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What Pete Carroll, Doug Baldwin & Richard Sherman Are Saying About The Arizona Cardinals

Hear what head coach Pete Carroll, receiver Doug Baldwin, and cornerback Richard Sherman had to say about the Seahawks' Week 7 opponent.

Head coach Pete Carroll, receiver Doug Baldwin, and cornerback Richard Sherman met with the media before the team's "Competition Wednesday" practice at Renton's Virginia Mason Athletic Center as Seattle prepares for its Week 7 game against the NFC West rival Cardinals (3-3) in Arizona. Here's a look at what each of them had to say about the Seahawks' next opponent: 

Head Coach Pete Carroll

(On what he sees from Arizona and if they look similar to last year...) "They are similar. It's the same stuff and they're really good at what they do. If you look at their numbers and all that inside of the final score of a few of those games they're playing really well. Defense is like fourth-ranked in the League and offense is putting up a bunch of yards and a bunch of stats and all of that. The issues have been turnovers for them. You look at the wins and they're plus-10, the losses they're minus-six, so it's pretty clear that that's been the issue for them, which is basically an issue for most teams. Nothing new there."

(On the Cardinals rushing attack...)"[David] Johnson is really good. He's better than he was last year, just more experienced. I think they're spotting him in more pointedly to utilize him to make plays and do things. He's the most explosive player on their team right now. He's got a bunch of explosive plays already, averaging five yards a carry and he's got eight touchdowns. He's out there. He's having a phenomenal year. … There's no question that he can do everything. He does everything, and they know that so they use him, so you have to be really tuned in. He'll get down the field, he'll get outside and run routes, all that stuff. He's the most effective guy that we're seeing in terms of catches and numbers and all that stuff."  

(On if Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald ages...) "No. He doesn't look any different than he did five, six years ago, seven years ago when we got to the division. He's phenomenal and he just keeps doing it and he does so many things. He's not just a catcher, he does a ton of stuff. It's been all documented and all. He's a great, great player."

(On Arizona pass rushers Markus Golden and Chandler Jones...)"Markus has improved. He's just better. He's more consistently bringing the heat and looks more equipped with his moves and all that. He's really a good physical guy anyway, but he's just learning. Six sacks this early in the season, that's a big jump. Chandler, he's a whole different package. A real tall, long guy, kind of like Aldon Smith type of an athlete and he's a real problem. Those guys are really helping them. The fact that Golden's better and they acquire [Jones], and Corey Peters is helping them too, he's a nice player also. So they've got a good group. They're rushing the passer as well as anybody in the League right now."

(On the Seahawks' success playing at Arizona, winning three games in a row...) "12s show up. … I guess our people like to get out of the northwest and get down there, get to Arizona. But we've had great crowds down there. They've been really good to us and we fortunately have played pretty well."

WR Doug Baldwin

(On how the Cardinals defense looks compared to last year…) "There's some wrinkles, there are some changes, they've got some new personnel. But for the most part they are still a very good defense. I think their record doesn't really show just how talented they are. They've been in some tough games, they've also won some big games, won by big as well. But their defense is stout, they're still steady at what they did. It's going to be a great matchup for us on Sunday."

(On how Arizona defensive back Tyrann Mathieu plays different now compared to the first time he played him…)"He's playing a lot of one-high, as far as being the back safety. I don't know why, I would conclude that it's probably because of his injury, taking him a little bit more time to recover from that. But he's still making plays. He's still out there showing that he's on the field making his presence felt, so we have to be aware of him wherever he is. There's some subtleties and differences in there, in their defense because of that, but for the most part, like I said, their defense is still stout."

(On if he's excited to potentially line up against former Seahawks cornerback Tharold Simon, who plays for the Cardinals…)"Yeah, more so just because you go against him all the time in practice, you don't really get to go against these guys in a game-time setting. So looking forward to seeing him again on a personal level, but also being able to play against him because it's the first time I'll be able to do that."

CB Richard Sherman

(On why he has a healthy respect for Larry Fitzgerald…) "Because he's a great professional. He's a pro's pro. He goes out there every day and works hard, plays hard, plays between the whistle, tries to help his team win. You've got to respect the guy. He does a great job in the community with his philanthropy and I have a ton of respect for that."

(On if Arizona looks different in terms of how often they're throwing the ball down field…) "No, they're trying to get it down the field just the same amount of the time. They're not hitting them the same amount as they are, but that could always change. Last year, Carson [Palmer] was on an incredible tear and things just aren't falling the same way for them right now, but as you know things can change in this League on the drop of a dime."

(On how unique David Johnson is…)"He's pretty unique, but no more unique than [Tevin] Coleman from last week [against the Falcons], they had a pair of great backs last week. [Johnson has] done a great job getting yards, I think he leads the League in yards right now, so you've got to make sure you account for him obviously in their run game, but it's just about playing sound football."

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