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What The 49ers Are Saying About The Seahawks

Check out what 49ers coaches and players are saying about the Seahawks before the two teams meet in Week 12 at Levi’s Stadium.


Check out what 49ers  coaches and players are saying about the Seahawks before the two teams meet in Week 12 at Levi's Stadium, via

Head Coach Kyle Shanahan

(On what are 2-3 key pieces of advice for Beathard about facing the Seahawks defense…) "You just have to understand that if they get you in a one dimensional game, they tee off on the quarterback and they play such sound, good zone defenses that that is going to be extremely hard for a rookie and extremely hard for any other quarterback in this league.  If you turn the ball over, it's very tough versus these guys because if they get up on you, you become one dimensional.  So you have to be smart in what you do and you can't be conservative. If you see something, you have to hesitate and let it rip, but you also have to understand that they are going to have their times when the pressure gets to you and you aren't going to be able to do anything about it and you got to make sure that you don't turn it over.  You have to play very smart football.  Every play matters in this game and the main thing with the quarterback versus these defenses that can run like this and are as sound as these guys are and have been playing together as long as them, it's very rare that just one guy go out there and beat it, or the quarterback.  You have to have a good run game, you have to do good on third down, you defense has to play well too so you are not caught in a one dimensional game throwing it and it's really a huge team effort versus someone like this."

(On if the Seahawks defense looked different without Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor…) "No, not at all.  They haven't changed for eight years and it don't matter. It is a very sound defense.  You know what you are going to get and you would think that makes it easier, but it doesn't.  That is why it is very sound and it's tough to go against and nothing changes with those guys out."

Quarterback C.J. Beathard

(On the Seahawks defense…)"It's our second time playing them this year. Yeah, they've got a really good defense and a lot of good players back there. Honestly, I think we've got a good game plan going into it but it's all about executing and making the plays we can make."

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