What Pro Bowl Players Are Saying About The Seattle Seahawks

A look at what the best players in the NFL are saying about the Seahawks' Pro Bowlers.

Check out what AFC and NFC Pro Bowl players are saying about members of the Seattle Seahawks that will be playing in Sunday's game in Orlando.

Carolina Panthers Linebacker Thomas Davis 

(On what impresses him about Seahawks linebackers Bobby Wagner and K.J. Wright…) "I think when you look at K.J. and Bobby, by the way they work on the field, you can tell that those guys have been around each other for a long time. The chemistry is there that you need to play the position when you're out there. I sort of look at the way me and Luke (Kuechly) have been able to play as unit, and that's what I see in those guys and they have fun doing it. They play fast and do it the way you're supposed to do it at the position and I definitely feel like they have the potential to be the best tandem in the league. 

(On why Wright doesn't get the recognition he deserves…) "It's one of those things with K.J. and myself where we kind of get caught up in the numbers. When you think about the outside linebacker spot and who gets those positions, it usually goes to the 3-4 guys. They don't really show a lot of love for the 4-3 guys, so for both of us to be here today, I think that really speaks to how we're evolving as a position group. Hopefully someday they'll create a position where it's 4-3 guys and 3-4 outside linebackers that can co-exist in the Pro Bowl." 

Minnesota Vikings Cornerback Xavier Rhodes 

(On what stands out to him about Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman…) "I watched three guys while I was in college, looking at their technique. It was Sherm, Pat P (Patrick Peterson) and Darelle Revis, those were the three guys I looked at going into college and trying to mimic their techniques and everything. Those guys have been the best in the league for a while, ever since they got in the league. You wonder how you can mimic their games and how did they get to being the best. Going into the league, my whole process was just watching film on them and watching those guys' techniques. Sherm, with him being my size, we play similar using our length and everything. I look at him and the thing he does best is just use his body. He's patient and attacks the ball when it's in the air, too. That's one of the things I noticed about Sherm. He's just a great corner and I believe he's going to be in the Hall of Fame — everyone knows he's going to be in the Hall of Fame. Why not learn from him?

(On how he sees Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin as a route runner…) "I was just asking him, I said 'bro, what do they do to you? Do they quick jam you or press you?' He said 'they either do that or don't press me at all.' With a guy like him, he can come in and out of his breaks so fast, he can run down the field, he has good hands and can attack the ball. You've got to figure out ways to cover him. It's also a great battle (practicing against him). It's always a great mental and physical battle with him. Sometimes he can catch three balls and you'll think, 'man, I've got to figure out a way to stop this guy.' Sometimes he'll get physical with you. Watching film on him and everything, he's a good receiver."

Denver Broncos Cornerback Chris Harris Jr.

(On what he takes from Sherman…) "I love Sherm's leadership. Just talking to Sherm this week and picking his mind, it's all about his leadership qualities and how he tries to lead his secondary and them boys. That's something that I would love (to do). We have that on our team, but just chopping it up with him, it's something I love about his game."

(On what he thinks makes Baldwin's game as a wide receiver so special…) "I love Doug Baldwin. Coming in the same draft class with me and then being an undrafted guy, just to see the way he came up in the league is impressive. I'm excited to go against him and I'm glad that he made it here, and to see another undrafted guy make it … I just salute his hard work."

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Wide Receiver Mike Evans

(On what it was like facing Sherman in the regular season…)"It's fun going against all corners, but a physical guy like Richard Sherman, who is one of the best in the league — my favorite defender of all-time — it was awesome. He's a long guy, real smart, real instinctive. He's so long that it's hard to create separation, but it's just a physical battle throughout the game, and when the refs let you play, that's a fun game."

(On Baldwin's ability on the field…) "He's so underrated. I think he's a top-10 guy. He can make the crazy catches and he's so physical. He's similar to Steve Smith in his prime, and he's been a cool guy the whole time I've been talking to him. I think he's a great player."

Kansas City Chiefs Tight End Travis Kelce 

(On Jimmy Graham's skillset as a tight end…) "Man, he's like a Clydesdale out there. He just gallops around like an animal that's unlike any other on the field. Jimmy's athletic ability is unmatched in the NFL, I honestly believe that. The way he can get up and run and go get the ball, it's special. That's why you love watching him just to see him make those crazy plays — the one-handed catches, the hurdles and all that fun stuff."

(On how Graham has helped change the position…) "The whole shebang. He's changing it just in terms of how often we get the ball. I think he had close to 100 catches one of those years in New Orleans, if not, he did have 100 catches. What he's been able to do for the success for all the tight ends around the league is big."

Cleveland Browns Tackle Joe Thomas 

(On what impresses him about Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril…)"They're two outstanding players. Cliff mostly plays over the right tackle, so I don't have as much experience against him as I do Michael Bennett. But Michael is so special because he has that rare combination of strength, hand quickness and he's unpredictable. He makes guys miss on par with J.J. Watt. He's an incredibly difficult guy to play against because of how relentless he plays.

(On Bennett's ability to shift at the line of scrimmage…) "As far as lining up in one gap thinking that's his gap, he'll jump two gaps over one way or the other. It's hard to know what he's going to do."

Green Bay Packers Tackle David Bakhtiari

(On what it's like to face Bennett and Avril…) "They compete, they're very tough individuals. Avril is a very explosive individual around the edge and Michael Bennett, the best way I can describe him is as a wildcard. How you see him on field is a good representation of how you see him off the field. He's just a wildcard, you never really know what he's going to do. He'll line up wherever and do anything and he's affective in what he can do. It's always a good battle when you're going against those guys."

(On Bennett's versatility to line-up all over the defensive line…) "He's very instinctive. I think football comes very natural to him and with that, if you feel something, he's going to act on it. I think that's what makes him a special player and that's what ultimately gets him here." 

(On where Bennett and Avril rank as a duo in the NFL…) "I think they're definitely in the conversation when you talk about the best duos in the league."

Miami Dolphins Defensive End Cameron Wake

(On what he thinks about Bennett and Avril as a fellow pass-rusher…) "Relentlessness. As a pass-rusher, that's one thing that you have to have. You have to have short memory and that never say die attitude no matter what the situation is. Even if the first move doesn't work, go to your second, your third, your fourth and tenth if you have to, and those guys are both explosive off the ball and they keep going until they get the job done. That's the only way to be successful in this league." 

(On Bennett's versatility…) "The more you can do, the better. The ability to move inside, outside, it keeps the offense on their toes. They don't necessarily know what to expect, where you're going to be, and at the same time, you have a different skillset that you can use on both (offensive lineman), whether it's a guard or a tackle. Sometimes, you might need speed and quickness and sometimes you need explosion and power. Being able to pull whatever you need out of the tool box at any given situation, that makes you very tough to block."

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