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What The Arizona Cardinals Are Saying About The Seattle Seahawks

A look at what the Cardinals are saying about the Seahawks before the two teams meet in Week 7 at University of Phoenix Stadium.


Take a look at what the Cardinals (3-3) are saying about the Seahawks (4-1) before the two teams meet in Week 7 at University of Phoenix Stadium.

Head Coach Bruce Arians

(On Russell Wilson as a pocket passer...) "Outstanding, one of the best in the League. Years ago everybody said, 'Make him stay in the pocket,' now you rush him and hope you can contain him because he's lighting everybody up from the pocket."

(On Tyler Lockett before the draft...)"We loved him. He's the kind of receiver I like, but he also has that great return ability. I've always liked guys in that quick, fast mode."

(On why the Seahawks have found success in the past against them in Arizona...)"I think one of the big things is the home team defense is really hard to communicate. I think it's one of the reasons we play so well up there, that the defense has a tough time communicating because the crowd noise and the fans are into it. We've had some lack of communication at times."

(On Michael Bennett...)"He's so disruptive. He's rushing the passer every play, he's so athletic and plays with a ton of passion and high energy. I think he's the most disruptive player in the League. He's done it longer than [Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle] Aaron Donald, but those two guys are really way out in front of everybody."

RB David Johnson

(On what he remembers about previously facing Seattle's defense...) "They're a very fast and physical team. I'm going to really have to bring my A-game and pick and choose the run holes as they come to me because they're small and that's just because how good they are as a defense. They're always usually at the top in run defense and overall. They're usually one of the top in the League. I'm going to really have to be on my A-game to be able to continue the success."

QB Carson Palmer

(On looking at the current records of the Cardinals and Seahawks…) "You try not to focus on what their record is and what your record is. It's one game. It's a game we need to win, it's a game they badly want to win, but you can't start playing the records game this early. It's one game, one day at a time."

(On if it will be tough to get their run game started against the Seahawks…) "Hopefully not. We're going to come out and try to run the ball."

DB Tyrann Mathieu 

(On facing the Seahawks this week…)"We know what this game means. Not just because it's a division game, just the way we started the football season. So it's going to be a good stepping stone for us to see what we can do, to see where we're at as a team."

(On the Cardinals' home struggles against the Seahawks…) "It's personal. We've just got to take pride in it, take it as a challenge. We've got to understand that they're going to come in here and punch us in our mouth. We've just got to be ready for it."

CB Patrick Peterson

(On the Seahawks' offense…) "The offense hasn't really changed much. Russell has changed his style of play. Those guys are still running the read-option, Russell's still making those backyard splash plays. I think the injury has slowed him down a little bit. You can tell he's a little bit more tentative running, when he's scrambling he's looking to throw the ball a little bit more now."

(On the physicality of games between the Seahawks and Cardinals…)"They physicality of this game is always at its all-time high. The most physical team more than likely wins this ball game. Coach always talks about it. We want to be the most violent, physical team for 60 minutes on the football field."

(On the Seahawks' success playing at Arizona the last few years…) "At the end of the day we understand what happened the last three times we played these guys here in our backyard. It's a big opponent, divisional opponent, so those games tend to stick a little bit longer to you versus other ball games. We also understand that pretty much right now how everything is pretty much looking like it's going to unfold it's going to be between us two fighting for the division, so this game is a huge game for us."

(On Jimmy Graham's involvement in the Seahawks offense this year…) "Jimmy is definitely becoming a huge focal point in the Seattle offense this year. You could tell he was a little bit behind last year, wasn't getting as many targets as he was when he was in New Orleans, although it is a different offense. But when you bring that caliber of athlete over there into your offense you want to find a way to get them the ball."

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