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What The Buffalo Bills Are Saying About The Seattle Seahawks

Check out what the Bills are saying about the Seahawks before the two teams meet in Week 9 at CenturyLink Field.


Take a look at what the Bills (4-4) are saying about the Seahawks (4-2-1) before the two teams meet on Monday Night Football in Week 9 at Seattle's CenturyLink Field.

Head Coach Rex Ryan

(On what stands out about Pete Carroll's scheme...)"Well I think number one everyone talks about how simple it is. Well it's not simple; he gets his team to play a certain way. They do a great job of bringing people into the system as well. Pete's got a great eye for talent as well as the people in their personnel department. They got big corners, guys that have unbelievable ball skills, that's what makes them special out there. You got the two studs, especially the big giant in there, God I love him, with [Kam] Chancellor and things. You're strong through the middle. Then you got a ton of pass rushers, they just have a bunch and I'll say this right now, I am so thankful that [Michael] Bennett's not playing against us because that guy, he's one of the best players in the league regardless of what position. You talk about active and making plays all over the place. Like I say I am so thankful he's not playing. Really they did a great job on defense. Then offensively, they're physical team but it's a zone. They sell out to the system so they're getting good athletic offensive linemen that can do that zone scheme and then obviously you have a difference maker at the quarterback position. Their receivers are run after the catch players, so some real athletic type guys that get a lot of yards after the catch. They've done a great job of building that team. It's no surprise that they've had the success that they've had. Defensively it's obviously more of a cover 3 type scheme. They play it differently, they play it better than anyone else in the league does. They force turnovers, they'll come down and they'll blast you. I enjoy watching them, I don't enjoy watching them against us, but I enjoy watching them against anybody else."

(On what makes Pete Carroll's defensive scheme different than anyone else...) "It's not just a true cover 3, they're doing more pattern reading, they're doing lot of things where we used to call it a steam concept. They're tighter coverage than others play with maybe similar schemes. But their personnel fit it so well also. These guys, very rarely the make mental mistakes. They're on the same page all the time and that's a real credit to coaching. This is a great staff, there's no question about it. It starts obviously with Pete Carroll, if you're coordinator and you move on to head coaching jobs and all that stuff. Kind of like when I was in Baltimore and the same thing happened to me because Ray Lewis got us all jobs. I think with Pete Carroll it's the same things a lot of guys under him. I'll tell you the next star, I think one of the best coaches in the National Football League is [Seahawks defensive backs coach] Andre Curtis. I don't know if people don't know he's not the coordinator there, but you watch. This is a star, one of these best coaches in the league, he's dedicated, all that kind of stuff. My brother had the opportunity to work with Andre and it's others like him. … It's a great coaching staff and it won't be long before everyone's hearing his name."

(On what he sees from Seahawks defensive backs coach Andre Curtis...)"Well I just know the work ethic, the passion that he has his players in position, and I think that's what you get. Number one, it's not necessarily what the coach knows — but this guy is on top of it with anybody — but it's how the players take the information and put it to the field. The great coaches, that's what separates the great ones."

QB Tyrod Taylor

(On what he's expecting going against the Seattle defense...)"It's definitely a very sound defense with playmakers all over the field. You have to be patient against this defense and take what they give you. They have a great defense overall, and they definitely play even better at home. Trying to quiet down their momentum and then take our chances and make plays on what options they give me."

(On the Seahawks defenders that stand out to him...) "There's probably more than one or two guys. Their front does a good job of getting to the passer. Of course Cliff Avril has been doing it at a high level for a long time. Of course in their back end, [Richard] Sherman and Earl [Thomas], I know Kam [Chancellor] has been down a couple weeks, but definitely him being back there as well. As well as their backers, Bobby Wagner and K.J. [Wright] does a great job of filling downhill, staying even, and they're a fast defense as well, too. Like I said, they have a very talented defense and play sound football."

(On what he sees from K.J. Wright on pass coverage...) "He's not afraid to go out and check back on backs. He does a good job of winning those one on one battles with guys that typically most linebackers lose, he does a good job of holding his ground out there, whether it's a running back splitting him out or a running back as well, too."

(On whether there is a particular play of K.J. Wright's that stood out to him on film...) "Against the Saints he did a good job of jamming their running back in the slot, forced them to basically throw to the left side. He's checked David Johnson from Arizona, he defended him very well too. Just from watching film, he does a good job in the running game."


LB Preston Brown

(On what type of challenge Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson presents…)"He can make every throw on the field and when he uses his legs he's dangerous. He can get first downs on third-and-5 is the most dangerous situation because he can run for five yards, or scramble then throw the ball and run better than anyone in this league. It'll be a challenge to keep him contained, but our D-line is one of the best in the league and they'll get it done."

WR Robert Woods

(On the challenge the atmosphere at CenturyLink Field presents for an opposing offense…)"Just communicate. Be prepared. We know it's going to be loud, just be prepared. Signals, gathering guys, just make sure we're on the same page throughout the game. We know it's going to be loud, it's a road game, an away game. As long as we're on the same page, whether it's signals, communication, just be on the same page."

(On if a loud atmosphere leads to less checks and audibles as an offense…)"Sometimes, but you still want to win the game. You don't want to go out there and be basic. That's the advantage of playing at home; be loud, limit the checks and audibles. As an offense you've got to find ways to beat that and beat the sounds. You've got to beat the crowd as well."

(On what he's seen from the Seahawks defense…) "Just a defense who's playing well together. You see each unit — linebackers, D-line, secondary — all flying to the ball and patting up guys, big celebrations when a guy makes a play. So you know they're a tight defense, play well together, great communication back there, so really just go out there and attack them. Try to go after their secondary, which is a well experienced group of guys and go after them."

DT Kyle Williams

(On how you contain a quarterback like Russell Wilson…) "Prepare through the week. We have to have a very good week of preparation to get ready for him and the things that he does well so we can react to him and perform on Sunday. He's a big challenge for us."

(On if he's seen Russell Wilson's mobility improve as the weeks have gone by…)"He's not doing as much with his legs, but he's doing more out of the pocket than he ever has. So it's kind of tough one way or the other. He still runs when he needs to, but he's not bolting out of their like he has in the past. It's something that we've got to be prepared for. He's only going to get healthier and healthier and we don't know how he's going to feel heading into this game, so we'll be ready for anything."

LB Lorenzo Alexander

(On playing on Monday Night Football in Seattle…) "It's huge for us. Obviously, this is probably a top five team in the NFL, very good. I'm very familiar with them being in the NFC West the last couple years with Arizona, so I know the type of atmosphere that we're walking into — obviously very loud, they have a great defense, great playmakers on offense — so for us to be able to go in there and come out with a victory is huge not only to show that we can compete and get back on a winning streak, but also for our playoff hopes. You don't want to look that far ahead, but each game is very important. At this point we still control our own destiny, but we've got to start getting back on a winning road here soon."

(On facing Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson…)"He has injuries, but he's a guy that's very tough. You can't go in there taking it for granted that he is injured so he won't run, but he's a great scrambler, probably a better passer outside of the pocket rolling out, bootlegging, and then his scrambling ability being able to turn into backyard football. His receivers and him have a very great connection about being able to throw the ball down the field and make some big plays. As rushers we definitely want to try to contain him, keep him in the pocket, and limit the big play opportunities when he gets out of the pocket."

WR Percy Harvin

(On if he has any motivation to potentially play against his former team on Monday night…) "I'm self-motivated. Regardless of what team it is, who I'm playing against, I just want to be the best I can be and play at the level that I know I can. So playing a team doesn't really matter to me."

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