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Updates On Chris Carson & Duane Brown And Other Takeaways From Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll's Monday Press Conference

News and notes from Seahawks coach Pete Carroll’s Monday press conference following a Week 10 loss to the Packers.


The Seahawks are back in Seattle after a tough Week 10 loss to Green Bay, and on Monday Seahawks coach Pete Carroll met with the media to discuss what went wrong in Sunday's 17-0 loss, what comes next, and also provide a handful of injury updates. 

Here are five takeaways from Carroll's Monday presser:

1. Good news on Duane Brown; Ryan Neal is in the concussion protocol.

The Seahawks finished Sunday's game without left tackle Duane Brown, who left the game with a hip injury, and safety Ryan Neal, who was evaluated for a concussion. Carroll said Neal is in the concussion protocol now, which means there won't be any clarity on his situation until late in the week, but the news appears to be good on Brown.

"It looks like we might have dodged a bullet here with Duane," Carroll said. "He's got a little hip strain, but we got good reports today. So we'll take it one day at a time, but we might be lucking out on that one."

2. Nothing new on Chris Carson.

Running back Chris Carson, who has been on injured reserve with a neck injury, returned to practice last week, but was not able to get back for Sunday's game. Asked about Carson's status for this week, Carroll didn't provide an update, but said they'll revisit things on Wednesday.

"I'll give you an update on that in a couple of days here," Carroll said. "I don't have anything for you right now. I don't have an update for you, but we'll be revisiting all of that by Wednesday."

3. The Seahawks "did not run the ball enough" on Sunday.

The Seahawks attempted 40 passes while rushing only 16 times on Sunday, and only 11 of those runs were by running backs, with Russell Wilson scrambles accounting for the other five carries. Those numbers were somewhat skewed because the Seahawks were playing from behind in the fourth quarter, but Carroll would still like to see his team run the ball more.

"I didn't like that we didn't get the ball run more," Carroll said. "In a close game like that, I just would have expected that we would run the ball more than we did. Running backs carried the ball 11 times; that's not enough. It's not enough to get any rhythm, it's not enough to get the feel for the game. We got so few plays in the first half in particular, that we just never got going."

This isn't the first time Carroll has lamented his team's lack of a running game this season, but it's not as simple as just calling more running plays. Instead, Carroll said, the issue is the offense just isn't staying on the field enough to get enough total plays to get the running game going.

"It's not making first downs," he said. "There's not enough chances. We came out and ran the ball, hit an 11, hit a 6, we got some movement and some space, but then we didn't convert and we're off the field. We have been in this rhythm a lot this year where our opponent will move the ball and kill some clock, and we're playing good defense, but it's still eating up clock, and when we're not making first downs on the other side, the first half is squished into and nothing. We're not creating enough movement and that means we have to drive the ball better. So that's that comes from being efficient on first and second down. Obviously you need to convert (on third down), but we would rather be making first and second down move for us so we make some first downs there as well. It just hasn't caught fire the way it needs to, so it's still a work in progress for us."

4. A month off likely affected Russell Wilson's play.

While neither Russell Wilson nor Carroll were willing to blame Wilson's surgically repaired finger for his poor performance on Sunday, Carroll did acknowledge that a long layoff might have affected Wilson's play.

"We expected to come out and pop the ball around and look like we did in practice, but we weren't as sharp at getting the ball thrown and caught. They had something to do with that, but I would say that there is no question that if you don't play for a month, it's going to affect you. We were hoping that we would be able to find our way and get going, but unfortunately, it wasn't quite as sharp. Maybe in this week coming back we will be a little more on it and more precise"

5. Tre Brown continues to shine.

Cornerback Tre Brown started at left cornerback again on Sunday, playing every defensive snap, and he once again showed that he belongs on this stage despite being a rookie who was a fourth-round pick in this year's draft, and who missed the start of this season on injured reserve. On Sunday, Brown was solid in coverage all night, had a big pass breakup on fourth down, and he had perfect coverage on an early deep ball that went incomplete.

"He played really well," Carroll said. "In the opportunities that he got, he really came through and made good plays. He made a really good play on deep balls, had a couple of good challenges, and he's playing really well technique wise. His footwork is really good, on the deep ball that he played, it was like a perfect play. The fourth down win that he had was a big play. He's doing well, I'm not surprised from the information that we had early, and it said this is what he looked like. I'm talking all the way back to camp when we started going with him. He's coming through and earning himself a spot."

The Seattle Seahawks take on the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on November 14, 2021. This album will be updated throughout the game. Game Action photos are presented by Washington's Lottery.

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