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What The Chargers Said Following Their 37-23 Loss To The Seahawks

Interviews, transcripts, and press conferences from Week 7 at SoFi Stadium.


Featuring postgame quotes from the following:


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Head Coach Brandon Staley

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On CB J.C. Jackson's injury status:

"J.C. [Jackson] suffered a significant knee injury today."

On WR Mike Williams' injury status:

"Mike Williams has an ankle injury."

On if the club is aware of the 'severity' of Williams' injury:

"We do not."

On if Jackson's injury is 'definitely season-ending':

"It's a significant injury."

On starting the game with an early deficit:

"Certainly not the way that you want to start the football game. That definitely wasn't our goal today. We started off the game, defensively, with a big takeaway, and then we turned the ball over on downs on a third-and-fourth-and-short. We throw an interception, we fumble. It's really hard to get momentum when you start the game like that. We were able to fight our way back and get back into the game, but there's a lot of energy that goes with that. Then, we just didn't play a clean enough second half in any phase to create any momentum and to get the lead back. Just didn't play well enough today in any phase."

On the offense's performance today:

"I thought that we got beat up front. We couldn't run the football. We didn't protect the passer very well, so it's going to be tough to move the ball and score points. That's where it started today."

On the offensive run game today compared to previous weeks:

"I think that each game has been a little bit different. The fact is that at the point of attack, it wasn't good enough today. There wasn't a lot of room to run the football today. We have to do a better job coaching and we have to do a better job playing; that's all of us."

On WR Keenan Allen not playing in the second half:

"Kind of what I said on Friday, didn't want to push it if there was a feeling that he couldn't go, but he felt good during practice and we wanted to give it a go. He was definitely on a pitch count, but didn't want to push it knowing that we have the bye next week."

On his message to the team:

"Exactly what I told them is that we're 4-3. The reality is that through seven games, we've had to fight really hard to be 4-3. We've endured a lot. Our season is in front of us, which is the truth. The reason why we're 4-3, and not 5-2, is because we didn't play good enough football today. We didn't coach well enough today. What we need to do is get rested, take advantage of the bye and get rested, and then come back, as a team, and really focus on playing the way that we're capable of playing. Today, certainly, was not it."

On 'coping with' the injuries following today:

"All year we've been losing guys. That's going to be a part of every week, whether you win or lose. Had we won today and those two guys would have gotten hurt, it would be the same feeling. You have to keep it moving, you have to figure it out. We're 4-3. The AFC is wide open. We have to get rested up. We're going to play a team in Atlanta who is a very well-coached, and very good, football team. We have to get rested up though, first."

On Laguna Beach's Bella Rasmussen 'firing off' the historic Chargers cannon prior to today's game:

"I didn't get a chance to talk to her, but our team here told me all about her. That's what we want to be able to do, being here in Los Angeles, is to connect at the grassroots level of football, in our community, of really making Southern California and the City of Los Angeles our home. Any time that we can connect with people like that, that's what we want to do. Know that the Chargers are always going to be present for people like that. Football brings people together, and I'm glad that we could do that for her."

On Seahawks RB Kenneth Walker III's 74-yard touchdown run:

"We lost the edge. We didn't hold the edge. Our second level didn't come alive. He was able to get around us. It wasn't good enough. Ultimately, it's my responsibility. I have to do a much better job coaching."

On the defense's performance today:

"Up and down. There were plenty of good moments. I thought that we got off to a good start with the takeaway. Then, we just fouled some on third down, a killer. I thought that the penalties were the story of the first three drives. Then, you give up a third-and-12 fade for a touchdown. Then, we settled in. I thought that we hung tough. We just have to play a lot cleaner football. There's no excuse from me. I have to do a better job coaching this group and bringing it together."

On the Seahawks' first-quarter performance:

"They played exactly how they've been playing all year, trying to be opportunistic with the football. We knew that the takeaway margin was how they've been winning games. Today, certainly, with the way that we played, we played into their hands."

On how a long drive impacts a defense:

"It takes a lot out of it, for sure. There were plenty of opportunities on that drive for us to get off of the field and play better. We didn't. It's good that we held them to three [points], but we have to do a better job, when we have field position like that, of keeping them back there. It's all three levels playing together. Like I said, it starts with me."

On the defense's 'up and down' performance:

"I think that we're going to take a long look at that in the bye week. What I've said throughout the season is just establishing continuity with who we're playing with. I think that that is going to be something that I take a look at over the next two weeks before we play Atlanta, just getting the right combination of players out there, playing the right combination of play calls, because I think that there have been a lot of good moments from us, but our bad moments have been really bad. We have to make sure that that doesn't happen because it's preventing us from being the defense that we're capable of being."

On QB Justin Herbert's interception:

"Just looking at it live, I think that our passing game, we have to play with better rhythm and timing. I think it starts up front. Then, our receivers have to run and get open. We have to play within the rhythm and timing of the play. The way we're playing, when you're playing up and down, it isn't just one person. When you're up and down, it's not one person, it's the whole group. We have to use this bye week to get rested and to make sure that we play a lot more consistent football in the second half of the season."

On injuries 'catching up' to the team today:

"I don't know about that. It's just part of the NFL. We have to deal with it just like everybody else does. We make no excuses. Whoever is out there is going to play to our standard. We need to make sure that we use the next two weeks to get the right combination of guys out there. We know that we have a team that is resilient. I think that we've shown that through seven games. I know that tonight was a really tough night for us, but I think, through seven games, we've really shown a lot of resilience, a lot of toughness, but today certainly wasn't our best."

On his reaction to being 4-3:

"I don't think that today is the time to reflect. Today, I'm just really focused on how we played in today's game, and it wasn't good enough. Like I said, I have to make sure that I do a better job with this team. I thought that we played fantastic on Monday night and really showed the type of team that we can be. Today, in all three phases, it just wasn't good enough, and that starts with me."

On OLB Chris Rumph II's injury status:

"Chris Rumph [II] is kind of a hip/knee. We'll know more. It's not severe in nature."

QB Justin Herbert

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On the Seahawks' defensive performance today:

"I thought they played really well defensively. Unfortunately, we didn't execute the way that we wanted to today. I turned the ball over a couple of times, and you can't expect to do that and win games in the NFL."

On his interception:

"Just the defender went up and got it. A costly turnover. You can't turn the ball over like that in the NFL."

On his message to the wide receivers:

"We believe highly in the guys that are stepping up. It didn't go our way today, but [WR] Jason Moore, [WR] Michael Bandy, [WR] DeAndre Carter, they have stepped up big time for us. We're going to need to continue to rely on those guys, especially as we're losing some guys, but we'll keep fighting and we'll keep getting after it."

On entering the bye week following a loss:

"It's unfortunate that you don't get the win. Every game, we're trying to win. That's the unfortunate part about today, we didn't execute the way we wanted to. We'll watch the film tomorrow and we'll get better. We'll have to keep moving forward."

On how he will spend the bye week:

"I'll probably just treat it like a normal week, just keep watching film and take care of my body, do treatment and do all of the stuff to get back and ready for next Sunday."

On anything that he would have 'done differently' on the strip-sack:

"I could always step up [in the pocket]. I could always get the ball out quicker. That's the unfortunate part, you have to be able to step up in the pocket, know the defenders right there. You just can't turn the ball over like that."

On if he saw his younger brother, Oregon TE Patrick Herbert, secure a reception in yesterday's win over UCLA:

"I did. It was cool to see."

On avoiding early deficits:

"We can continue to try and execute, get the ball moving early in the first quarter. Just get the ball to those guys on the outside to make plays and just stay ahead of the chains."

On Head Coach Brandon Staley's message to the team following the game:

"Just keep fighting. We're 4-3 at the moment. There's a lot of football left. We're going to get our bodies back this week, get healthy, continue to improve and keep getting after it."

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