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What The Eagles Said Following Their 23-17 Loss To The Seahawks

Transcripts, interviews and press conferences from Seattle's Week 12 game vs. Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Eagles' Carson Wentz passes during the first half of an NFL football game against the Seattle Seahawks, Monday, Nov. 30, 2020, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Derik Hamilton)
Philadelphia Eagles' Carson Wentz passes during the first half of an NFL football game against the Seattle Seahawks, Monday, Nov. 30, 2020, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Derik Hamilton)

Head coach Doug Pederson

On going for it on fourth and four with a little over eight minutes to go:

"My mind-set there was we have to stay as aggressive as possible on offense. We had to try to make a play, get something going. And from my vantage point it just looked like Carson and Dallas were not synced up. It was a play we had used in the third quarter. They connected on it, and it appeared that Dallas turned inside, Carson threw it outside where Dallas was on the first time we called the play. So just a matter of those two guys being on the same page.

But as far as the decision to go, we had to make every effort to stay and really get us into this game and just wanted to stay as aggressive as possible."

On WR Alshon Jeffery being on the field more than Travis Fulgham Monday:

"Well, I think, Travis he's still a part of the offense and he knows he's got to continue to work hard each week and play well. And Alshon is improving and getting healthier. We have to be able to use both of those guys, they are two big targets for Carson. We've just got to continue to work and make sure that both guys are ready to go."

On if the plan coming into the game was to use QB Jalen Hurts more:

"Not necessarily. The plan was to use him when we could. The way the game started, we just didn't have many opportunities, too many three and outs. I don't think we got a first down until the second quarter. We just didn't -- we failed to execute. It just wasn't in the cards, I guess, so to speak, early in the football game.

But no more, no less than what we would use him each week."

On the rotation between Jalen Hurts and Carson Wentz and if it would be a challenge for them to find consistency:

"Yeah, it is a challenge for quarterbacks to do that, but from an offensive perspective, if we can have a little change of pace there with Jalen and mix things up, whether we're running it or throwing it. I thought the guys tonight, for the few plays that Jalen was in, they handled it well. It's just something we'll continue to work on.

But yeah, it can be a little bit difficult, for either one of the quarterbacks unless they can get multiple snaps, but that just didn't happen. We were too many three and outs."

On DK Metcalf's play against CB Darius Slay:

"Well, DK is a great, big target, good receiver. D-Slay matched up with him all night long and battled and made some plays, and DK made some plays.

So, I thought overall, he did some good things. Played tough. That's a tough receiver to defend, and I thought D-Slay did some good things."

On not being able to utilize WR Jalen Reagor's speed in play calling as much or at least with completions down the field this season:

"Some of it could be scheme. Some of it could be Jalen still learning and understanding what is asked of him. He continues to improve each week and we still find ways to try to get him in space and we did that a couple times tonight. That's the thing, there's also a lot of speed on defense. I think sometimes people forget that. We do our part as coaches to try to find ways, creative ways to do that. We did it with him with a little reverse tonight, and we did a couple receiver screens, or a receiver screen to him. He had one critical mistake on a red zone play that we were going to throw him a screen and he made a mistake there. We've just got to keep working and battle through it."

On what kind of advantage Jalen Hurts brings without Carson Wentz being on the field:

"Listen, when Jalen's been on the field with Carson, defenses have been playing it a certain way. And as we have evaluated those two together, putting Jalen on the field by himself presents a little bit different picture for the defense. That's why we did it tonight, but I think we can still get some mileage out of using both quarterbacks, and then also Jalen as a quarterback by himself."

On RB Miles Sanders having five carries in the first half and if that had to do with the Eagles trying to attack the Seahawks pass defense:

"I just think they got after us a little bit in the run game and got on some edges. We missed their safety a couple of times. And we had to make some adjustments. But we knew probably going into this game that we were at least going to have to put the ball in the air to give ourselves a chance. It's a good rush defense and it's a good front, and they did a nice job."

On why he thinks the Eagles continue to struggle to score in the first half or pick up first downs:

"I think it just comes down to, offensively, we've battled with a lot of injury, a lot of different moving parts up front with the offensive line. Guys in and out. It's just we haven't had the consistency and continuity you would like week-in and week-out. You look at offenses around the league that have stayed together and have stayed healthy, there's continuity and consistency there, and we just haven't had that this season. That's something that we don't make excuses for; it's where we are, and we have to get better."

On why he thinks the team isn't on the same page:

"I mean, it just comes down to each guy just doing his job and not doing too much. Sometimes when you get in these situations, you try to do too much. It's just a matter of not chasing plays but making the plays when they come to you. We're going to continue to work, and we're not going to make excuses for anything. We've got another ballgame here in a couple of days, and we've got to get some of this corrected and move on."

Quarterback Carson Wentz

On the Eagles' slow start offensively:

"I have to go watch the tape. I know some things we just missed, we didn't execute. I can be better early in the games. I think [Seattle] made some plays early and did some things differently than what we had planned. The slow starts are frustrating, that's the biggest thing. I'm going to go back and watch and see how we can change that and how we can change the momentum early in ball games so that we can not put ourselves behind the eight ball like that."

On his fourth quarter interception on fourth down from the Seattle 15-yard line:

"You hit it on the head, [Dallas Goedert and I] weren't on the same page and that's on me. I have to make sure we're squared away on the same page. [Goedert] had a big game. He had a big game and we just missed a couple. In that situation - that matchup - I thought everything was good. He's our guy and him and I have to make sure we're on the same page for that."

On how Eagles QB Jalen Hurts' play affects the offense when he's brought in mid-drive:

"When we're stagnant like that, as an offense, I'm all ears. Whatever [Doug Pedersen] is confident in, however we can get some momentum or pick up a first down in that case, early in the game. Obviously, it's a tricky thing to navigate. But I think if it's going to provide us the spark that we need, hopefully, going forward, it can in those situations. But, obviously, we just didn't do enough all around tonight."

On the potential of a shift in playing time and how it affects him:

"I said it last week, this is what you sign up for. As a quarterback - ever since you were a kid - you're prepared for any of those. Nothing is ever guaranteed. So, for me, I don't think about that, though. I just try to go out and be the best player I can be. In practice I prepare my tail off, compete my tail off, and hopefully we can get this thing turned around. I don't think about those things. I'm going to give it everything I got every time I step on the field."

On the lack of play calls that involve him rolling out:

"I think we tried it a couple times tonight and [Seattle] made some plays with different pressures and different looks. I think that's what makes it tough against a defense like that when they're doing different edge pressures and everything. I'll have to go back and watch the tape. It was part of the plan to some extent, but they made some plays to take it away."

On the Eagles' attempt to simplify the play-calling offensively:

"I think maybe a little bit. Right, wrong, or indifferent we just didn't make the plays. I don't think it was scheme, I don't think it was a lot of those things. We just didn't make enough plays and win enough of our one-on-ones. I didn't make enough plays or make enough good throws. That's just how it was tonight and it was frustrating."

On the shifts he's seeing in coverage with Eagles WR Travis Fulgham on the field:

"Nothing really vastly different. I think we're just rotating bodies a little bit more. Obviously, [Eagles WR] Alshon [Jeffrey] is a bigger part of what we do. People are maybe aware of Travis after those couple weeks but he's still the same player and we're still going to have him be a big part of this offense. Him and I will connect more going forward."

On his conversation with Eagles WR Alshon Jeffrey during the fourth quarter timeout:

"It was just something specific from the way that the defensive back was playing. Nothing crazy."

On the Eagles' mindset heading into Week 13:

"We're frustrated, we're frustrated. I know I'm frustrated. I hate losing and it's very frustrating to have this result these last couple weeks and be where we're at this season. But the crazy thing about this league and this division, especially, is it's still wide open and guys know that. Guys know that and we're looking ahead to next week and getting this thing turned around getting it going in the right direction and, hopefully, surprise some people."

On the Eagles' mistakes offensively:

"It's a tough thing to answer. It's something that I think every one of us is accountable for and wants to correct. You can say a lot of different things to answer that question, but at the end of the day we have to be better. We have to be better and those mistakes can't happen and I have to be better making sure everyone is on the same page on everything going forward. I'm excited to turn that thing around - turn this around - and, like I said earlier, go surprise some people."

Tight End Dallas Goedert

On how he felt during the game and what happened on the interception in the end zone:

"I felt good out there. We had a play called. It was like a 10-yard sit route. I was kind of coming down and inside so he couldn't break up the play and I'd be able to make it. Carson [Wentz] thought I was going to be going down and away and threw it there. I should have been where he thought I was going to be. I'll take blame for that one. Obviously it was a crucial point in the game and mistakes like that can't happen."

On the interception play and whether miscommunications such as this are showing up in practice:

"I think we ran that play four times. I think I had three receptions on it. The fourth time, I might have been trying to do a little bit too much. They were kind of sitting two over there on me and I just went in there and I was trying to make a play. We needed it. I knew the matchup was good and I knew the ball was going to come to me and I just tried to do too much."

On the mood of the locker room right now and how the team will work back from these losses:

"We just have to keep going to work. We need to clean up the little things. The defense I thought played very well today. Offensively, we need 11 guys on the same page at all times and we haven't had that. We just need to go and keep fine tuning. I think [Eagles G Matt] Pryor was playing guard and he moved to tackle. [Eagles T] Jordan [Mailata] wasn't playing – he moved to the other tackle. [Jason Peters] went inside. We just need to have the same lineup. We just need to keep working. But the locker room – man, people are pissed. We have a lot of winners in that room and nobody likes to lose. It's tough going through a stretch like that. But I think we have a team that's going to stick together. We're going to keep playing. We're going to go back to work on Wednesday get ready for the Packers and go down there and give them everything we've got and hopefully we can get the win there."

On why the offense's mistakes keep happening:

"I don't know. I thought I was doing my job out there. I'm going to have to go and watch film. Obviously I left a few plays on the field that I wish I could have made. But you know, when I'm in there, I can't see what everybody else is doing. It's a tough game. The defense that we played is a good team. They brought some different stuff."

Defensive End Brandon Graham

On whether he thinks the offense let the defense down tonight:

"No, it's a team game. We just have to figure out a way to keep on encouraging each other. Keep fighting. Make sure we stay consistent on defense. We know the offense is going to get it right. I just saw [Eagles QB] Carson [Wentz]. It means something to all of us. Obviously things haven't been happening the way we want it to, but at the same time, there is no quit in us and we have five games left."

On CB Darius Slay saying he felt he let the team down and whether he conveyed that to the team:

"We talk about ownership. I know [CB Darius] Slay wishes he had a couple plays back. But we all wish we can have a couple plays back because certain stuff didn't happen the way we wanted it to on certain plays. But I know that Slay, he's a dog. He's going to come ready to go, next play mentality. He's a fighter. I'm riding with him every time. I just feel like DK [Metcalf] made some good plays, but at the end of the day, we all have some fault in this thing."

On the way they contained Seahawks QB Russell Wilson as a runner:

"We knew coming in that he had been beating us on the run. It's been missed assignments here or we let him out on my end as far as being contained. Sometimes you might want to go inside. We didn't want to rush scared but at the same time we went out there, we rushed, and we're always on the same page. Just collapsed the pocket on Russell because we know he likes to find those little holes based off the film that we watched the last couple times we played him. So we tried to do a really good job of that and I think we did do a good job of containing him, hitting him. But we knew he was going to make plays and we just didn't make enough plays to win the game."

On DE Derek Barnett and fourth down stands and how big it was for him to do that:

"We took it as disrespect for them to keep going for it on fourth down, so for [DE Derek Barnett] to go out there and make a play, I knew he was coming off. I knew he was pissed off that they were still on the field on fourth down. And we were talking about that as a defense, 'We're going to hold them, we're going to hold them.' And we got that done based off of the effort of everybody. [Barnett] got off and we got numbers to the ball to get it stopped. And I'm happy for [Barnett] because I know he was definitely dealing with injuries in the beginning but I know [Barnett] is a ball player and he's going to come to work every day."

Cornerback Darius Slay

On the difficult matchup with DK Metcalf:

"It was a great battle. I won't say it was difficult. I lost every 50/50 ball today. I am usually on the other side of that. Today, I am on the other side of it. I let the team down. I told the defense, that game was on me. I have to play better, but props to [Seattle WR] DK [Metcalf] for giving me the good work. We are competing every play, but I lost every 50/50 ball and I have to be better."

On playing good defense but DK still making catches:

"It was tough. I feel like the plays weren't going my way. Like I said, he did a great job of catching the ball. He did everything good as a receiver. I would say this is by far the worst game I have ever played in the league. I truly lost every 50/50 ball. I was probably O-for. I have never been that, but I say props to him, he played his ass off today, and I have to get better."

On the deep ball pass DK caught and whether he was expecting safety help:

"Honestly, no. It was a blitz we called, all out, bail out. They protect it up, mass protected. As a DB [defensive back], anything you know about an all-out blitz, you have to set the sticks because the ball is going to come out pretty fast. Russell [Wilson] did a pretty good job seeing that I guess, and max protected, and he took the shot. I sat down at the yard mark, after that, it was speed on speed. It was a good catch by him. I have to be better at that. I have to finish that play. Like I said, 50/50, and he caught it. I have to be better than that."

On worst game of career, how does it feel when you say you let the team down:

"I am a man about what I do. I am always feeling great. I am not always in a bad mood or bad spirit, but I understand and I have great ownership. I know that I can change the game and I could have helped. I put that game on me because I was supposed to do my job and shut him down. Like I said, he was making every catch possible, every 50/50 one. That is why he had no yards after catch because I am right there. He just made more plays than I did and I take real big ownership because I feel like I am one of the best in the game and I will continue to take my ownership. He got the best of me today, but I am looking forward to going to work next week, this week, and getting better for the team. They deserve it, I deserve it, and this organization does."

On the team having few interceptions:

"I have been on a team like that with Detroit. I think we only had about seven, eight total. When you play a lot of man, your back is turned to the ball and it is hard getting those type of picks every play. When you see guys that play zone, or guys that do a lot, those are the guys that make a lot of picks. When you play a lot of man, it is tough. That is why you see some of the great man corners, such as [former NFL CB Darrelle] Revis, ended with 28, 29 because he played a lot of man. That is what comes with it."

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