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What The Chargers Are Saying About The Seahawks

Take a look at what the Chargers are saying about the Seahawks before the two teems meet in Week 9 in Seattle.


On what he sees out of the Seahawks and how they've been playing this season: "They look like one of the hottest teams in the league right now, winning four out of the last five (with) the way that they are playing defense collectively and creating turnovers. Offensively, Russell (Wilson) had a perfect quarterback rating last week, they are rushing the ball as good as anyone in the league. A hot team, very dangerous right now. I've been to Seattle. I know what it's like to play there. The fans do an outstanding job with that crowd noise. It's going to be a heck of a challenge for us. I think it's one that will be a good test to see exactly where we're at."

(On having Gus Bradley and the similarities in the Chargers defense and previous Seahawks defenses) "You see some similarities, but everyone has their own personality and they add their own little twist to it, so it's a little different but very similar in that sense."


On preparing for a Seattle defense with new personnel: "That's a good question. I don't know if it helps or hurts. They're playing good ball right now. [Seahawks LB] K.J. Wright coming up, he and [Seahawks LB Bobby] Wagner both, I'm thinking you have two veteran guys that are inside that have seen just about everything the way they communicate. They're playing well. They've got some young guys playing good ball, too. So it's going to be a good challenge."

On playing in a tough environment when coming off the bye week: "When you go into an environment like this where it's a tough place to play, and it's crowd noise like you're dealing with, it's always tough, regardless of the bye week. Our guys, it was a good time for us, because that was a hard trip between Cleveland and going over to London. It's great to get some time off. They seem fired up and ready to go. If you just think about it from the standpoint of going into Buffalo for their opening weekend, first game of their home games this season, it was loud and it was tough. I mean, Cleveland, when we went into there, they were really revved up. So we've experienced that a little bit. This is a little different environment — but I sure hope that's not the case. We've worked to be better starting the game off. I can't guarantee we'll have a Tennessee Titans start, like we did, but the last two games we've been better starting games. I think when you go against a team like this, that's something that you want to do. It's hard to do it, but it's something you want to do."


On Seattle returning to an identity of running the ball: "Yeah, it seems like that. I think Russell [Wilson] is a guy when you watch him that can take over a game. He can do that. I think with any team, when you have the ability to run the ball, it makes the quarterback that much more effective. He only had 16 or 17 passes with over 200 yards. So these plays that they're having in the pass game are very explosive plays. When you have a running game, then you can play pass off of it. That's what's so challenging. They feel like they're on a roll right now."

On playing in Seattle: "Yeah, it's a great place to play. You go up there and you know the environment that you're going to be in. I thought the environment in London was very good. So now, this week, we're playing another environment that's, you know, where the crowd noise and the whole atmosphere. You've got two teams that are playing pretty well right now."

On the Seattle running game: "Oh, boy, it's a big challenge. Just because I think they're averaging over 170 yards a game rushing over the last four games. When you look at it, the number of explosive runs, you know, you don't watch them and say, 'Oh, there's a 30-yard run, there is a 40-yard run, there is a 20 yard-run.' There are a lot of four and five, and six and seven. When you look at the stats, there might be a 12 and a 12, and a 15. I mean, they just are very convicted. What I've seen is it's impacting third down. You don't see much third-and-seven, 10 or 11-plus. You see in that medium category and it's helped the third down percentages rise, too."

On preventing Seahawks QB Russell Wilson from making unscripted plays: "Yeah, you try to mimic it in practice, but it's hard. Hey, every so often, quarterback takes off and run, so we get our plaster rules down, but he's so effective. It's not like, 'Hey, D-line. He'll always try to escape this way.' That's not the case with Russell. I mean, you watch all those plays and you see him escape different ways. Obviously, you want to try to get to him because when he gets out of the pocket and extends plays, but when he goes through the middle, too. So our pass rush lanes have got to be very disciplined this week, very disciplined."

On Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll's influence on him as a coach: "Oh, a lot of things. He's had tremendous impact on me as a coach. I think he's very analytical as far as studying tape, watching tape and trying to see how to affect different offenses — and his attitude and the way he works day after day, his energy level. I think is something that when you're with him for four years, like I was, and you saw it day after day, and I think it's pretty impressive. They've lost a lot of guys since I've been there. I don't know many of the guys on the roster anymore, but the style of play is very similar. I played with a lot of energy. You know, on defense, I watched a little bit last night, and that energy level and what they're asking them to do, the guys are on it and detailed. So for him to have [Seahawks Defensive Coordinator] Ken Norton back there, too, is a big plus."


On playing in Seattle for the first time since being on the Seahawks: "It's actually interesting to go back up there. I haven't been back up there. The last time I was up there was for [Seahawks LB] K.J.'s [Wright] wedding. He got married, and that was, what, 2017. So, yeah, going back up there and being out here, it's like, man, you see how small it was out there, and how big and spread out everything is out here. It's different."

On the Seattle rushing attack with QB Russell Wilson: "Well, it takes a lot of pressure off of him. It's pretty much the same thing, the same type of formula or mindset they had when I was there. [Raiders RB] Marshawn [Lynch] was there running the ball. He took a lot of pressure off of Russell. So it's the same mentality. You know, kind of like different type of run style, but same mentality."

On containing Wilson in the pocket: "Oh, just fundamentals, keep your eyes on his hips. He's very shifty. He can try to shake you, Juke you up top. Whenever you have somebody that shakes somebody or jukes somebody, it's mostly the upper body movement. You key in with the hips, and I think the hips and like the bottom of the person's numbers, you have a better shot of tackling a person that likes to do a lot of moves."

On facing the Seattle offensive line: "Oh well, I mean, you know, I played a lot of football. So I don't fear anybody. So respect everybody, but just looking at them, they're a good group and everything. Our job is to just play fundamental, sound football. That's it."

On if it will be weird to be the road team at CenturyLink Field: "It probably will be. You know, I played them in the preseason, but it was always here. I think I'm used to it. Now, if you would have said that my first game I would have probably been like, yeah, but now it's like I've forgotten about it. It's in the past. Like, I played there? Wow. I forgot about it."

On what it's like for an opponent to play at Seattle: "Well, a lot of guys probably, like I say, Kansas City or Seattle's loud. It's an environment where I think the players, defense and offense, definitely feed off the crowd. When I was there, there were times where I think we made a lot of plays just because of the crowd, the environment. I think the good thing about us is that we have been in a lot of situations where we didn't play or have a lot of away games. I had an environment to where it felt like it was an away game. So I think that's a good thing for us. We didn't play a lot of games that were away. Then you go to the Super Bowl, which is pretty much an away game for both teams. I think it's good to have that mentality, to have that feel of away game mentality, because it's always hard to play in somebody's backyard."

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