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What The Cardinals Are Saying About The Seahawks

Take a look at what the Arizona Cardinals are saying about the Seahawks before the two teams meet in Week 4 in Arizona. 


(On Seahawks defense) "I think the standard is still there. You have (Ken) Norton Jr. that's back who has been there before. Ken understands the culture there, he has those guys flying around and playing well. They still have a great front. Bobby Wagner is still one of the true leaders of that defense as well as Earl Thomas. They are still playing up to the standards of the Seattle Seahawks. We have to do a great job of really trying to neutralize the front, come off the ball and try to create a new line of scrimmage and try to have some success up front."

(On Seahawks offense) "It still starts and stops with Russell (Wilson). One of the great quarterbacks in this league, he's proven that. Super Bowl winner and etcetera, I could keep going on and on. (Chris) Carson to me, you say he's not a household name. I don't look at names, I just look at the film, and this guy is a tremendous running back. As Al Holcomb has talked about it, I've expressed to the team, we got to do a great job with really stopping the run. I think this guy is phenomenal. Then of course, they drafted (Rashaad) Penny. That's where it starts to me, up front. Then when you look at what they can do off their play-action, getting the ball down the field. They have a veteran receiver in (Brandon) Marshall. Then you look at (Tyler) Lockett who can take the top off at any time."

(On what he's seen on the Seahawks defense creating turnovers) "It's always a concern, very optimistic. That's been their trademark in the past, that mantra is still there. They take the ball away, they force fumbles. We have to do a great job of protecting the football, number one, and really creating separation within our routes and really just be detailed in everything that we are doing."


(On Sunday's game) Any divisional game is always a highly anticipated game. Attention to detail, because those are the games that you need. It's always an intense game, because first and foremost, all of us pride ourselves on defense. It's all about bringing that physicality to each and every play. Setting that tone, making your mark, and that's what it's all about for these divisional games. We've just gotta come out Sunday, play fast, and finish the game.

(On the anticipation for Sunday's game) I'm waiting patiently, but hopefully that can be our first win. Especially against a divisional opponent, it can definitely turn things around for us tremendously.


(On Russell Wilson) We have to a great job on a couple of different levels. Number one, we've got to cage them and keep them in the pocket, which is a challenge. Over the years, we've referred to him as "Houdini in a Helmet."

(On the Seahawks run game) I think that they're going to lean on the run heavily. When you look back at what they've done over the years, they've been a very good run football team.


(On what's at stake against the Seahawks this week) We've got a lot at stake this week. You know, we've got a new quarterback, but we have most importantly our pride on the line. We don't want to lose. It doesn't matter whose decals are on the helmet. You want to go out there and perform, especially at home. We lost two games at home, which is not something that happens too often here in our stadium.

The Seahawks face the Cardinals at State Farm Stadium for Week 9 of the 2022 season. Take a look back at photos from previous games between the two teams.