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The Ageless Jason Peters & Other Takeaways From Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll's Monday Press Conference

News and notes from Seahawks coach Pete Carroll’s Monday press conference following his team’s Week 10 win over Washington.


The Seahawks won in dramatic fashion on Sunday, driving to take the lead late in the fourth quarter, then again to win the game with a field goal on the final play of the game, with the end result being a 29-26 win over the Washington Commanders that improved Seattle's record to 6-3.

"We had good meetings today coming off of this ball game yesterday," Carroll said. "There's a lot of good things that happened and there's a lot of stuff to fix and correct as always. We feel like we're on it and pleased that we made it out pretty healthy and looking forward to getting going this week. There was a lot of stuff that I really liked in that game. I like that we got back to playing 60 minutes of football. It was very similar and familiar to the other games that we have been playing that have been in the same fashion. To me, that's a big deal. We've got a way that we want to play football and that will take us all the way through the finish. I really like that, and it gives us a chance to win in every game."

Here are seven takeaways, including an injury update, from Carroll's Monday press conference:

1. Jason Peters had his best game as a Seahawk.

While Stone Forsythe again got the start at right tackle, Jason Peters split time with him there for the third week in a row, and with Peters playing his best game since joining the team, the Seahawks rode the hot hand, so to speak, giving him the majority of the playing time despite not starting, with Peters playing 56 snaps at right tackle while Forsythe played 25.

"He just played a really good football game," Carroll said. "He did a very nice job. It was obviously his best play for us, and that's why we left him in. We had planned to split the time. We liked the way he was going so we just kind of left him out there and we're pleased to have him out there at the end and down the stretch. There was some concern about how his endurance would be, staying out there, because he hadn't played a lot in the last couple of weeks. This week was a chance to see him go and he came through in a big fashion."

As for how Peters is still getting the job done at 41 years old, Carroll said, "The obvious trait that he shows is that he's got great feet and his quickness. You would think as you get older, you would lose that, but he has the ability to move and change direction and redirect and stuff that guys that are playing that are young don't have. Pretty special player."

The Seahawks will have a decision to make on Peters this week, as he has been elevated from the practice squad for three straight games, meaning for him to play again this weekend or beyond, the Seahawks will have to make a move to add him to the 53-man roster.

2. Abraham Lucas will return to practice, though it's too soon to know when he'll be game ready.

Speaking of right tackles, Carroll said that Abraham Lucas, who has been on injured reserve since leaving the season opener with a knee injury, will be back on the practice field this week. Whether or not that means he'll be available when the Seahawks play the Rams on Sunday remains to be seen.

"We're going to see," Carroll said. "We're going to see what he does, what he looks like and how he feels about it and how he responds to the workload of the actual football stuff. He has a chance, he could. We'll see what happens."

3. Bobby Wagner continues to get the job done in Year 12.

The Seahawks expected Bobby Wagner to make big contributions to the team when they re-signed him this offseason, but it's hard to imagine they envisioned this type of every-down production from the 12-year veteran. With 10 more tackles on Sunday, as well as half a sack and two passes defensed, Wagner is up to 95 tackles this season, a team high, leaving him just five short of 100, a benchmark he has hit every year in his career. And of course in addition to that production, Wagner has also provided the type of leadership that has helped the Seahawks respond well to tough losses like the one they suffered in Baltimore in Week 9, or in the season opener against the Rams, with Seattle winning both games coming off those losses.

"He's doing great," Carroll said. "The way we play him and the demands of the position really suit him well. The best we've ever done for him. We're trying to maximize everything that he brings. He's tackling well, really solid tackler, his pass coverage stuff and his own stuff has really been nice. He's doing great. Not to even mention all of the other things that he brings, it's the leadership, the direction, the toughness and all of that stuff."

4. "The sky's the limit" for Boye Mafe.

Carroll, like just about everyone else, is running out of superlatives when it comes to describing the play of second-year outside linebacker Boye Mafe. A solid contributor as a rookie, Mafe has emerged as a young star in his second season, recording a sack in seven straight games to set a franchise record previously set by Michael Sinclair in 1997 and 1998.

"I'm thrilled that's what we're seeing," Carroll said. "Who would have predicted he'd set a record for consecutive sacks. The sky is the limit, and he's just getting started. He's still a new guy coming up, but he's playing with such consistency now that it gives him a chance to be available for those kinds of plays. He hit it right on his rush, even though Leonard (Williams) did set it up beautifully, he's still got to hit it right and time it right. He did it perfectly and gets a clean sack and nails the quarterback perfectly. He was close a number of times on the touchdown pass that they threw to (Antonio) Gibson. You can't get closer to stopping that play with his rush, and it looks like he's getting held. He's hitting the quarterback; the quarterback's arm can't even go past the release. He's so close on that one. He's causing problems and I'm really fired up about it."

5. The run game was better Sunday, but Carroll still wants to get more out of it.

After struggling to get much going on the ground—or in any other phase of the game—in Week 9, the Seahawks ran the ball better and more often against Washington, with Kenneth Walker III carrying 19 times for 63 yards and Zach Charbonnet adding 44 yards on six carries, and with both players also having an impact in the passing game, including a 64-yard touchdown reception for Walker.

But while those numbers are more in line with what Carroll wants from the running game, he still wants to get more out of that aspect of the offense moving forward.

"(Running the ball) just gives us more information, more balance and helps the rest of our game," Carroll said. "We talked about it today in our meetings, how important it is to run the football and how it affects so many other aspects of your play. We aren't third yards and a cloud of dust, we just want balance as best as we can get to it. That balance doesn't even mean 50/50 all the time, it just means the complements really work together to strengthen the other aspect of the game."

6. The addition of Leonard Williams frees up Dre'Mont Jones to do different things.

For most of the first half of the season, Dre'Mont Jones saw almost all of his playing time on the interior defensive line, frequently playing next to Jarran Reed with outside linebackers flanking that duo, or as one of two big defensive ends flanking Reed in base defense.

And Jones will still do those things moving forward, but by adding Leonard Williams in a trade two weeks ago, the Seahawks gave themselves the flexibility to better take advantage of Jones' versatility, as was evident on Sunday with Jones playing more on the edge. Being able to use Jones outside should help the defense make up for the loss of outside linebacker Uchenna Nwosu, especially on running downs.

"Dre had played quite a bit over the years inside and outside," Carroll said. "He's not unfamiliar with it, we just haven't been practicing him there much. It's taken us a couple of weeks to get him adapted, but we like him there. Losing Uchenna, we pick up a little bit of something there that we weren't playing on until Leonard showed up. I think Dre did a nice job yesterday, he pressured well yesterday. He played about half in and half out. It was good."

7. Injury updates.

As Carroll noted after the game and again on Monday, the Seahawks came out of Sunday's game mostly healthy other than the typical bumps and bruises that come out of every game. One player who did leave the game was receiver Dareke Young, who was playing in his first game back after missing the first half of the season with an abductor injury.

While Young's status is still uncertain, Carroll said the initial reports on his injury were positive.

"I don't have any more than what they said, but when they tested him, he was better than they had anticipated," Carroll said. "It's a shock that something yanked or something happened, and he felt better after a little while, after the game."

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