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What The Cardinals Said Following Their 19-9 Loss To The Seahawks

Interviews, transcripts, and press conferences from Week 6 at Lumen Field.


Featuring postgame quotes from the following:


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Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury

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Q. Where do you start?

KLIFF KINGSBURY: With me. You know, I got to do better job of making sure we're running things that we can execute at high level and be efficient and stay on schedule and, you know, score touchdowns. We've just struggled throughout the season. So it starts there and then execution, routine plays that we make in practice and how we do it in practice has to carry over into the game and right now it's not.

Q. Did it feel good, like you had...

KLIFF KINGSBURY: I think that fourth down hurt. Felt like we needed to convert that, and for no reason after that it just felt like we lost some confidence or whatever and didn't play very good from that point on. Got to be able to convert those in that situation, and unfortunately didn't work out. We didn't recover well.

Q. How do you think Kyler played?

KLIFF KINGSBURY: Yeah, I think we're -- he's still finding his rhythm. Thought he ran ball well on some of the stuff we had called and a couple times he had to make plays, but we are definitely not as in sync as we've been in the past as far as accuracy, timing, and all these things overall. We have to get there quick because it's not good enough. Defense I thought played really hard. We kept on the field a bunch and they played hard and gave us a chance to win. It's a really good offense. They're whatever, seventh in the league in scoring and they held them to under 20 points again. Offensively we have to find way.

Q. Is there a major concern how Hollywood got hurt?

KLIFF KINGSBURY: I don't know. I just heard it was a foot, so I'll have to get an update on that.

Q. On Pugh.

KLIFF KINGSBURY: Yeah, said that was a knee, so they're examining him. I'm not sure where that's at.

Q. How about up front on the O-line?

KLIFF KINGSBURY: Yeah, I mean, that's not ideal, but once again, we have to find a way to maximize who we have out there and execute and score touchdowns when the defense is playing at that level and giving us a chance over and over to win those games, and today we didn't scheme or execute.

Q. First three fourth downs, did you consider… to kick a field goal?

KLIFF KINGSBURY: With our kicking situation, that played into it some. We're normally aggressive on fourth down, but if Prater was here, you know, probably at least a couple of those we would've kicked at that point.

Q. You've been through these offensive struggles an extended amount of time. Have you been through something like this?

KLIFF KINGSBURY: I have not. No, not yet. Since I've been a coach. Just not being able to find rhythm as an offense, new to me. We're going to continue to work at it personnel-wise and see how we can move things around and scheme-wise, see how we can get better, because it's a six-game view and it hasn't been good enough.

Q. (Regarding seeing Hollywood go down.)

KLIFF KINGSBURY: Yeah, it's tough. You know, he went up to try and make a play and try to break up the interception there. Unfortunate, but that's how it goes. Hopefully he's okay.

Q. How much is the offensive woes is the offensive line playing out there and the guys that are getting hurt and...

KLIFF KINGSBURY: Yeah, I thought they battled. I think there is enough plays to be made on the perimeter and different things and better play calls to be made. It's all of us. I wouldn't put it on one group. It's coaches and players are not good enough and haven't been throughout most of the season.

Q. When you're watching it live, can you see what needs to be fixed?

KLIFF KINGSBURY: I have a feel for it, but not until the turn on the tape really can he see exactly how it went down. There are certain things that, like I said, if I make a bad call, I know it immediately and then there are certain things we execute a certain way in practice that don't look the same out there; you know that immediately as well.

Q. What can Keontay provide...

KLIFF KINGSBURY: Yeah, a playmaker, there is no doubt. He is going to be anxious to get the ball in his hands and be super competitive, and so we need him to lift us up, there is no question with how we're playing right now.

Q. (Regarding success of the defense.)

KLIFF KINGSBURY: Their effort and attention to detail. They're doing things right for most of the game. Playing clean really, too, not a bunch of penalties. So really impressed with the level they're playing at.

Q. Is that where the most frustration lies is the defense keeping you guys in there because offense is...

KLIFF KINGSBURY: Yeah, I would say any time you have a group playing that hard and that good, bunch of young guys that continue to get better, flying around, and offensively we're just not able to convert some of those opportunities they're giving us, it's definitely going to be frustrating.

Q. Do you expect Prater to be back?

KLIFF KINGSBURY: I'm hopeful. It'll be day-to-day but we'll see how this plays out in a short week.

Q. (Indiscernible.)

KLIFF KINGSBURY: We'll have to discuss that.

Q. What's realistic to expect from DeAndre Hopkins? Obviously not going to be a savior?

KLIFF KINGSBURY: Yeah, no doubt. No doubt with how we're playing. You know, I hope that he can provide just a spark. Like I said, on the practice field the way he competes and his play making, his after-the-catch stuff, he's a guy you get it close to him he's going to make a play on the ball. But a short week without practicing for however many weeks he's not practiced, it's a tall task. Just to have his ability out there will be big for us.

QB Kyler Murray

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Q. You guys didn't get off to the start you were hoping for.

KYLER MURRAY: Yeah. Didn't convert in the red zone. After that, I mean, felt like we moved the ball well today. I felt we'd just get down to the red zone or past the 50, false start here, negative play here, and we just -- just can't finish. Can't finish. That's the moral of the story right now is can't finish drives, and not putting the ball in the end zone, can't win like that.

Q. Does this feel more about what you're seeing from the defenses or self-inflicted?

KYLER MURRAY: Not at all. Self-inflicted I'm sure. They played well today obviously holding us to nine points, but, you know, teams are going to continue to do that. Continue to play soft, make us methodically move the ball down there, which as you can see, like I said, we moved the ball today. We just got down there and didn't finish.

Q. How much did you appreciate the aggressiveness on fourth downs, continuing to go for it throughout the game?

KYLER MURRAY: How much do I appreciate it?

Q. Yeah.

KYLER MURRAY: What do you mean?

Q. As opposed to going to going for a field goal or...

KYLER MURRAY: That's coach's decision. You know, just, again, I'm confident in whatever we choose to do. They made those choices on the sideline. Whatever they call, we go for it.

Q. Will there be a point where you guys think you need the points to...

KYLER MURRAY: That's not a question for me. Like I said, I just try to go out there and execute what they call.

Q. I know it's tough your first year, but have you ever been through a stretch like this offensively where you and your guys can't seem to get in any type of rhythm?

KYLER MURRAY: Probably, I mean, rookie year probably. Yeah, that's the last time shit's felt this hard. Just tough out there right now. It's tough. That's what it feels like. A lot of it, like I said, is self-inflicted, put it on ourselves. Got to be better.

Q. Coach was saying a lot of things ya'll do in well practice.

KYLER MURRAY: Yeah. I heard that.

Q. Would you say the same thing, like you guys are doing things right in practice just not working in the game?

KYLER MURRAY: You could say that. You could say that.

Q. What feels so hard out there?

KYLER MURRAY: Just making it hard. Just making it hard. I don't want get into details, but it's just -- like I said, it's tough right now. Just feels like we moved ball and, like I said, we get to a certain area, get long first down, next play we're second and ten. That's tough to do. Tough to be in. Especially it's just, like I said, we're not doing things right now.

S Budda Baker

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(On the sacks the defense was able to generate) "Yeah definitely cool for the young guys to get the sacks. They've been working really hard, like Myjai (Sanders) and all those guys, they haven't played early on, but they've been continuing to work each and every day in practice. They got their opportunity today and our guys made some plays."

(On the defense being able to keep the team in games) "We just want to get a W. That's it. We just want to get a W. Each and every week, that's our main goal as a core, as a team, as a defense. Especially being one of the leaders on this defense, we just want to win. We just have to keep straining, each and every day and just try to get better each and every day."

(On what bringing DeAndre Hopkins back will mean to the team) "I think Hop (DeAndre Hopkins) is going to bring a lot of great things. He's one of the best receivers in the whole league. To have that guy back is going to be a big problem. Especially me playing defense, I understand defenses and I know when guys have good guys. The type of defenses you have to play with those good players, Hop is going to be sensational coming back."

(On how close the team is to reaching its full potential) "We have 11 games left, we're just preaching on trying to get better each and every day. For us, of course we lost today, but we've got a game on Thursday. Guys have got to recover, guys have got to strain more, guys have got to do better each and every week throughout the week. It's not going to be physical because of course we just played, so it's going to be more neck up, mental, watching film, a lot of walkthroughs and all those types of things. We just have to understand we're just trying to get a W. We haven't gotten a W -at home especially- in a while so that's definitely the goal and the point is to get a W at home."

WR Marquise Brown

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(On how his ankle feels) "I'm alright. I'll find out tomorrow."

(On what they told him after the play) "The X-rays are good, so that's the positive. I'll go forward tomorrow and see what the next steps are that we'll take."

(On what happened on the play where he got injured) "I kind of don't remember it. I don't know how my foot got tangled up. The [defensive back] made a good play. It's just one of those plays that you wish you had back."

(On things going well in practice and not translating over into games) "All the situations in practice isn't always the same as situations in games. We have to look in the mirror and start to get it right."

(On if he's been through a stretch like this on offense before) "Yeah, you play football long enough, stuff like this can happen. It's all about keep pushing, keep pressing, keep trying to get better. That's all you can do."

WR A.J. Green

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(On if what the team achieves in practice is not translating to actions during games) "Yeah, we're just not doing the little things. We have all the weapons, we have all the talent, we're just not doing the little things right now."

(On if he can explain why this happens) "I wish I had the answers. I wish it was that simple. We have a great week of practices, and then come to the game and it's just not translating right now."

(On the source of the tam's problems) "I think it's self-inflicted. We're not doing the little things. Whatever the little things are that we're not doing, we've got to hone in on the details. And that's the biggest thing. The games are week-to-week. You can get beat any week by anybody, so you've got to be able to do the little things to keep yourself in when you're not hitting your big shot and stuff like that."

OL Will Hernandez

(On how the team's problems can be fixed) "We go back, and look at what we did wrong, our mistakes, fix them and make sure they don't come up again."

(On if he feels the team is close to accomplishing a fix) "Yeah. There's always room for improvement, even if we had a great game and we would have won, there's always things we could do better. We can definitely fix a lot of things right now that will make a big change."

(On how he feels about fourth down tries vs. field goals) "I don't have any opinion on that. I don't have any say in that. So I can't give you an answer."

(On why the offense cannot find a rhythm) "I can't find anything. First of all, it's not my place because I haven't even watched the film."

(On his frustration level) "Frustrated? Did I say I was frustrated? I believe in this team. I believe in us, and I believe in the coaches and everybody that is a part of this team. So all I can do is focus on what I can do to help."

(On if it's just a matter of finding a way to put all the talent and weapons together) "Yeah, of course. Every team, especially us, we have all the pieces, we have everything we need to get it done. We have the characteristics of the guys. We've just got to get it done. Simple as that."

S Chris Banjo

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(On how his fumble recovery for a touchdown fits into the outcome of this game...) "Honestly, I haven't really thought about that. I'm really still kind of licking my wounds in terms of losing this game. But in terms of putting that on tape as a unit, as a special team unit, I think that is great. That's something we're going to need to continue to do as a special teams unit, to keep momentum on our sideline and impact the game in the kicking game."

(On his expectations for the defense...) "Just guys sticking together. Guys locked in. No weak links. Guys continuing to come into work every day, working to try and ascend as a defense, as a unit, as a secondary, front seven, whatever the case may be. Guys have a lot of pride and a lot of heart, and it shows on the tape."

LB Zaven Collins

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(On what it felt like on a personal level to get a couple sacks) "On a personal level, it feels pretty good. It just sucks that it's a loss. We sit there and work all week and if we win this week, we have a quick turnaround and if you win next week, then we could be like 4-2 or 4-3. But we have to go back into it this week and figure out what's going on and fix it. But I think we played well as a defense. They were asking me earlier on the radio about my personal day and I think I only had like four solo (tackles) so a lot of missed tackles, but J.J. (Watt) contributed a lot to the two sacks. He's the one who made a good stunt on the first one, so I have to give that one to J.J. Him and coach drew that up. It was definitely an exciting moment for me personally."

(On the message he's given to some of the rookies on the team to try and ease them into the game) "I'm not calling them out, but I think (we) had a play that was a personal foul, and we had a holding play on third and long. These aren't mental errors, they didn't jump offsides which we count as mental errors. That's like a hustle error by just going too hard and hitting the quarterback late and it's a stupid penalty. Or you're hustling to lock your guy down. It sucks and you have to learn from it, but that's what I told them is, 'You're doing everything right, just calm down a little bit at the catch point or wherever you're guarding your guy'. But you can't be mad at them for hustling. That's what I want. If you're running down the field and you hold a guy, at least you're running down the field and you're where you're supposed to be. So I think that's a good job by them. They'll learn from it. I think it's great for them too. I think they're performing really well."

The Seahawks face the Arizona Cardinals at Lumen Field for Week 6 of the season on October 16, 2022. Game action photos are presented by Washington's Lottery.

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