with the story lines and all of that. Then nobody gave us a chance to win this football game. We didn't play because of that. We played because we were trying to play good football. That really is the case. It just shows you, this was such a team win and such a smart play, well-played game by all the fellows because we just kept hanging and took advantage of the penalties. We didn't give them hardly anything on their penalty side of it. The belief in our guys to keep hanging down there around the goal line, we had an incredible couple of sequences down there and some great group plays that made that happen. The line of scrimmage was big, and then the guy makes the hit, and then the guy makes a recovery. Just fantastic stuff. I don't know. I was surprised that they took Russ out there at the end. We weren't thinking field goal there. We were thinking it was fourth down and they were still going. So it gave us a chance to win the game on that play. That was fortunate there. Fortunate they didn't make the kick. He kicked the hell out of the ball. But this was a great night. It was really a great night of football and to get started and know that you're 1-0 in the division, that's a good start there too. How about Geno? I mean, Geno, 17 for 18 in the first half. Who does that? Guys just don't do that. Remember, he did it against Jacksonville. He had, I don't know, 12, 13 in a row, something like that. Geno played tonight like he has been playing the whole time we've been practicing. That's what he has been looking like. He didn't look any different than what he has looked like in practice. That's why we had the belief in him, and that's why he was able to win the job and go out there on Monday Night Football and win the football game. I'm really fired up for our defense that they hung in there. We gave up a lot of yards, but it's the power of believing that you can stop somebody no matter how much there is left there. It's so enriching as we go down the rest of the season here that we can do stuff like that because you believe. It just helps you believe. It was a great night. The fans were ridiculous. The 12s were so good tonight. God dang, they were great. I'm so pleased we could give them a game like this and they could have so much fun, and we got to win the game three times on those timeouts. We won the game again and then we won the game again and then we won the game again. I wasn't bugged by that at all. They were incredibly good. We're so lucky. We're so lucky that we get to play here, and our fans love it so much, and they perform like that on game day. It was awesome. What do you got?

Q. You always say those goal line moments are some of your favorites. To have that happen twice back-to-back drives, what was that like?

There is nothing more intense in sports than that moment right there. It's just the greatest challenge and the greatest celebration moments and opportunities. It's all just grit and grind and guts and all that. We didn't do it once. We did it again. There was a few plays in there we had to make great tackles and great hits for every inch that was counting down there. Clint and his guys on the defensive staff, I know they're so fired up to see those guys come through like that. They did a great job tonight.

Q. Does part of you feel validated at all?

You know, I don't feel like that, no. I don't feel like that. I'm just glad we won the football game. I don't feel like validation after that. You all might think I should have been, with all that's been talked about and all that. Really we had a great process to get ready for this game, and these guys, I mean, they played hard the whole time, and they played smart the whole time. That's the kind of football we have to play. Our special teams were spectacular covering kicks and all with the way they flew and the hits that they made and the celebrations that rose the sidelines up and the fans and all that kind of stuff. That's validating. The way we coach, the expectations that we have, the belief that we can win on Monday night regardless of what everybody else thought. You know, primetime again. That's validation in those regards, but not from maybe something else that you are talking about.

Q. Russell, we asked you about that earlier. Are you going to follow the 12s' lead? They weren't subtle about it. They came out booing him. I was wonder if anything you had any response to that?

Really I didn't know, and I was wondering how they would respond, figuring that they probably would respond in a way trying to make it as hard as possible on the other guy because they want to win. That's what competing is, and our fans competed in spectacular fashion tonight. This was an amazing place to be tonight right from the get-go.

Q. Were you surprised they went with the 64-yard field goal?

Yeah, I was. It's a good way to win the game. They could have won it. It wasn't that far off. He kicked it far enough, didn't he? It was far enough to go.I was surprised. I wasn't thinking that. We were all ready to win a game on fourth down.

Q. What happened to Jamal Adams, and how is he?

He hurt his knee tonight. Not a typical knee injury. His quadriceps tendon got damaged some tonight. He got hurt, so it's a serious injury.

Q. Pete, with quarterback you talked about point guard distributor. That doesn't preclude big plays, but you want a guy who can get the ball out in all the different ways and be efficient. Is there a more ideal example of what you want than what happened tonight?

No, but Geno did more. He made more plays with his legs than I expected him to tonight. He took off, and I was so mad at him the time he was running up the sidelines and got smoked on their sidelines. What's he doing? Get down. I got over it. But he did the things. Just finding Diss on the first touchdown pass. Escaping the rush, slipping up underneath and dumping the ball for an easy touchdown. Gorgeous play by him. He had some other ones as well. You can see. I don't know if you guys were doubting or everybody thinks that we were making stuff up. We weren't. This is what he looks like. Obviously, he just did it again. Anyway, you can think whatever you want.

Q. Geno has been through a lot in his career, had some tough luck over the years. I know it's one game, but how gratifying do you think this is?

I would think very much so. I'm saying it and I don't care if anybody believes this. He is the best he has ever been. Because of the four years of being in the system and being loved up and taken care of and looked after, and he did his part in reverse to always be there for us. He is ready. He is ready for this moment. The experience that he had, the guys -- he was so poised and calm in this game. It was just fun playing with him. We were talking as the game is going on, and he is having fun and laughing and enjoying it. The moment came to him, and he was ready for it. That's a really beautiful illustration. It's a great story. I think it's a great story. It is one game, you're right.

Q. What did you say to Russell after?

I can't even remember what my words were. I think, Nice game.

Q. Uchenna Nwosu, just kind of what --

He was physical and tough and making stuff happen. Had the sack. Had the big hit and forcing a fumble, and he was a problem. He played great. He really did. Thrilled that he was able to be that impacting.

Q. Michael Jackson came out and came away with both fumble recoveries. What did you see from him tonight?

I won't go into the negative. Michael played a really good football game tonight, and he made a couple of really good hits. That's what we've been seeing from him. I was really pleased. What I'm thinking, there was a couple that he missed early on, or one that he missed, and that's not characteristic of how he played. He played a terrific football game. So did Tariq. You can't cover a guy any better than he did, and, unfortunately, he got a couple of penalties. Did he have two? Did he have two? Yeah. The second one chasing, that was nuts. He didn't have to do that. He was calm and poised and took it in. He had a blast playing football. I talked to him about it. This is just the first step for him in a lot of really good positive steps coming our way, I'm sure.

Q. You said it's not validating, but for the guys in that locker room like Diggs, the guys that have been around a little bit, now they've seen the program change, new quarterback, how much is this a signal to them that you are on the right path?

I really took Michael's question like he was thinking that the trade was validated tonight or whatever. That's what I felt like he was asking. But for the Denver guys that are here, it is a huge win. It's a huge win. It's fricking personal. Their families are all over the place because they get traded and all the rest that was expressed by the guys. We downplayed it, and they put in the right place because all three of those guys played really well, but -- or no, they didn't get a chance. They played the way they're supposed to play under those circumstances with all that heat and all the feelings that they had. It's great to give them that win. Let me answer the question about the validating thing. Yeah, yeah, like I said, this is what we're trying to do. We're trying to play great football, and we're trying to make the right decisions at the right time, use the players right, play tough as hell in all phases of everything that we're doing. Tonight that's what that was. That's a hell of a first game. That's a hell of a first game, and I'm giving credit to Denver who is a really good club, and they're going to win a lot of games and all that. It's a hell of a first game.

Q. You mentioned all phases. Special teams in the preseason there were some issues in coverage, but this game was it good to see --

Different guys playing. We had to just suffer through the substitutions. You didn't get to ask.

Q. How do you feel like the rookie tackles played tonight?

I need to see the film, but I only say one time and I might have missed it, but one time when Charles got knocked back a little bit, and we gave up a sack, but I think that's because we got the ball out too. I thought the whole system played really well tonight. That's what you saw our system functioning. That's what Geno does. He is quick with the ball, and the ball is out, and he compliments the pass protection. That was good. Did we get sacked once tonight or twice?

Q. Cody Barton, what happened to him at the end?

I don't know. I don't know.

Q. This is the first team since the 2009 Jaguars to start two rookie offensive tackles in their first game. How confident were you in that decision going from the preseason --

Really felt strong about it because of them, because the kids. They were really, really poised about dealing with the opportunity. They handled it really well. They were just steady as a rock. There was no dips, no ups and downs with those guys. They really performed well in practices and with all the stuff that we've done, they were always accountable. The kind of guys that say, Hey, I messed that up. They had a really good attitude to deal with. This is as vibrant a setting that the guys can get in, and they were smiling, and they had fun playing football. We're on our way with those guys. They're going to be really good for a long time here as we just keep adding on to it, I think.

Q. What happened on their touchdown?

It was just a one-on-one. We got beat. Just got beat.

Quarterback Geno Smith

Q. Was that first touchdown exactly as planned, or can you take us through that play there to Will?

Yeah, that wasn't planned. We actually were trying to get that to Marquise. Their defense played a good job at staying on top of him. A guy slipped through there. I was able to get away from them. Then really it was just playing with my eyes up, maybe get a chance to scramble. Will popped and made a great catch and went down and scored. That got it started for us. It was awesome.

Q. How important was it to start that way with the momentum, the crowd? Everything was in your favor to start the game.

So important. The league, NFL, you never know when the momentum is going to shift, but any time you're at home, any time, you want to start out that first drive and go down there and score. Especially if you get the ball first because statistics say that if you don't, wins aren't in your favor. Just going down there and getting the crowd excited, getting the score, getting the momentum, having our defense with a seven-point lead. All of those things I think just in a culmination were great. I feel like all those things helped out towards the end of the game as well with the momentum and the crowd.

Q. To ESPN after the game you said they wrote you off, and you didn't write back. What does that mean, and what did this game mean with you in your career with everything that you have been through?

I think when people say what I've been through, I think that's a stretch, man. I'm in the NFL for ten years, so to say what I've been through is kind of funny. Then to say people wrote me off, I've just been working. That's what I mean by "I never wrote back." I don't listen to stuff like that. I just work. I know what I have inside of me. God has blessed me with talent and also a passion and a drive. As far as worrying about naysayer or anything like that, I don't get into that type of stuff. People can write you off, but life is about what you make it. I've just been blessed enough to be in the NFL for ten years and been working my butt off. It's a team game, and we got a win tonight as a team.

Q. When you are hear the fans chant your name after the touchdown, end of the game, the long run you had, just hearing that.

Just brings me back. Something with those lime green jerseys. Brings me back to that game last year, and the fans were great tonight. They were loud. I think they caused maybe a few penalties on them, a couple of delay of games, a couple of false starts. That's what we're going to need all year. We're going to need our fans to be with us, and we have to give them something to cheer for. I think tonight was just electric and just to see how it ended up, but it was great.

Q. Pete has been talking up the tight end group all training camp and preseason. How important was it to step up tonight given the talent on this defense, particularly their secondaries?

One of our matchups was our tight ends on their linebackers and safeties. You never know who is going to make the play. That's the interesting thing about offensive football in the NFL. It could be a tight end, running back, receivers. Tonight the tight ends stepped up. The receivers played great. Running backs were in the passing game as well. I think everyone contributed to this win. When you talk about our tight ends, man, I don't think there's a better group in the league.

Q. Pete talked about the quarterback position as a point guard and distributor, and that doesn't eliminate big plays, because you get them, but what does that mean to you and how much of you when he talked about that philosophy and how you bring it onto the field?

When he says that, it just means to facilitate. I think us as quarterbacks, our QB room, we have some scoring point guards. We can go score the ball as well. When you have DK and Tyler and the tight end group that we have, the running backs that we have, Marquise, Dee Eskridge, all those guys, Dareke, you put the ball in their hands and watch the magic happen. For me early on my thought process was get the ball out of my hands, get it into the hands of the playmakers, protect our young tackles as well as just get the chains moving. I think that helped us out.

Q. The last Denver drive, what was that like for you watching on the sideline, how all that played out?

It felt like one of our walk-throughs at practice, me just watching Russ do that. For so long I watched Russ go down -- even here just go down and win those games. It was a surreal moment seeing him on the other side up against our defense going for one of his vintage comeback wins. We stood up tonight, and I was happy about that.

Q. Pete said he was mad at you for taking that hit on the 14-yarder. What's the balance there? You're trying to make a play, but you should probably take care of yourself too.

Most of the time I don't put my head in there, but I was so zoned in, so locked in, just playing to win. That was a crucial situation. We needed that first down in a backed up situation. I was just trying to go for it. I definitely will try to stay away from that type of stuff.

Q. The designed run, third and two, can you tell us about that?

That was sweet. That was sweet. People forget I can run. So it was sweet to just have that added dimension there. The over/under on that play was for 5 yards, so I think I was under on that one. It was a great play-call. Shane did a great job all night at calling terrific plays. Kept me in rhythm. That one was pretty good.

Q. Speaking of being zoned in, locked in, you completed your first 13 passes. I think that's what I counted. Can you just talk about how you came focused in early on throughout the game?

That's something that I think it's happened maybe once or twice, but honestly, I'm just trying to complete every pass. You call a pass play, you're trying to find a completion out there. What they were doing was playing top-down and shell defense, so I had to dump the ball off a couple of times, which contributed to that. Weren't taking many shots. Any time you can get a completion, it puts pressure on the defense to tackle. It was good to start out that way. Wish we would have continued it.

Q. Looked like you and Russell talked real quick maybe before the game a little bit. Did he say anything, or did you say anything to him?

Just a lot of love. I got a lot of respect and love for Russell. Being here with him for three years I learned a lot, got to know him really well, got to understand why he is the man that he is, the way that he is and what makes him special. Russell will always be my brother. I love him to death, and I just wish him the best.

Q. What was it like seeing Marshawn and Sherm and all those guys there today?

It was like a reunion, like a Seahawks reunion out there. Those guys are always around. Sherm comes out to practice and helps out with the DBs. I think that's the special part about this place is you have guys like that coming back, and they really feel like this is a family. Like this is a place that they can always come back to. Coach does a great job at that. The organization is special in that way. I think that whenever those guys are around, it just brings good mojo.

Q. ESPN wrote you off, and you didn't write back. How long have you sitting on that?

That's off the dome right there. That's straight bars off the dome right there. Yeah, just in the spur of the moment.

Q. The second touchdown where you feathered it over the linebacker, was that your first read, or what was the design of the play and how you went there?

Yeah, he was the read. We had a couple. I'm not going to tell you all the plays, but he was in the read. The way they played it, the safety ended up vacating the post, and then the linebacker had to basically carry the seam. There was really no one back there, so I had a good spot back there that I could find with him. Colby is a 6'7" tight end, so you can't miss him if you put it high.

Q. The offense was humming pretty well in the first half, but the team dried up a little bit in the second. Any thoughts on that?

We have to be better in the second half. That's all I was thinking about honestly. I felt like in the second half -- obviously their defense, give credit to their defense. They stood up and played well, but we've got to finish games better. It's great to get a win. Our defense went out there and did what they had to do, but we could have put up more points and given ourselves an even more cushion to have a better shot in that game.

Q. What do you think this win says about what the 2022 Seahawks can do this year?

It's one win. We can celebrate it tonight. We have a short week. We have to get ready for a division opponent in San Fran. We're happy. We feel like we can win a lot of games if we play like that, complete team football, but for me it's just one win. It's just one game. We have to be ready for 16 more.

Q. We asked Pete Carroll if this was a validating feeling. Do you feel validated?

Not at all. Not at all. Not that I don't feel validated. I've always felt validated, so this win won't do it for me. It was just another win, great win, with the team. I love the way our guys stood up. I love the passion we played with, and we just have to keep that going.

Wide Receiver DK Metcalf

(On the atmosphere) "It was real loud. Big shout out to the 12s. They came out and really supported us."

(On hearing the Geno chants) "For Geno, it really gives him a boost of confidence."

(On what he thinks Geno Smith's best traits are as a quarterback) "He's kind of like Russell, he's able to extend the play."

(On whether he said anything to Russell Wilson after the game) "Yes, we talked. I'm not going to say what we said."

(On whether they exchanged jerseys) "Yes"

(On whether he wrote anything on the jersey) "Yep."

(On whether he can say what he wrote) "No."

(On whether he was surprised how Denver's last drive finished) "No. You always have to have faith in your team. That's one thing Russ taught me. The game is never over until it's over. 

(On whether it was weird being on the sideline with Russell Wilson on the field) "Just seeing him in a Broncos jersey was, like, shocking to me. I didn't think it would phase me that much, but just seeing that in person was really shocking."

(On what it's like for the offense to watch the defense make a goal line stand) "When our defense does that, it gives us a total boost of confidence."

Safety Quandre Diggs

(On the intensity of the game and on the win) "Definitely the loudest game I've been a part of where I've actually played. I mean I would say maybe first year NFC West championship on the line in San Francisco. But this one was crazy loud. The 12s really brought it tonight. It's a big-time win, but it's the first win. You know what I mean, you enjoy it of course. We've been doubted all offseason, so we all hear it. We'll enjoy this one while we have the opportunity, and we'll get ready for San Francisco on Sunday. Those guys are coming off a tough loss, so they'll be ready to play.

(On getting the win over Russell Wilson) "I mean it doesn't matter if it was Russ (Wilson) or (Matthew) Stafford across (from us). You want to win the first game and get off on a great note and get you some positive momentum coming off of the offseason. Great game, love Russ, but tonight, Seahawks got the win."

(On if being doubted will change after this win) "I doubt it. I mean they are going to say it's an emotional win. That's what they will say. Just one of those things that we've got to keep proving at. We are serious and we have an opportunity to do something special around here."

(On the moments at the goal line) "It just shows the grittiness, the toughness of this team. that's something we pride ourselves on each and every day. It's big. We always want to be able to run the ball on the goal line to stop them on the goal line. We were able to do that, and we got two big plays and Mike Jackson was able to get two fumble recoveries. We had some good reps on defense today."

(On Jamal Adams) "Man it sucks man. This guy has had a hell of a camp. He's had a hell of an offseason. You hate to see it. You know, especially Jamal being one of my closest friends. It's tough. We kind of had the same offseason where we just rehabbed and tried to get back to being the leaders of this team and the leaders of this defense. It's hard to imagine. You go out there and you always have that doubt. Like 'Am I ready, or am I ready to go?' You just go out there and let it loose and it sucks the way it happened. And it sucks for him personally because I know how much work he put in this past offseason. I know mentally he was in a great space. He was the most comfortable he's been around here. It just sucks to see. I love him and I'm sure I'll be talking to him tonight or in the morning."

(On his reaction to the 64-yard field goal) "I mean I just play for the Seahawks. I don't have anything to do with other people's calls. If that's what their coach wanted to do, that's what they did. For me, I just do what Clint Hurtt and Pete Carroll tell me to do and I just keep it pushing."

Linebacker Uchenna Nwosu

(On his first chance to rush the passer in front of the 12s) "It was sensational man. You hear about it all the time, but to experience it for yourself is something different. That crowd was amazing today, they were great for us. They really helped us out there. We appreciate them so much."

(On whether the crowd helped him get off the line more quickly) "When the crowd is that noisy, the offense has to go to a silent count. You're kind of watching the center. Certain centers they have certain motions that they do, and this center was always leaning and doing different things, and I was able to get a jump on that."

(On whether that was what happened on the goal line plays) "Yeah."

(On the defense's attitude on the goal line plays) "Give us a blade of grass, we're going to protect it, and that was our mindset. Going down there, and anytime you're backed up, you're in the red zone, you've got to nut up. That's where big boys put on their big shoulder pads, and they go to work. And that's what we did today. Our defense was able to force two turnovers down there and recover the ball, so that's huge. That's what we're going to keep emphasizing throughout practice and throughout the season and we're going to keep doing it."

(On his performance today, 1 sack, 2 tackles for loss, a pass defensed, a forced fumble) "It was only one sack, I thought I had two? I've got to dispute that one, we'll get back to that one. Just come out here and try to do my part. You know they brought me here for a reason. I kind of feel like I was not perceived as the player I think I am, and I have to go out there and show it. As many times as I have to do it, I'll do it. To be able to do it in a place like this, with the crowd behind you like that, it's surreal and I'm grateful for the opportunity."

(On whether he was surprised they went for the field goal at the end) "I honestly didn't know what was going on, it was so chaotic. I was so tired, and once they brought out that field goal unit, I was like, 'OK', because Russell is a dangerous person, especially in short yardage, he can make a lot of things happen. When they took him out of the game and brought the field goal unit out, I was like 'OK, maybe they don't trust him in that situation'. I'm grateful for the way it ended."

(On how the defense was able to get good pass pressure) "It was part of the game plan. Russell is an electric, dynamic quarterback, especially when he is rolling to his right. It's going to the game plan, we have to limit him in that circumstance. With the guys we have in that defensive line room, and our linebackers blitzing, we have some special guys that can get after the quarterback, and that's what we displayed tonight."

(On the play Al Woods made on the forced fumble) "Big Al (Woods), I've got to take care of him when we get back to the facility tomorrow. Guys like that, that doesn't show up on the stat sheet, are the ones you have to appreciate the most, because if it wasn't for his penetration, who knows what would have happened. Credit to Big Al on that play, and I'll make sure I take care of him and congratulate him for that one."

(On whether the Seahawks made a statement tonight) "Absolutely. We don't listen to the outside noise. We go in there and play Seahawks football. You guys know what that is. There's a standard that comes with this. Anytime we step on that field and strap up that helmet, in front of the 12s, we try to do our part and play Seahawks Defense."

Running Back Rashaad Penny

(On playing against Russell Wilson) "It was definitely weird. I've been here for four years, and I've seen that just being on this side with him. I have all of the respect for Russ (Wilson). For us, it was just another week. It was good being the underdog. We are blessed, but we have a big week coming up."

(On the offensive performance) "It was just scheming and dialing it up. Having fun, I think that was the more important thing. We had to block out the noise, just enjoy the moment, and never take anything for granted. We are just blessed and happy to play the game."

(On how it felt to move the ball down the field in the first half) "It is really like no surprise. Like you said, you saw it in the preseason. Geno (Smith) has always been consistent. You take pressure off by the running the ball, getting the RPOs, and getting the defense on their heels. It's just good seeing Geno progress, but he deserved this night. The offensive line, the receivers, and the tight ends, we played good collectively as an offense as a team together."

Wide Receiver Tyler Lockett

(On his reaction to how the game played out against former quarterback Russell Wilson) "It was a big time game man. Everybody was talking about it. The biggest thing was I think everybody put on a show. I think the Broncos put on a show, I think we put on a show, and the biggest thing is we've got nothing to lose. Everybody already counted us out, so we've got everything to gain. We've got a tremendous team, a special team and we are just going to buy in to what it is we've always been talking about. We are going to continue to build each other up and we know that it starts inside. We are not going to worry about on the outside, we are going to focus on what we got and we are going to keep it moving."

(On how he felt about the defense stopping Russell Wilson on the goal line multiple times) "The defense played one heck of a game. Denver was in the red zone a good amount of times going for it on fourth down and then we stop it, we get the fumble. Coach (Clint) Hurtt called a heck of game man, first time being a defensive coordinator. He called a great game. We've got a group of players on defense that is hungry, that's physical and everybody did their part on this game."

(On Denver Broncos trying 64-yard field goal to win the game) "They got a great kicker. They got one of the best kickers in the NFL so when you watch him and watch how he kicks it, he had the distance twice, so I doubt they are going to change their minds. They got a great kicker, it just went our way."

Strong Safety Josh Jones

(On making plays in the game) "It was good. The defense, we hung in there and we fought hard. Obviously, nobody believed in us coming into this except for the guys in the locker room. We've been working all camp and we've been fighting all camp and it showed out there."

(On going against Russell Wilson) "I was here towards the end, I played four games, but it was a little different seeing him on the other side. He does what he does, you can't take it away from him, but we knew coming in here what we had to do. We had to eliminate the big plays and just contain him."

(On what it felt like to see the potential game winning field goal miss) "Oh my goodness, that's a great feeling. That was probably the best feeling all night, I'm not going to lie."

Tight End Colby Parkinson

(On Geno Smith and the offense moving the ball down the field) "We were rolling, and that's what we were experiencing in practice with him. He's been great, he's been dialed in, and we will expect those things going forward."

(On the offense slowing down in the second half) "Yeah, I think we were just a little out of rhythm. That's obviously something that we are going to look back on and get better for it."

(On if the public perception will change after the win) "I sure hope so, but we don't really care about what other people think. We are going to come back to work on Tuesday and Wednesday and get right back at it for San Francisco."

Defensive End Shelby Harris

(On playing in front of the 12s) "I have never heard a crowd that loud in my life. That is no diss to anybody, Denver gets loud, but I've never heard anything like that in my entire life. I literally could not hear the man next to me. I've never seen something like that before. That was phenomenal, shout out to the 12s. I have played nine years in the NFL, I have never heard anything like that before in my life. 

(On the red-zone stops) "The red-zone stops were huge, but that's also why God creates a defensive line. We go out there, we get penetration, and we make plays. Outside and inside, it's a great combo. This is what we hang our heads on. You can get as many yards as you need, but you're not going to get in and we showed that today."

Linebacker Jordyn Brooks

(On how it feels to get a win in Week1 despite being doubted) "Gratifying feeling. We knew we could get it done. We've been hearing the noise all offseason. Russ (Wilson) is coming into town, we don't have a chance, so to come out here and the play the way that we did and get the win, it feels great."

(On what the atmosphere at Lumen Field was like) "The crowd was going crazy. I couldn't hear nothing in the headset. I love that man. The fans really helped us tonight. We need that all season." 

(On if he was surprised that the Broncos decided to not go for it on the final fourth down) "I am, but I'm not. It's a 50/50 situation so I'm glad they didn't. I'm glad they missed the field and we got the win."

The Seahawks host the Broncos for Monday Night Football at Lumen Field on September 12, 2022. Game action photos are presented by Washington's Lottery.

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