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What The 49ers Said Following Their 30-23 Loss To The Seahawks

Interviews, transcripts, and press conferences from Seattle vs. San Francisco.


Featuring postgame quotes from the following:


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Head Coach Kyle Shanahan

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On the injury report.

"Alright, guys, Trenton Cannon had a concussion, and he's going to stay in the hospital overnight. Emmanuel Moseley had an ankle, never returned. Elijah Mitchell was evaluated for a head injury. He was cleared, came back. 

On Jeff Wilson.

"Yeah, he went out with something. They didn't put it on here [a card listing injuries]. He never got taken out, but he was bothered. We'll get that to you tomorrow." 

On if there is a high level of concern for Cannon.

"No. Concussions are very concerning, but all the stuff you're really worried about, he's cleared. He remembers it all. It's a concussion. They'll keep him overnight for that." 

On how he addressed the loss with his players.

"I know we're all disappointed, very frustrated. You know, we felt we had a lot of self-inflicted stuff that's always caused by other teams, so I'm not taking anything away from them. But I thought we had opportunity at the beginning of the game to kind of, I just really felt like we were ready to go. Giving them that punt return gave them a lot of life. [Unclear.] I thought they were trying to get the clock low, lower, Kittle made a hell of a play, though, on that keeper, scoring a touchdown. Then they got that big return and ended up scoring before the end of the half which gave them the life back. Then for us to open up the series and fumble it in the third quarter, the defense did a hell of a job stopping them. They missed a field goal, but we followed with a safety, then I think we followed it with a pick. So I felt like it went, you know, about an hour it seemed like where we barely had the ball, which is our fault. So it was just frustrating. I was glad with the guys, no matter how many bad things did happen, they kept fighting, never quit. It was a hell of a job by the defense getting that turnover on the one-yard line like they did. I really believed we were going to go down and score. Guys made a lot of big plays on that last drive. We came up short on that fourth down, and I think that was Dunlap getting his hands up. I think he was going to have Trent {Sherfield] there in the end zone, but he made a hell of a play. We shouldn't have let it get to that point." 

On what dictated Sherfield being the target on the final plays.

"Just how the coverage was going. I think Sherfield was number three in the progression. In the first one, we tried Juice [Juszczyk] in the flat, they peeled with it. Went to Aiyuk, the backers pushed over, so we went to number three, to Sherfield. Then the fourth-down play, they played a cover two zone, Kittle ran a nod, and so two guys took him, then we brought Sherfield underneath, who I believe was uncovered. But it got tipped." 

On if it was hard to get a message across to players that this game would be a challenge.

"No, not at all, it's real simple." 

On if his team was prepared for this game.

"We were prepared for it. But this is sports, you know? We have to try to play our best, but there were some turnovers. I wish we would have caught that ball on third down, some mistakes we had. But yeah, we were prepared." 

On if he was surprised Pet Carroll went for it on fourth down near the goal line late in the game.

"Not really. It was a situation where I think it could go either way. It would have made it real tough if they had made it 14 points with that time left. So I think it was 50-50, either way." 

On Jimmy Garoppolo's play.

"He did some good things. Those two picks, though, aren't good plays. He's got to be better with the ball." 

On it he could tell what Garoppolo was thinking on those two picks.

"Yeah, the first one Wagner got back, which he does a great job of, and Jimmy's got to wait for him to go by him. You try to throw it in the first window; it's a second-window throw. On the next one, both linebackers were back there, Jimmy knew it, tried to drop it in over them, which is overthrow. Should have checked it down below, underneath him." 

On how Moseley's injury impacted the game from a defensive standpoint.

"Ah, you don't know. I mean, it always hurts losing a guy like that. Wish he would have stayed in. But I don't know what would have happened." 

On the severity of Moseley's injury.

"I'm not sure. They just told me an ankle, and the fact that he couldn't come back in concerns me. They didn't tell me if it's high or low or anything like that. That's all. I'll find out tomorrow." 

On how he would evaluate his special teams play.

"Not good enough today, at all. We gave up a fake punt for whatever it was, 70 yards. It seemed like we had a turnover as a kick returner. Obviously it hurt losing Trent, but Travis has got to hold onto that ball when he comes in. We also gave up a big kick return at the end of the second quarter that led to a touchdown. We missed an extra point, so we have to play a hell of a lot better." 

On the impact of two penalties during a first-half drive that wound up with a field goal.

"Real frustrating. We got around the corner for a big one. I don't get to see the hold, so I'm not sure about the call, but you live with it. You go back . . . it's tough. Obviously you wanted seven and you end up with three." 

On the impact of the number of penalties.

"Huge. They were a big deal. I'll have a different opinion, probably, tomorrow, or more of an opinion when I go watch them all. But the two personal fouls on the quarterback I thought were huge. That led to a touchdown drive, and the lead one was on third down. Those can't happen. Usually you can control it. It seems like they called it because we landed on him. I think that was Charles who did that. We've got to not do that. Yeah, it's hard to win when you have turnovers and penalties." 

On it Sherfield was contacted in the end zone by the defense.

"Yeah, that's what it looked like to me." 

On if Sherfield was wide open if Dunlap did not tip the last pass.

"That's what I saw, yeah." 

On the running game.

"We knew it would be tough. They don't make it easy to run the ball. I would have liked to get all the play calls in, especially the runs, but we only had 48 total plays, so it was going to be hard to get that many runs. I don't know what we ended up with. [25.] yeah, so that should help with more passes, only 48," 

On if the game plan called for a big game for Kittle.

"No. You never know how the zones plan out. We always try to get Kittle the ball. You never know how it's going to go. To throw into double coverage? No, I don't think so."

Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo

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On how he would summarize this game and how he feels.

"Sore. It was a dogfight. We knew that going into the game though. Whatever the records are between these teams, it's always going to be a 60 minute game. That was a battle, it really was. There are some sore guys out there on both sides of the ball. At the end of the day, we just have to finish that drive."

On what he saw on the last two throws at the end of the game.

"I've been hearing that Trent (Sherfield) got held on the third down play a little bit. It was a backside read on it, they took away everything on the front side. I tried to give him a ball to catch. It was just a tough contested one, but it is what it is. Then the next one we had Trent again. George (Kittle) kind of got double teamed, took the coverage with him and it was just a tough one."

On if there was any question in his mind that the final throw to Trent Sherfield was going to be a touchdown.

"No. I mean I knew it was. We ran that at them, we've done it before on them and it's been successful and we couldn't do it right there. That's football, though. You can do all this stuff you want, all the good stuff in the world, make plays, get yourself down in position and at the end of the day, it comes down to that one play and did you make it or not. That's the way the chips fall."

On what he saw on his two interceptions.

"Just tough situations. The second one, I just got a little greedy with it. Should've just been a little smarter and taken the check down. Just two tough situations with that."

On if Bobby Wagner surprised him on the first interception.

"A little bit. He made a nice play on it. He kind of got lost. There was a big crowd of people with play action and he kind of just popped out of it at the last second. Tip your hat to him, he made a nice play on it."

On trying to get George Kittle the ball at the end of the game.

"Yeah. I think everyone wanted the ball. (Brandon Aiyuk), I can see it in his eyes. We had a couple that were meant for him and George the same way. The defense is going to take away your number one guy in situations like that and we know that. But I have confidence in all of those skill guys. Whether it's at running back, receiver, tight end, whoever. I have confidence in those guys."

On his mindset on the final drive when he needs to drive 98 yards.

"That we've been here before, honestly. Very similar to our situation that we were in last week. Not being down, but being backed up like that and having to stream together a long drive like that. We've done it before. It was a great drive up until the end there. But that's kind of what I was saying before. You do all this good, bad, indifferent, whatever it is and that whole football game comes down to one play at the end. It's kind of crazy."

On how quickly he realizes that George won't be available on the last two plays because of the coverage of the defense.

"You have an idea pre-snap, but you're always reacting post-snap. The first one on the third down play, they kind of took it away immediately. They were sitting on it a little bit and waiting for it. The second one, he made his move and the linebacker stayed with him, the safety kind of closed down so I knew I had one on one outside. That's all you can ask for in the red zone when you get a one on one like that. Trent (Sherfield) won the route. It's just a tough situation."

On if the timing to Trent Sherfield would've been perfect to score a touchdown on the last play.

"Oh yeah. Yeah. I mean it was in rhythm and everything but it is what it is."

On what this loss means with the team being so close in the playoff picture.

"I just heard that it puts us down in the seven seed. It's one of those losses that you can't let this stick with you for too long. Watch the film, be hard on ourselves like we always are. We're very critical of all the little things but Cincinatti is going to come up really quick and we have to be able to move on. We're going out there so get your mind ready for long travel and this train ain't stopping so have to be ready for it."

On what it is about the Seahawks that the team always knows it's going to be a battle.

"I'm sure the environment is part of it. This is as electric as it gets. At the end there, you couldn't hear much in the huddle. Guys were reading lips and things like that so I'm sure that plays a role in it. They've been like this for years now. It starts with Russell Wilson and Coach (Pete) Carroll I think. That's just kind of the team that they are. It's very similar to us in that way, that's why it's always such a dogfight between us when we play each other. We knew what we were getting in to but you just have to be more ready."

On what was supposed to happen on the play with the botched snap that resulted in a penalty.

"Alex (Mack), something happened with the ball, he kind of moved it. It slipped a little bit. I think they blew the whistle, I really wasn't sure. But it kind of blew up and was a broken play there at that point. It was supposed to be zone read."

On trying to keep their momentum despite some of the call the referees were making.

"It's tough. It is tough. But it's part of the game. They're going to call some for us, some for them. At the end of the day, you just have to move on and keep playing."

Left Tackle Trent Willams

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On the team's sloppy play today.

"Yeah, obviously nobody wants to turn the ball over and nobody wants to have penalties. It's the NFL and the Seahawks have a pretty good defense, they made it pretty sloppy for us." 

On how the Seahawks stopped the run game.

"They just crowded the line of scrimmage, crowded the box, and brought the linebackers down pretty quick to draw us off of double teams. They just wanted to make one on one's across the line. Obviously, teams are going to play us like that to try to stop the run." 

On how frustrating momentum swings from penalties can be.

"It's tough, especially when you look on the replay and see how bad the call is and they continue to happen. We're grown though, and understand the refs aren't perfect, they're human, and they are going to make mistakes. I think the team did a good job of continuing to fight. We understood that those penalties made some people upset, but we continued to fight and went on a 99-yard drive. We came up short on the goal line."

Defensive Lineman Nick Bosa

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On what the locker room was like after the game.

"Not too good." 

On if they should have won this game.

"Yeah we definitely blew it. We knew it was going to be this type of game whenever we play them. But, we have to do a much better job of not giving the game away. We're still in the ranks and we're going to keep working really hard. We still have a lot of confidence in our team."  

On the end of the game.

"I was just trying to survive out there. It was just a lot of plays and we were holding tough there. Azeez (Al-Shaair) came up with a huge play to get the ball out, and that's what we needed."  

On Azeez Al-Shaair's game.

"He was really good. He was making calls quick and getting everybody set. It was impressive."

Defensive Lineman D.J. Jones

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On how he felt going into this game.

"We were playing like we were prepared to win. So, we were going to bring the fight to them." 

On how frustrating it was to lose this game.

"Very. Very frustrating." 

On the conversations in the locker room post game.

"Not much. Not much. After a loss like that, not much. But, we know we've got to move on."  

On the personal fouls and what it did to the game.

"As far as talking about it, I'll leave it to spectators and stuff. We've got to leave it out of the referees hand, give them the chance to throw the flag. That's what we need to do better. Like I said, I'll leave it for you all to talk." 

On if he was surprised about Seattle going for it on fourth down.

"I was. I was. It was that type of game. You don't know what's going to happen, who's going to do what, what coaches are going to call what. You've got to step up to the plate." 

On how the team kept it together on the sideline.

"That's what practice is for. If you don't practice, that's when you panic. That's when you're not prepared for certain situations. So, kudos to our coaches. They always have us ready for those types of situations."

Tight End George Kittle

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On how difficult this loss is for the team.

"It's brutal. Losing sucks. Had all the opportunities, turnovers, fake punts for touchdowns. When you give Russell Wilson a chance, he's going to take advantage of that opportunity. We weren't clean enough on offense. I think our defense played a (heck) of a game. They did about everything they could to keep us in the game and give us an opportunity. Our offense, we didn't really do anything in the second half. It's hard to win in Seattle if you don't really do anything in the second half." 

On the coverage of the final two plays.

"They just did a good job of following me around. I think the very last play I had two guys on me. The play before that, he threw to Trent (Sherfield), the slide coming out of the back side. I just had a guy man coverage on me. In zone, that's a perfect play call. Man, it's tough."  

On how frustrating the calls in the game were.

"Refs make calls, they don't make calls. It is what it is. You've got to live with it. Yeah, it's frustrating when there's drive stoppers. We had a couple penalties the last drive that we were able to overcome. You can't use penalties as an excuse. You've just got to play better."

Linebacker Azeez Al-Shaair

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On emotions following the game.

"It's always tough, as a team, when the team's goals miss, personal things won't come. Our goal is to win every game, so if I make that play, offense doesn't have to drive as far down the field. It's those little things that I just know myself, I can be a lot cleaner on things. As a team we can play a lot better." 

On difficulties of stripping the football.

"Everybody knows the situation. I think every offensive player at least has that in their mind. Especially when you watch it on film, you know that the ball can come out at any moment. We got one early on Everett, he's a heck of a player, at the goal line right there to be able to get another one was huge to get the offense a chance." 

On playing Mike linebacker the whole game.

"It was different. Obviously, just how to say everything initially, get the calls in. Obviously Fred (Warner) is usually the one that does all that. Not playing with Fred out there is different as well. Everybody stepped up, Demetrius (Flannigan-Fowles) stepped up huge for us all week. He was playing all special teams and getting all the reps at 'Will' as well. Obviously you have K Williams playing the 'Sam' and the 'Nickel'. He's on the field taking on the tight ends. Picking up the slack for our whole defense and our whole team."

The Seattle Seahawks take on the San Francisco 49ers during Week 13 of the 2021 season at Lumen Field. This album will be updated throughout the game. Game Action photos are presented by Washington's Lottery.

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