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Updates From John Schneider's January 16 Press Conference reporter John Boyle reported live as John Schneider spoke with the media at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center.


A week after the news that Pete Carroll's role within the organization would evolve, Seahawks Executive Vice President/General Manager John Schneider addressed the media.

Following along, Senior Digital Media Reporter John Boyle shared updates live from the Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

The full press conference is available to watch via the Seahawks' YouTube account.

Opening Statement

11:17 a.m. PT: John Schneider opens his press conference by noting there is room to grow.

"We are all here today because we underachieved in 2023. We all did."

Thank You, Pete

11:21 a.m. PT: Schneider reflects on his 14-year partnership with Pete Carroll, saying "it's been a great experience."

What's Next

11:23 a.m. PT: "We have a clear directive from [Seahawks Chair] Jody Allen as we embark on our coaching search."

Schneider says two key factors in finding the next Seahawks head coach are maintaining the culture established here, and "how are we going to evolve? Who's going to help us move to the next level."

He adds that interviews for the head coach position are set to start "tomorrow," Wednesday, January 17.

11:32 a.m. PT: As a result of the role changes, Schneider said the coaching staff will now fall under his umbrella, unlike in the past. He will also will have final say on personnel.

Schneider says he sees the Seahawks as a young team "right on the cusp," noting that the coaching job is "very attractive because of that."

Seahawks clear out their lockers and sit in their last team meeting at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center in Renton, Wash. to conclude their 2023 season.

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