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What The 49ers Said Following Their 21-13 Win Over The Seahawks

Interviews, transcripts, and press conferences from Week 15's Thursday Night Football game at Lumen Field.


Featuring postgame quotes from the following:


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Head Coach Kyle Shanahan

Q. (On how the year is going)

KYLE SHANAHAN: At the beginning of the year, we had two games that I think got away from us. We didn't let it get to us. Kept working, kept practicing. Felt like our guys have gotten better throughout the year.

Q. (On Brock Purdy's performance)

KYLE SHANAHAN: Definitely another level. It was another level for me just watching someone do it. The injury he had last week, for him to be ready to go today, which still you could tell in pregame warmups a number of things that were really tough for him. For him to be able to just play, let alone to play the way he did, to protect the ball, I knew he struggled to move a little bit at times, but there at the end for the third-and-one, for him to be able to run and move the chains, team had a lot of respect for him before that game, but a lot more now.

Q. The first touchdown the first touchdown to Kittle, faking right and left...

KYLE SHANAHAN: Yeah, it's a play we've ran a few times. Run it like once a year. It was a good look. Got it to the right guy.

Q. Was that a designed run for him on third-and-one?

KYLE SHANAHAN: No, it was a pass to Christian (McCaffrey) in the flat. They took him, then he just kept going.

Q. (No microphone.)

KYLE SHANAHAN: I was. I was there right by him, though, I saw him. I thought he for sure got the first down. When they challenged it... It's weird when guys start to slide. Got nervous when that happened. Once I saw it on the scoreboard, he was starting to slide, but the ball was in front of him. It was pretty easy to see after that.

Q. Is he one of the most mature rookie quarterbacks you've seen in the NFL?

KYLE SHANAHAN: Mature in what way?

Q. How experienced he seems on the field, how poised he is. Plays like a veteran.

KYLE SHANAHAN: He's definitely the most poised rookie I've ever had. He's been like that since he's gotten here. From what I hear about him in college, I think it was very similar, just starting as a freshman. He's been great. He was poised all week. Even him being unsure of whether he'd be able to go or not, I think that was uneasy for him because he didn't know what to expect until he got in the game. Under the circumstances, we didn't have any other options or choice. Going to see how long he could last and ready to go with Josh (Johnson). But he got comfortable and got better as the game went. It was pretty unbelievable.

Q. (On playing in Seattle)

KYLE SHANAHAN: I got a ton of respect for this place. It's a hard place to play. Been a hard place for a long time. But was just real proud of our guys we got it today.

Q. Was he skipping drills early on to limit the work he had to do?

KYLE SHANAHAN: Yes, didn't want to do too much till he had to. That was the concern kind of all week for him. We didn't know exactly how it would play out in the game. But we were ready to go with Plan B as soon as it didn't happen. But it happened, and he stayed out there. Didn't just make it through the game, he played at a real high level and one of the main reasons we won.

Q. (No microphone.)

KYLE SHANAHAN: A little bit. I mean, we try not to put him in some situations. I don't want to get into all those plays. We had a number of plays we weren't going to do today because of where he was at.

Q. (On Christian McCaffrey)

KYLE SHANAHAN: Just giving us another weapon in a different area. I think we got a lot of guys that are interchangeable. To have a back who's such a threat out of the backfield on pass plays, to me as good as anyone in the league at that. Plus the runner he is, pairing him with some of our guys. We haven't had to force much to him. When he can run the ball, catch checkdowns, also be the main guy on some routes, just a great weapon to have.

Q. (No microphone.)

KYLE SHANAHAN: I thought the defense was unbelievable. Didn't give up a touchdown until that last drive. Had some breakdowns on that drive. I think the only thing that really hurt us were some penalties on both sides, offense and defense. We had a 28 and three at one time, got that taken back on the personal foul. Three drives when we were in field goal range. Bad penalty that got us out of there on three of those drives. Our defense was unbelievable. They did it, to me, throughout the whole game. Had one lapse there, two plays on the final drive. They've been unbelievable all year. They're continuing it.

Q. Last year there was a point when you said you weren't quite in rhythm calling the plays. It's not just about you. Do you feel like you're in a rhythm right now?

KYLE SHANAHAN: I mean, depends on the game. There's times where you get in it, just like in that game, and there's times you get out of it. A coach gets into a rhythm with his players. We're just calling plays. You never do just good as a play-caller. Your players are in rhythm, so that gives you a chance to get in rhythm. Sometimes you can help and get a lucky one. But our guys have been playing well. When they're like that, especially the way Brock has been playing, it's really fun to call plays for them.

Q. (No microphone.)

KYLE SHANAHAN: I mean, you don't ever expect someone to be that open. We were hoping to get it called versus quarters, you could pump twice, get him to chase Ray-Ray to the left or pump to the right. When that happens there's no one left for Kittle down the middle. That's the best opportunity for it to happen and it worked out perfectly. He has the explosiveness to score. The second one, we weren't expecting that at all. It was a read across the board. Brock did an awesome job when he got to the left, he was going to go to the flat, and a number of people jumped Christian, they left Kittle all alone. I think it was a three-man rush, which our protection allowed Brock to get all the way across the board and make a big-time play.

Q. (No microphone.)

KYLE SHANAHAN: Yeah, I think he passed it originally. I just didn't feel totally right about it, just talking to him and stuff. We didn't think he should go back in.

Q. (No microphone.)

KYLE SHANAHAN: I thought it was huge. Just watching him, DK is as big of a challenge as any receivers in this league, how physical he is, how explosive he is. Just really cool to watch him battle with him. The one early in the game, I think they missed an offensive PI, from what I saw. They got the one later in the game, the second one. Just watching him battle in the game, not shy away. Thought he played a hell of a game.

Q. (No microphone.)

KYLE SHANAHAN: Just when you get a bigger back in there for some short-yardage situations or some four-minute situations, I think you guys have seen Mason the last month in that role. I think that was a similar situation today.

Q. Were there celebrations going on in there?

KYLE SHANAHAN: I think so. That's why I was late in here. Excited to get back. A little wiped out right now.

Q. (No microphone.)

KYLE SHANAHAN: Yes. The play is called Hollywood because Kittle is supposed to do a good acting job. We've done it in the past where he falls down, so they really forget about him. Sometimes I think it's too obvious when he falls down. The fall down is all good as long as you don't call it versus a blitz. I've called it versus a blitz before. He's sitting there laying on the ground while Nick is waiting for him to get back up. It is not worth it to me. Did a good job of acting without falling down on the ground and we had the right look.

Q. (No microphone.)

KYLE SHANAHAN: I mean, right now I'm still excited to have a few days just to reflect. That's the coolest thing about Thursday games. We had a real good win on Sunday. You don't have time to talk about it, think about it at all to get ready for this. Big win tonight to be able to clinch the division. Have a couple days to relax a little bit. There's no doubt about it, this isn't our final goal by any means. I'm very proud of our team, what we accomplished throughout the year to get to this. Our goal is to get in the tournament. We accomplished that today. Now it's all trying to set that up to be the best situation we can. Hopefully get some of our guys back, too, in the process.

Q. (No microphone.)

KYLE SHANAHAN: He did without throwing. We walked through it yesterday, so...

Q. Is that a play where you need to do it? He should be able to do it full speed to get the timing down?

KYLE SHANAHAN: You'd like to do that with all plays. We hadn't ran that this year yet. But all he's got to do is pump twice and throw it to the middle. It's just playing catch. You should be able to do that (smiling).

Q. Did he throw in practice at all?


Q. His throws today on the field were the first ones he thrown?

KYLE SHANAHAN: Yes. I think he threw a couple in the hotel today when they had a walk-thru in the ballroom.

Q. (No microphone.)

KYLE SHANAHAN: Yeah, that's what the risk was. That's what's so hard about having to activate people. That's why we were nervous on Monday. We wouldn't know until then. If he goes out there and tries to do it, then can't do it, you're just down to one quarterback because you got to decide that before that point. We were all in at that time. Just going to see how long it lasted. It lasted all game.

Q. (No microphone.)

KYLE SHANAHAN: In the ballroom at the hotel, yeah. That's what I was told. They started the walk-through. I come here right away. I wasn't at the walk-through.

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QB Brock Purdy

Q. Was there ever a point the last four days where you thought you might not be able to play tonight?

BROCK PURDY: I don't think so. I knew that I was going to come out, start the game off, just try to get into a rhythm, see how my oblique and all that kind of stuff felt, make a decision honestly. My mindset was, man, I'm coming into this place to play and to start. That was that, so...

Q. How did it feel?

BROCK PURDY: In warmups and stuff, sort of had to work through some pain and whatnot. Once the game started, man, I was ready to roll. Felt a little something throughout the game and whatnot on some throws. For the most part, man, our treatment staff and everyone did great in terms of getting me ready. I was definitely able to play for four quarters.

Q. On being injured and playing on a short week

BROCK PURDY: Yeah, I mean, honestly just my mindset was, man, even though I haven't thrown a ball, I played four days ago, I know where guys are supposed to be, I know what it's like to rip a ball on rhythm and on time. I just wanted to make sure my motion was good at some walkthroughs. Wasn't ripping anything. But I knew once game time had come around, the adrenaline would be pumping and my blood would be flowing and I'd be just fine. I'm glad it turned out well.

Q. On George Kittle

BROCK PURDY: Yeah, man, I think the first one, he faked two screens, then throw to Kittle down the middle, a great play designed and call by Kyle, man. That was huge. Just to get George the ball, then have him get the yards after the catch, man, that's what he does best. That was awesome. Then the other one, man, credit to Christian. He had a swing out to the left, the defense was right out of the half, game planning to stop Christian, because I kept hitting him out of the backfield. Christian brought all the attention. George slipped through on the corner. Just made sure I got him the ball. He did the rest after. That's who George is, honestly one of the best in the NFL of making a play after the catch.

Q. On his first-down rush late in the game

BROCK PURDY: Yeah, another pretty good play call by Kyle. In a sense, fake a run, rollout right, got Christian in the flat. My mindset was we got to get this clock moving, get the chains. I knew I had whoever was chasing me beat. Going back I'd probably dive head first. I made it a little too close at the slide with the ball out. Glad we got the first down and had the chains and clock rolling. Credit to Kyle for the play calling. That was a great call, at the right time.

Q. On what was going through his mind on his first-down run

BROCK PURDY: I think it was sort of going through my mind. This whole week it was, man, do your part in terms of getting the ball out, stay safe, try not to take any unnecessary hits. In that moment I thought I had the guy beat well enough so that I could slide right when I got past the sticks. It was a little close. The competitive side of me says just dive head first, get it quick whether it hurts or not, try to win in that kind of moment. I'm glad we got the first down either way.

Q. You seem like a guy who stays in the moment. 11 days off now. Can you think four days ago Tom Brady was on the other team, you win, and for your second start you win the NFC West. Has that sunk in?

BROCK PURDY: Yeah, I mean, it's special and everything. Man, honestly I'm just like another component. I'm another piece of this team in terms of a guy coming in, doing what he's asked. I'm the quarterback. I have to make decisions. I trust in how the coaches teach me throughout the week. I just try to get the ball out to the guys on time. Honestly, man, I don't think Jimmy and Trey get enough credit for what they've done. I'm just now coming on the scene where these guys have been here throughout the off-season for Trey, then Jimmy coming in and leading these guys and winning. For me to come in, I just want to continue what they got rolling. A big credit to Jimmy and Trey for what they've done, especially in the quarterback room, for the team. I'm just trying to do my part in terms of where we're at now in the season. Definitely not all praise to Brock and what Brock has done. Those guys deserve all the credit. I appreciate those guys.

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Running Back Christian McCaffrey

(On his emotion after this win) "It's hard to put into words. It's been a wild roller coaster. Obviously, we still have a lot more left. But it's nice to be able to celebrate this one with an amazing group of guys. I'm just so fortunate to be a part of this team."

(On the resilience of the team since they're on their third starting quarterback) "I got here and I didn't know anything or know anyone personally. I think it's a testament from the top down. From the ownership to the coaches and to the leaders on the team. They've built this culture for a long time and it's very obvious as soon as you get there. A guy like Brock [Purdy] who is able to step in like that is a testament to Brock's character and his resilience. And it's also a testament to guys like Jimmy [Garoppolo], Trey [Lance] and that whole room because they see everyone. That's just a cool thing to be a part of. Everyone on this team just plays with so much passion and purpose. You can see it in the way they work all week. Like I said, I think my first emotion is just thankful to be a part of this team" 

(On being ready to play on Thursday night after playing four days ago) "It's tough. Those Thursday games are tough. But it is what it is. You've got to find a way. Our staff is really good at getting guys back and ready to go. We put in a lot of recovery hours after last Sunday. You do everything you can to get ready to go for Thursday night."

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Linebacker Fred Warner

(On how special was this win today for the team and himself) "It was really special. Now being in it for a little bit, my fifth year, I've gotten one division title, and they don't come every year. You have to grind for it knowing that we got it in this fashion, in this atmosphere. It means the world. It was a complete team win. We needed everybody and I'm super proud of the group."

(On the best part of the celebration in the locker room) "What happens in the locker room, stays in the locker room. Lots of dancing and screaming."

(On if he knew if Brock Purdy was going to play in the game today) "I didn't know that. I'm glad he did play. I'm super proud of Brock (Purdy) in the way that he is competed and obviously fighting through adversity today. I can't speak enough about how big he played for us."

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Defensive Lineman Nick Bosa

(On if it means more to clinch the division with a victory in Seattle) "Yeah, it does. It's one of our rivals, so it's a great feeling to be in the mix." 

(On if he could get a sense that he was going to have success against the Seahawks offensive line early in the game) "Yeah, I think just from the first time we played them, we knew we had an advantage and we were going to take full advantage of it. Yeah, we definitely did our job." 

(On what the explanation was for his roughing the passer call was) "I landed on him. I don't know, I thought he still had the ball, so I was kind of thinking about it while I was going to the ground, whether he had the ball or not. I forgot to roll off, I'm usually better at doing that. It was a good call I guess." 

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Defensive Lineman Arik Armstead

(On if winning the division in Seattle means more because of how difficult it is to play there) "Yeah, for sure. It's definitely tough, I've only done it twice in my eight years, so that shows you how tough it is. To do it in Seattle, we wouldn't want it any other way. They are a team that has been a thorn in our side ever since I have been here, so to get it done against them definitely felt great." 

(On the Seahawks offensive line) "They have a good offensive line. They have two rookie tackles. Their tackles aren't as experienced as other guys, but they have a solid offensive line and we had to get after them and attack them. It just wasn't easy." 

(On if he had to step up due to the teams' injuries)"Yeah, I definitely put a lot on myself. I know this team is going to need me to be at my best down the stretch to get to where we want to get. I definitely put a lot of responsibility on myself to go out there and do my job at a high level." 

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Safety Tashaun Gipson & Safety Talanoa Hufanga

(Gipson on the outcome...) "It's hard getting here, man, but when you have a great group of guys around you, I credit the guys around me, man, most definitely. Huf, man, when I first got here, just helping me understand the defensive things like that. Obviously, this is an exciting time, and it's exciting to be sharing this backfield with him, and obviously watching him grow. He should have five picks right now. I want you all to know that right now."

(Hufanga on interceptions...) "Just so guys know, he took my juice away before the play. He grabbed my hands and took away my hands. Sometimes he doesn't have the best hands. He comes up to me during the game, asks me for the hands. I should have five."

(On if Hufanga is trying to help Gipson reach 30 career interceptions) Hufanga: "With the production that he's had, I was aware before the season started, I was like, 'Man, I have to be on top of this. So once he got the first one early on against Seattle, I think I was the first one to see him right on their sideline actually because I knew it was such a big moment. I'm like yelling at him. 'It's 30! That's 30!' He blacked out for a second. He was just sprinting to the end zone. I've never seen a dude run faster to the end zone after a celebration than this guy. I'm like, 'Calm down, bro.'"

(Gipson on his reaction:) "It's excitement, man, it's excitement. It's just energy that I feed off of, young guys like this. He keeps me young, obviously, he truly keeps me young. It's just a blessing. I credit that first one to him. He definitely had his hands on that. It's just a pleasure, man. It's so fun playing this season, not just in this defense but when you have guys you truly have a bond with, you have genuine love for. It makes playing football more fun. I'm just having fun right now."

(On making progress) Hufanga: "The biggest thing from him coming in is just changing my perspective. He has so many years in the game, which he really understands what it takes to be a great National Football League player. I just want to keep learning and be a sponge and absorb as much knowledge from him. Like he said, I've got a lot of energy, but sometimes I need to get a little more knowledge in my head, and that's where he comes and takes me back. That's where I give him credit."

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Tight End George Kittle

(On what the celebration was like in the locker room) "Fantastic. Great vibes. Actually they pulled me and Brock (Purdy) out for some Thursday night, we had to go talk to Tony (Gonzalez) and (Ryan) Fitzpatrick and (Richard Sherman) and (Andrew) Whitworth. So I missed a little bit of it, but I'm assuming I'll be able to party on the plane just a little bit with them. So I'll continue that vibe."

(On what Richard Sherman had to say) "Just so happy. He meant a lot to me when he played here. I learned a lot from him. Just like how to be a (veteran) player. How to hold yourself, how to try to be great every single day. Every time you see him, he has such an energy to him. You can tell how much he misses the game. But just how much he appreciates football and how much he loves football players. Every time you see him, you just get the biggest smile on your face. You can just feel his energy. Playing in front of Sherm always means a lot to me."

(On what his mindset is on the play call nicknamed "Hollywood") "Touchdown. Every time. That's your thought process. Whenever Kyle (Shanahan) dials something up that you know you're going to get the ball, you try to speak it into existence where you have to say 'Touchdown.' You just have to visualize it. It was actually perfect. I have to see the tape, but the way it sounded, I heard like a radio call of it. It's a fake left, it's a fake right, all the backers vacate the middle and I just kind of block, block, block and then I go. We ran it against the Rams in 2018 where I fake cut block on the front side and then I got up and ran. That one didn't score so we stayed up this time and it worked out a lot better."

(On how meaningful it is to win the NFC West in Seattle for the second time) "Well first off, this stadium and these fans, they're fantastic. You feel their hate and you just got to love it. Our 49ers fans, we hate them and they hate us. But it's fantastic atmosphere. It's always so loud. The fans bring it every single time. Being able to win here means a lot. I really learned that when I played with Joe Staley and he would talk about how hard it is to win here. He's had big games here where he's won, he's had big games where he's lost. I just kind of channel my Joe Staley energy tonight. Definitely thought about that. I just remember when we beat them in 2019 and Joe was crying coming off the field. You feel that. And you realize how hard it is because you don't get to this situation very often. My tight end coach told me last night in like 15 or 20 years he's been coaching in the NFL, this was his fourth or fifth opportunity ever to clinch a division. He's like they don't come very often so don't let this opportunity pass. Bring everything you can tonight, you're going to get a couple days off. Doesn't matter how tired you are, bring it every single snap so we can celebrate. Just have to take that to heart and go for it."

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Fullback Kyle Juszczyk

(On if in 2019 he feels this team has the same level of dominance in all three phases of the game) "Yes and no. We talked about that last night. In '19, we started off 8-0. The closest game was the 9-0 game in Washington. But then after that we had a lot of close one-score games, and this season we hadn't had a lot of one-score games. But we knew going into Seattle, just the rivalry that we have and a division game, we kind of expected it to be a close game. I think that goes a long way for the young guys to be able to experience that hostile environment, a close game where it's loud, people are injured and people have to step up. And for us to get that win, man, that's just a lot of good stuff to carry over later into the season."

(On the importance of the No. 2 seed) "Huge. Any time you can play at home, that's going to be to your advantage, especially us on the West Coast. Typically, on the West Coast you have to travel more than anybody, so for us to continue winning and move up in the seed chart is big for us."

(On the pump-pump touchdown) "That was a great call. Hollywood is what we call it. We have a little history of success with it. I think George ran it the first time in '19 in L.A. He ran it another time in '20 or '21 for I think a touchdown. But I've seen other teams run it. Kansas City has run it. You fake one way, you fake the other way, and George is going right up the middle. It was a very well-schemed and well-timed call."

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Defensive Back Jimmie ward

(On if winning the division and earning a playoff spot takes the pressure off or do they have to work just as hard) "You have to work hard because every team is going to come in and give us their best shot. Everybody is saying 'San Fran' this and 'San Fran' that, and I can guarantee you these coaches are going to get their players as hyped, [saying] this is a playoff team and this and that. Washington is going to come in hot and it's going to be a big challenge."

(On what the key was to the victory tonight) "Brock Purdy. We played great team ball. They made some plays, but we ended up making more. The defense, we gave up some points, we gave up a score in the second half. It is what it is. We have to give credit to those guys too. They came out and played a great game. Seattle always gives us a tough game. The first time, I want to say they didn't even score on the first time on defense. But this time they came out ready to play. But, like I said, we made more plays than what they did and came out with the win."

(On being excited about Brock Purdy's play) "Yes. I've seen it in practice like how he carries himself. [During] the reps and the scout team, he worked on timing. And that's not something that you often see. You don't see a quarterback work on timing and actually try to get the ball out of his hands within those three seconds. And that's what he worked on so when he got into the game and he did what he did, nobody was surprised. I wasn't surprised because he practiced like he played. That's one thing that I'm big on. Practice like you play so you won't have any surprises. Hustle in practice and you'll hustle in the game. Make plays in practice and you'll make plays in the game."

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Check out some of the best action shots from Week 15 vs. the San Francisco 49ers at Lumen Field on December 15, 2022. Game action photos are presented by Washington's Lottery.

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