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What The Chiefs Said Following Their Loss To The Seahawks

Take a look at what the Chiefs said following their meeting in Week 16 against the Seahawks.


(Thoughts on the game…) "Listen, the Seahawks played better football than we did. My hat goes off to Pete and the job that he did and his guys. They played well. There were some good things and some things we can learn from. I played some young guys tonight that I just wanted to get a look at that I thought could help us a bit. They had some learning experiences they battled through and there were some good things in the mix of it. If you ask me about Park (Ron Parker), he has done a great job for us. The two guys that were originally the starters had an opportunity to start today so that's the route I went with it. So I sat Park down. Again he is one of my all-time favorite guys. It was just a decision I made there with the guys we had healthy there, special teams and all the things that go into it. I thought that was the best set up for us."

(Were Ward and Smith an upgrade over Scandrick…) "I'm not going to compare. I thought Ward did some decent things there in that position. Scandrick has had some good snaps to so I don't want to compare guys."

(How did Patrick play today…) "I thought he did some good things. He gave us a chance there at the end. He made some plays. He has done some phenomenal things throughout this year. Things that have never been done before. My hat goes off to him for that. He is the kind of guy that comes into work everyday ready to go. Again, like in every game, there is always something to learn for us. But I thought he battled like crazy and put us in a position where we had a chance."

(What was Russell doing that was frustrating…) "Russell did a nice job. He put the ball up. We were off by like a hair on some of these. We were right there. We have to learn from that and get better. Those are young guys in those positions doing that and there are some things they can take out of this to make them better down the road. They were in position, they just have to make a play. So that's the bottom line and we have to do better than that."

(What did you see from the young corners tonight to give them a shot…) "It's a decision on my part, just as a change up to give them an opportunity. They have got good speed and ability, so I thought it would be worth a shot."

(What is your level of concern having now lost three of five games…) "I want to win every game, right, that's what we want to do. But I'm also in a position where you have to fix some problems and learn from them. We're teachers here so were going to go back and learn from our mistakes and get ourselves better. In this league it's that close, the margin between winning and losing. So we just have to straighten a couple of things out. It seems extreme right now but that not the reality of it. We fix a couple of things and we will be alright."

(The offense was slow early but better late, what was that…) "It was turnovers and penalties. We have to stop that. Defensively it was the same thing, you have to stop those. On special teams that was a big one. You rough the kicker and I believe miss the field goal and you're off the field better. These are things that we have to take care of. We have to get better at. I have to make sure I'm putting guys in the right position. Collectively we all need to do a better job. That's the important thing right now is to get it taken care of."

(Is there a common thread to all the penalties…) "I saw some games today, I think we are seeing it throughout the league. It's an issue but the bottom line is that we are not going to make excuses. We are going to try and work our fundamentals better and take care of it. We are doing them in opportune times and it's costing us. We have to make sure we take care of our part of it and keep working on our fundamentals and techniques and move our feet so we're in better position. We have an opportunity to finish this thing the right way. It's important that we do that and pull it all together and get ourselves ready to go."

(How much of your message is the problems that need to be fixed…) "I think the guys know that, that's out there. I don't have to say much on that. I know that if you take care of business, you don't have to talk about anything. We play the way we can play and we're going to play, we're a tough team right there and as good as anybody in the National Football League. So let's take care of that and let's see how that works out. I think that we will be fine if we take care of our business."


(On if their recent play has been more troubling or the fact that they haven't clinched the division yet…) "We've been in every game that we've lost, but we have to find ways to win. As we go into this next week against the Raiders, they're going to be ready to play us and we've got to find a way to win and then get to the playoffs. You have to find a way to win these games and we haven't been lately. That's the most frustrating thing. Everybody has to step up, we have to find a way to go out there and win big football games."

(On if he felt over-amped going into this game and if it showed in missing Kelce on a potential big play early...) "No, I wasn't over-amped. I knew it was going to be a great atmosphere to play in. I knew these fans were going to be loud. The ball to Trav (Kelce), I was actually thinking about throwing it to Tyreek (Hill) but he got bumped off of his route, they played good coverage on him. Trav came open, so I have to find a way to get the ball to him since he got open in that situation. So, I have to make sure that if I get those opportunities that I capitalize on them."

(On if these last two losses felt different than any earlier in the season…) "They only did in the sense that if we had won either of these games we would have got the AFC West already. It's frustrating knowing that we've had it so close both times. Luckily, we are still in the position that we are going to have the opportunity to go out there and win it next week. But, it is frustrating losing these games with the opportunity to win the AFC West and try to get the number one seed so close."

(On what the message is in the locker room with the importance of each game increasing…) "I think the message in the locker room is that everybody has to step up. Everybody – special teams, offense, defense has to step up if we want to win. You can't be satisfied with what's gotten us here. This is when it counts. That's the message and everybody has to do something. Can't take anything for granted. We're not satisfied with just being here, we want to make sure that we find a way to win these games as the end of the season and the playoffs go."

(On the Charcandrick West touchdown play…) "They played good coverage and had everybody covered. The offensive line blocked well, but they had a good coverage versus the play that we called and I scrambled to the left and Charcandrick (West) came back with me. I found a way to throw him the ball and he made a great play and scored."

(On what he saw from the defensive pass rush and how their offensive line handled it…) "They have good pass rushers. They have guys they've developed and they drafted that can get after the quarterback and we knew that coming in. I thought the offensive line played well. They gave me time whenever I needed it. I feel like we just have to find ways to get the ball out of my hand on time and find ways to move the ball in some situations where we didn't."

(On what he has learned about RB Damien Williams since his playing time has increased…) "I knew he has had this in him ever since training camp. You could see the talent, you could see the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield, but at the same time run between the tackles. He's stepped up these last few weeks and hopefully we will be able to get Spence (Ware) back too to add into that room. Everybody that has gotten their opportunity has stepped up and made some plays."

(On the inconsistency of some of their drives between touchdowns and three-and-outs…) "You have to give credit to the defense. They had a good game plan. This is a good defense and has been for a long time and they stopped us on some of those drives. You don't want that to happen, you want to be able to sustain drives, but we have to find a way to have success as much as possible and kind of cancel out those three-and-outs."

(On how much their turnovers shifted momentum towards the Seahawks…) "They are one of the top defenses in the league at stripping the ball out. We talked about it all week. You can't have those things, you can't have turnovers, you can't have penalties when you play good defenses and we did early and they kind of stalled-out some of the drives and we fixed it up in the second half, but you have to maintain that for a full game in order to win games."


(On the outcome and what's next…) "We got to elevate our play. I, personally, have got to elevate my play. I think we can all look at ourselves and find areas where we can improve, offense, defense and special teams. Come out and really attack this game and not wait a quarter, or two, to really get rolling. So that's one of the things we need to go and look at and we need to fix."

(On if, late in the game, the team thought it had a chance to win …) "I think this team is talented enough that they always have a chance. I think we always have a chance. We just have to finish. That's really what it comes down to. We have to score on all of our opportunities on offense, and we have to get stops on defense, and make plays on special teams."

(On what the team can take away from this loss…) "I learned that you can't wait for anything. This game came down to the wire, and we had missed opportunities in the first half, and you look back on them and say, 'Oh, you were still in it at the end,' but we needed to take advantage of those things in the first half. It comes back to getting down to the basics—blocking, tackling, protecting the football. That's one of the things we've got to do better. One of the things I've got to do better. But this is one of those games where you go back and look at the film and, to a man, you look at it and you look in the mirror."

(On the environment in Seattle…) "It's Seattle. It's an away game. It's going to be loud wherever you play, especially toward the end of the year like this. That's just the environment. I don't think I can really attribute that to making the game more difficult. We're supposed to be professional football players, so you've got to be able to operate without being able to speak."

(On what Seattle did in the red zone that proved difficult…) "They did a really good job of mixing up looks, getting after the quarterback. We had to make up a lot of plays on the fly. They're a good team. We made adjustments, they made adjustments, and that's really what you saw there was kind of a chess match."


(On the challenge of facing Russell Wilson…) "We were using a lot of man, so my eyes really weren't on Russell Wilson. I was watching my man, the receiver. Obviously, he's a great quarterback. He won a Super bowl, been to a couple Super Bowls. It was a big game. I've just got to get better. He's mobile, he's fast, he can move. It's hard for those guys to sack him."

(On what's next for him…) "We'll see. I think I played decent, but not good enough. It was my first game, my debut at cornerback on defense. I was kind of nervous, but you can't be nervous in the NFL. Those guys have been to a couple of Super Bowls. They're experienced, and I'm kind of inexperienced. I've just got to grow within this next week, be ready for the Raiders when they call my number again."

Game action photos from the Seahawks' 38-31 win over the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 16 of the 2018 NFL season.