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What The 49ers Said Following Their 28-21 Loss To The Seahawks

Transcripts, interviews and press conferences from Seattle vs. San Francisco.


Postgame quotes from the following:


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Head Coach Kyle Shanahan

Opening comments:

"Injuries: [K] Robbie Gould had the groin before the game. [QB Jimmy] Garoppolo had a calf, didn't return. [C] Alex Mack had a hand. He ended up being alright and returned. [T] Trent Williams with the shoulder injury. He never returned. [DL] Arden Key had a stinger. He came back in though, cleared the [concussion] protocol. Go ahead."

At what point did you find out about Robbie and did you just consider just not even using a place kicker in this game?

"We found that out literally right before we came out in pregame warmups. He had done it at the last second, someone ran in and told me. So yeah, we found out right before so we had [P] Mitch [Wishnowsky] do some warmups when we were out there together with extra points and it was something I considered. We were talking about throughout the whole game, just the percentages of going for it there on fourth-and-eight or kicking that longer field goal and we went with the field goal there."

Same thing with the extra point? The two-point conversion from the seven or the PAT from the 38?

"Once it was fourth-and-goal from the seven [yard line]. I was going to go for two until we false started and that's why we kicked the extra point after that."

When did Jimmy get hurt?

"He got hurt sometime in the first half. He said he got stepped on, not sure which play, but he played for a while with it. He didn't think it was that bad at the time and then about a minute before halftime ended, trying to get it going and he just couldn't push off it. So right then at the end of halftime, we realized he couldn't go.

As you understand, it's a bruise or a contusion rather than a strain?

"We don't know yet. That's what we have to check up on here after this game."

When QB Trey Lance goes in there, obviously the offense changes, but how much of your offense could you use there?

"We have packages in for him, but the gameplan wasn't built for him. And you do the openers and all the second half adjustments, but we didn't really realize that Jimmy wasn't going to come out until like the last minute. So, we had to kind of make some moves on the fly and do some stuff that he was comfortable with, and I thought we got better as we went."

What's your assessment of Trey Lance's first extended regular season action?

"Some good, some bad. He got thrown in not expecting to get in and I thought he ran the ball well, he hit some passes, obviously missed some passes. Was in a tough situation there when we were down two scores. Did a good job moving the chains a couple of times with his legs, but it looked like a typical first game."

Obviously, the number two quarterback doesn't practice much, at least with the ones for sure. Is that basically though what you've seen in practice what we saw there today?

"No, some parts of it. Trey's done a good job. I feel like he's getting better each week, but that's why he was the number two quarterback going into that game."

What was your level of concern with Trent Williams? He looked like he was in a lot of pain and emotional coming out of that game.

"I'm concerned for Trent to leave with a shoulder injury and not return. I hope it's it's all right, but that's all I know about it."

Your defense was so dominant for most of the first half, what adjustments did the Seahawks make or what did you guys not do as well the rest of the game?

"Having that turnover on special teams definitely hurt them. I think that's what it was there in the second half. Coming out there early, they got a big play, I think on their first drive. But I thought the defense was strong. They kept them off the scoreboard in the first half and they gave up some scores in the second, but watching just how they were I know they made two big third downs that we got them off the field on. But they converted with calling the offsides on us and then that P.I [pass interference]. So those are two really big plays that were hard to overcome."

What was your level of disappointment just going into the half at 7-7 based on the way that had gone?

"I was disappointed. I think it was like 220 yards to 80, so when it's like that you definitely want to have more points to show for it. And I think we missed a field goal on one, and then we had an interception on one drive and then we stalled out on I think our final three drives. But when you're moving the ball like that, you definitely want to have more points than 7."

How frustrating are those third down penalties?

"Extremely frustrating. You fight really hard to get to there and guys are competing and I didn't get a chance to see whether he was offsides or not. The guy's [official] right there, so I don't know how you can mess that up, so I'm sure he was. The P.I. was real frustrating though."

What was your thought process on that trick play with RB Jacques Patrick?

Just how their middle third safety was getting down the field every time we tossed the ball and it worked like we wanted it to. But [Seattle Seahawks S] Jamal Adams sniffed it out from underneath and just chased him and caught up to it. I was hoping to get a call on that one."

Do you think it should have been a call on that one down the field?

"That's up to those guys, but that's what it looked like on the scoreboard, it's what it looked like live and looked very similar to their third down that they called on [CB] Dre [Kirkpatrick]."

If Jimmy cannot play Sunday, what does this week look like? Is it an urgency to try to get Trey ready? What do you do this week?

"We'll find out about Jimmy probably later tonight, or at least I will. Maybe tomorrow morning. But yeah, it'll be to study Arizona and put in the best gameplan possible for him."

Was there any concern about Kittle's status? He kind of got bent back real awkward on that one play, is he okay?

"I know he made it through the game, which is encouraging. But he's done that before and it's been something that's been worse later, so I know he was banged up going into that game. I'm not sure what happened exactly on that play. It didn't hold him out, so he was able to come back in, but we'll see when they clear up in there."

Just a clarification, did you know going into the locker room that Trey was going to be the quarterback coming out of the locker room?

"No, I didn't."

Was it at halftime, that Jimmy said he was having trouble?

"Yeah, really towards the end of halftime."

What do you do at the point with Trey? Is it quarterbacks coach Rich Scangarello and Trey just getting together real quick?

"I mean, halftime is so short anyways, but we didn't get to spend much of it doing that anyways because Jimmy was getting evaluated and we weren't expecting it and then it happened. And obviously it had to, because if Jimmy can't go in, it's because he can't. He never takes himself out and then you're just on the way out, you're just trying to talk about it and scratch some of the stuff you were doing at halftime and try to put it all together and give them as much of a heads up as you can."

We've seen rookies around the league, quarterbacks have just struggled a lot this season, some high-picked guys. What did Trey show you? Although you say it wasn't perfect. What did he show you just from how he handled the situation?

"He went in there unexpected and he competed. Trey's a football player. You guys can see that at times throughout that game. Regardless of what's happening, he's always got a chance to make a play and that's why I think he did. It was good for him to take us down on that scoring drive there at the end. But it takes some time to play in this league as you guys have seen throughout. It's about knowing where to get rid of the ball, when to try to make those plays, when to check it down, have other guys do it for you, when to hang in the pocket, when to escape the pocket, and he got a lot of real NFL game experience with that today. Hopefully he'll get better from it."

You had to call at least one timeout I think with the play clock going down with him in there and then another time you had to call him over, was that just a communication issue, him not hearing something?

"No, the headsets were messed up all day. I don't know why, but it happens about once a year, but it happened today. There was a number of times it wasn't working."

You said Wednesday, it was nice that you didn't have to throw Trey in, you had Jimmy. That was kind of an ideal situation. Right now, obviously, injuries happen, but is he ready for the challenge you think? Can he lead this team if he needs to for a couple of games?

"Yeah, he's got to. If that's the case, it's next man up, whether it's at his position or another position. We've been playing with rookie running back since the second play of the first game. And we've got a rookie quarterback right now and hopefully Jimmy's better and not as bad as we think, but Trey is here for a reason. You want to give him the time. You want him to be fully ready, but you don't always have that luxury. That's what we'll find out in the next couple of days."

It seemed like there was communication issues between Lance and the rest of the players on the offense, does that trickle down from the headset issues?

"That stuff happens a lot, sometimes it's a little bit harder for a guy in his first time in there to fix it real fast. But yeah, there was a combination of all of it."

You guys have dropped two straight games at home to teams, that I figure are in the NFC playoff picture. As far as expectations as far as heading into the season, where do you think your team is at right now?

"We're 2-2 and I don't think much past that. I know we got a good team [Arizona] coming. We're going there next week. I think they won. So, I know we are going against an undefeated team playing at a high-level and we're going to have to study this game hard tomorrow. Heal our guys up but Wednesday's practice and I'm not thinking about anything else, but trying to go against Cardinals."

With the way your defense was playing early, how uncomfortable are you when you're going against Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson, given what he's done in his career and what he's done against this franchise?

"Always. Usually, no matter how it goes, we've played good verse them and we've played bad verse them and it always seems to come down within a score at the end. So, you're always expecting that. That's why, when you do feel like you have them on the ropes, you want to get more than what we got there in the first half. But that's why Russell's a pretty good player and he's been having a lot of success for a long time."

Are you going to have kicker tryouts this week?

"I would think so. I don't know. I haven't asked about Robbie since right before the game, so but I would assume so."

You had a long talk with Robbie before the game on the sidelines there. Was it, 'can you make a short one?'

"It's all that stuff. You're really finding out right before the game, so you're just trying to solve percentage games. Do you want to go for two instead of extra points? Can you kick an extra point? What do you think about Mitch? What's his chances from an extra point area? Do we feel better about a 30-yarder, or do we feel better about going for it on fourth- and-10? I ask everybody too. You get the analytics of all that stuff. So, you can go with percentages and everything, but that's something you got to feel out. And I almost went for two on the first one, I got to watch the extra point and it didn't look pretty, but he made it. So, I was going to kind of stick with it then. Then watched the field goal that looked alright, but it didn't go in. So, then I was going to go for two the next time. So just basing it off of watching how he is and how he's going and trying to play the percentages on what gives you the best chance to score."

Has Mitch practiced that in practice?

"Yeah, they do on the side, but Mitch is also our holder. So, that's something that Juice [FB Kyle Juszczyk] always has to be ready for too, in case something happens. But that's something that they're always working on the side, but nothing that you're doing in team periods or anything."

Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo

When did you get hurt?

"Happened in the first series. I don't know. I don't know exactly what happened. Tweaked the calf. It hurt initially. I thought I'd keep trying, keep trying to go and just kept getting worse and worse, traveling down to the Achilles a little bit, but we'll get more information tomorrow with MRI and everything. Hoping for the best right now."

What side was it?

"Right side."

Head coach Kyle Shanahan said it got stepped on. Is that what you think happened?

"I'm not, it felt like that. Yeah. I don't know if that is actually what happened or not, but yeah, I just felt something go in the calf. And like I said, we'll see them see more tomorrow."

Kyle said when you say that you can't go, that's a big deal. How hard was it for you to tell them that?

"Yeah, it sucked. I mean, just in between series, I could feel it tightening up in everything. Thought I could get it out. I tried to for the first half, but it's just tough, man. I don't know. I've been in the situation too many times and it's getting real old. So it's just one of those things, but a part of the business though."

Do you think it might be a torn Achilles? Is it that serious?

"I don't think, no. No, no, no. I don't. Yeah, really hope not. It feels like just the calf right now, but I'm hopeful it'll just be a couple of weeks or something like that."

MRI, is that what's going to happen tomorrow?

"Yeah, tomorrow we'll get that MRI and have more info."

You said that it kind of traveled down to the Achilles. Is that the point at which you said this is not worth the potential for a more serious injury?

"Yeah. I mean, it was everything. A combination of it. It definitely didn't help when it started to traveled down. But I don't know. Sorry that I don't have all the answers for you guys right now, but tomorrow after the MRI, hopefully it'll answer some questions, give us a guideline of how long it will be. And we'll go from there."

It was kind of a quick turnaround. I saw you talk to QB Trey Lance real quick. What were your words for him?

"Just bring confidence to the guys. He was going in there, just bring confidence to the huddle, get those guys going. We were still in it. It was a good game. Credit Seattle, they played a good game, but we were battling with them in the first half there. And just a frustrating game."

I don't know if you saw the halftime stats, but to a pretty much dominated the game statistically and then go in without an advantage. Was that frustrating?

"Yeah, it was tough. You could feel it, we were moving the ball well. Got backed up a couple of times and got out of it. That was just, we couldn't finish it though. It was one of those days, first drive was good, but other than that, we should, I mean, we had opportunities to take advantage and go up by a couple of scores and we didn't do it."

You said you've been in this situation too many times. Is it difficult mentally not to go down the road of the worst case scenario?

*"I'm pretty positive person, so I'm trying to stay positive with it. Know we'll take it in stride. Tomorrow should answer a lot of the questions. And it was just tough. Put a lot into this and hate to have this happen, but hopefully it's just a small hiccup in the road for now."

Had you felt anything on that right leg before going into this, obviously you had the ankle--?

"Oh no, it's nothing like that. I felt good pregame and everything like that. Yeah, it's just one of those things."

Was it effecting your velocity as the half went on. Could you feel it in the throws themselves?

"Yeah, that was part of it. I was using all upper body. Couldn't step into the throws. My calf is kind of where I get all my power from. So it definitely affected some of that stuff, but it just kind of is what it is. I guess."

You had something on your leg after that time. Was it just a compression type thing?

"Yeah, just trying to keep it warm. Keep the blood flowing. I was out there in case of an emergency, but yeah, that didn't happen. So I just want to stay loose in case something did happen. All right. Thanks guys."


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Quarterback Trey Lance

When QB Jimmy Garoppolo was dealing with a calf injury, did you know during the first half that was happening?

"Yeah, I mean, we saw him but like I said, Jimmy battled through a lot last week. So I have a ton of confidence in him and hope he can be back as soon as possible because he does a lot for me personally on and off the field and as a team. But yeah, he battled through it the whole first half and at halftime, obviously with the muscle thing like that, like he said, I mean, I'm not going to speak for him and how he's feeling, but it's really tough when you sit down or get still. The muscle gets tighter and tighter."

Head coach Kyle Shanahan said that he found out late at halftime. When were you told, like you're going to be the guy? Late halftime or early halftime?

"Yeah. I mean, halftime, it goes pretty quick. Or at least it seems to in the locker room. So I don't know exactly at what point, but yeah, it was during halftime when we were in the locker room."

What goes through your mind in that moment?

"Same thing that I've been ready for and I stay prepared for whenever my name is called. I try to be as ready as possible, prepare that way during the week to be as ready as I possibly can. So I felt obviously confidence in myself and my teammates and how well our defense had been playing and how well our offensive had been moving the ball. I felt really good about the situation that we were going into."

Kyle said there were issues with the headsets as well, did that hurt or hinder your communication?

"I'm not going to make that an excuse at all. It was different and a little frustrating for sure for him and for me. But yeah, it was a thing that, just part of the game, part of stuff we got to deal with."

Your first pass to TE George Kittle was low. Your second to WR Deebo Samuel was high. I mean, obviously you kind of shoved in there. Were you able to settle down a little? Was some of that nerves or adrenaline or excitement?

"I don't want to say nerves or adrenaline or anything like that because I've been in games before and I'm thankful for that and I was prepared for the situation, I felt. So for me, they're easy throws, like maybe thinking too much on the one to George and the one to Deebo was probably a throw away more than anything, trying to save Deebo. But, getting to check downs throughout the game, throughout that second half that I was in would have been definitely beneficial for me and for our offense. But yeah, going to continue to get better and go back and watch the tape tonight and excited for this week."

Did your confidence grow as the half went on?

"I was, like I said, I was very confident going into the situation. The way our team is, how talented our team is, our coaching staff, I felt prepared for the situation and our coaching staff had done a great job of helping me stay prepared for that situation. So I wouldn't say that I got any more or less confident throughout the game."

Do you feel like your play improved as the half went on?

"Like I said, I think there were plays, good and bad throughout the half. Missed some big ones, missed some easy ones, missed some check downs. Just definitely a few plays that I want back. But like I said, going to go back and watch it tonight and I think I'll learn a lot from that"

How many snaps, how many first team snaps have you been getting during the week?

"I don't have a number for you honestly. But I stay ready mentally, physically, whether it's walkthrough, practice, virtual reality, whatever it is. I try to do the most during the week to keep myself prepared."

There's packages in the offense designed for you specifically, how much of what you ran today was the packages that were put in for you versus just kind of the general offense?

"I mean, the general offense is football. So there's not really a way to just run what's in my package, I guess, as far as throughout a whole game, at least for the most part. So, I prepare like I'm going to run the offense how it's supposed to be ran in the game plan going in that week."

You had Deebo come up to you and talk to you after your first series. How nice was it to know you've got the support of other players on the team?

"Yeah. I mean, like I said, nothing but confidence in the guys in the locker room, our coaching staff and myself. So for me, just have to give those guys the ball and get those guys in a position to be successful. And it's awesome. Like you said, those guys coming up to me and giving me confidence in me, hopefully me doing the same to them. I want to be a leader in this locker room and I know that's something that's earned for sure. So we're going to continue to get better. And like I said, learn as much as I can from this game."

How much do you feel like you're actually learning, just getting an extended reps not in preseason?

"A ton. Yeah. It's been a ton and even just mentally. Like I said, the week leading up to the game is just as important, if not more important, than the few reps that I have gotten in games prior. Just for me being able to just stay locked in mentally, our coaching staff helping me out with things like that, it's been awesome and I feel really confident."

Are you ready to just dive right into Arizona since that might be a first start for you?

"Yeah, I'm definitely excited. I'm excited to learn, like I said, learn as much as I can from this one. And then in turn the page after these 24 hours and get started on Arizona."

The 12s traveled to Levi's Stadium to watch the Seattle Seahawks take on the 49ers in their fourth game of the season on October 3, 2021.

Defensive Lineman Nick Bosa

It seemed like you guys got off to a faster start this game. What adjustments did you guys make?

"I think we just came out with a better mentality. I don't think it was too different."

Was it disappointing or hard to not get demoralizing when you get all these three- and-outs and it's still just 7-0? How do you try to stay motivated at that point?

"Yeah, I feel like we always start fast against Seattle and it was 7-0. So obviously, we knew it wasn't close to being over. We knew it was going to be a four-quarter game so, even with the fast start, we were pretty locked in the whole way."

How do think the defense played in the second half? Obviously, you guys started out dominant. From halftime on to that last drive, how do you sort of assess the way you played?

"I think we played pretty well. I think we came with the right mentality and we were running into the ball, trying to get turnovers and we were close to a few of them, but sometimes it's luck with turnovers and we can't seem to get them right now, but we just have to keep going."

After a loss like that and what you had last week and then you lose QB Jimmy Garoppolo and T Trent William's hurt, what's the locker room mood like after a game like this one?

"It's not good whenever you lose, but I think we have a good team and the right mentality and I think we'll be ready to go for next week."

Defensive Lineman Dee Ford

You had a couple of sacks there, is that about as good as you've felt on the field in a while?

"I don't know if I'm going to ever feel how I want to feel. I felt good enough to get some work done, so we just keep stacking from here."

Once you get a sack, you're back. Did it feel like you were getting back in the swing of things?

"Yeah, I've felt fine since Week One. There's just a little rust to a knockoff, but we'll keep stacking from there."

How frustrating was the offsides penalty?

"It's a critical time, so you never want to be that guy to cost your team. That was a very important time of the game, so I just have to be better moving forward. I wasn't sure if I even saw where I was on that particular play, but you can't cut it close. You can't put the game in the ref's hands at that time of the game, so I have to be better moving forward."

You guys ended two consecutive drives with sacks. Did they make adjustments to account for that pass rush?

"Yeah. I think [Seattle Seahawks QB] Russell [Wilson] came out a little bit more decisive getting the ball out of his hands. They had a couple chip protections to just buy some time. But I think really in a nutshell, on defense we just have to be better on first and second down to allow more opportunities on third and long. That's our MO. We want to be great on first and second down. Anytime you can sneak four or five yards to go, you can allow the quarterback to get the ball out of his hands a little quicker. You don't have to hold it. I think it's just more so that we have to be better in those opportunities."

Tight End George Kittle

You got bent back there awkwardly early in the game with your knee, but you bounced back and played.

"Yeah. It's football. You take weird hits. That's what you prepare for in the offseason so your body can take all those weird hits and you can get right back up."

What were you thinking when you found out that QB Trey Lance was going to be playing the second half? Was it a surprise?

"No, I know [QB] Jimmy [Garoppolo] was hurting. We don't know obviously what's going on, but I played with Trey throughout OTAs and training camp. I was excited to see him get a shot and see what he could do and I thought he did pretty well for stepping into the situation that we were in."

You knew that Jimmy was hurt early. Could you tell from his play or was he telling you about it?

"I'm just focused a lot on me trying to do my best out there. And I know Jimmy, he holds himself accountable to play at a high-level. And so, I'm just trying to corral the young guys and guys that just need a little bit of fire you underneath them. Jimmy never needs that, so I just expect Jimmy to always be out there."

Did you say anything to Trey Lance in the huddle just to calm him down after that first series?

"Just play your game. He's a good quarterback. So, he's going to figure it out. I'm not really worried about that. Like I said, he makes plays all the time in practice and stuff. He looks great. So when he was out there, he got his feet underneath him and I thought he started playing at a higher level and we're going to need that the next week."

Wide Receiver Deebo Samuel

When did you know that San Francisco 49ers QB Trey Lance would start the second half?

"At halftime in the locker room."

What was the big change with Trey coming in?

"There really wasn't a big change. We just had to adjust and go off the things that Trey is really good at. That is what we did."

What did you say to try to help him calm his nerves?

"I kind of know what it feels like to be thrown out there. That is kind of what happened to me when I was a rookie but you just have to go out there. Like I told him, I said 'you have to go out there and get that first drive out of the way. Go out there and be yourself, you know that we have your back' and that is what happened as you can see, he made a couple plays for us and gave us a chance to come back in the game."

What was your reaction when you realized how open you were on that touchdown?

"I really didn't realize how open I was until I saw the ball coming at me live."

On that second touchdown, did you guys think you had a chance to win?

"That was our goal to go out there and execute an onside kick and it didn't work and we fell short."

How long did it take Trey Lance to calm down and get into the swing of things?

"I would say after the first drive. After being out there the first drive he calmed down and as you can see he is pretty good and mobile on his feet. As the play breaks down he is able to be a little mobile and move the ball for us."

Linebacker Fred Warner

You guys got off to a fast start today. Anything in particular that you focused on to begin with?

"Yeah, I felt like we did. We came out strong. Our emphasis was just execution. We wanted to make sure we came out and it started the way we did. I was proud of the way we started. We just needed to keep that same level as the game went on."

Did they make any specific adjustment after the first quarter, because in the first four or five minutes, they didn't do anything?

"Yeah, it seemed like it. I'll have to watch it but it seemed like they just tried to spread us out a little more. We needed to be better in the run game and that starts with me. I think they just started converting on third down and we were getting off on third down early in the game."

What was your guys' reaction to seeing QB Trey Lance came out in the second half? I understand that all happened kind of fast.

"Yeah, I didn't really know what had happened with [QB] Jimmy [Garoppolo], but we have a 'next man up' mentality. With any situation, we knew as a defense that we need to make sure we continue competing at a high level. Forever in football it always comes down to the turnover battle. We didn't get the ball out on defense and they got it back twice. It will always start and end there."

I know it's a long season, but you're two and two and just lost to a division rival at home. You got another divisional next on the road. How urgent do things get right now?

"It is always urgent after a loss. It's not that there wasn't urgency after last week's loss. That one stung a lot because of the manner that we lost. It is always going to sting, though, especially in the division. We're going to be mad about it after losing like that. So, there is always a sense of urgency, and it's even at a heightened level I'd say. For myself, and I speak for the rest of the team, we are all going to look at ourselves and see how we can get better. It starts as soon as I leave this spot right here. I got to try and find ways to get the ball out and try and create more takeaways and I know that will lead to a higher percentage for us to win games."

The Seattle Seahawks take on the 49ers in their fourth game of the 2021 season at Levi's Stadium. This album will be updated throughout the game. Game Action photos are presented by Washington Lottery.

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