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Surgery For Jamal Adams, Kenneth Walker III Set To Return & Other Notes From Pete Carroll's Weekly Radio Show

News and notes from Pete Carroll’s weekly appearance on Seattle Sports 710AM.


The morning after the Seahawks beat the Broncos in their season opener, Pete Carroll sat down for his usual radio show on Seattle Sports 710AM. You can listen to the entire interview on the Brock and Salk Show here, but here are a few of the key takeaways from the interview:

1. Jamal Adams unfortunately has a serious injury.

While Monday night's game was full of positives for the Seahawks, one negative that came out of the game was a significant injury suffered by Jamal Adams. Carroll said the exact extent of the injury is still being determined, but that the Pro-Bowl safety will need surgery.

"He's hurt," Carroll said. "He hurt his knee and he's going to have to get some work on that. I don't know the extent of it yet, but I know it's serious. It just breaks his heart. He loves the game so much, we're going to miss him so much. The fact that he is such a heartthrob about the game of football. He loves playing, and he can't deal with it right now about, 'How can this keep happening?'"

On a more positive note, Carroll said linebacker Cody Barton, who limped off the field late in the game after making a crucial tackle for loss, is OK.

2. Kenneth Walker III should return this week.

The Seahawks saw some good things out of Rashaad Penny, who averaged 5.0 yards per carry, but their running game should get even more explosive this week with the return of rookie running back Kenneth Walker III, who missed the opener while recovering from a hernia procedure.

"Kenny Walker is going to be out there this week to add to (the running game)," Carroll said.

3. The gameplan was to get Russell Wilson to move left.

When it comes to formulating a defense game plan, the opposing quarterback is always a huge factor, and in preparing for Monday's game, the Seahawks were in the position of having a ton of information on Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson, who for the previous 10 seasons was Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. Wilson came up with plenty of big plays, but one way the Seahawks limited the damage was by using the pass rush to get Wilson on the move, particularly to his left.

"We really were focused in on Russ' play with our pass rush, and that's really the way to play him," Carroll said. "You can move him and you can make him go. I think he moved 10 times and he completed two passes on the times we moved him out of the pocket and move moved him around like we were trying to. It's a hard dynamic, so many factors in there, but we're trying to push him in directions… When he moves to his left, it's hard for him, numbers wise. We were able to do some stuff. It wasn't perfect at all, but it was affective, and we felt like we were controlling it. It wasn't always getting clean to get the sack, it was to try to make him go the way we wanted him to go. Guys did a good job, we could do better. I'd like another shot at that gameplan to see if we could just clean it up. It was a really, really good job by Clint and his guys."

4. Special teams play was "ridiculously on fire."

While Geno Smith's big day and the defense's goal-line stands were the biggest headlines coming out of the game, the Seahawks also won in part due to big contributions on special teams, be it great kick coverage and punt coverage, or Jason Myers' 49-yard field goal.

"Those guys were just ridiculously on fire going for it," Carroll said. "… There was just so much energy and juice about that, that just feeds all of it. That's who we are."

5. Tariq Woolen's speed showed up.

Tariq Woolen's NFL debut featured a pair of penalties for pass interference, but aside from getting too physical on a couple of occasions, the rookie cornerback demonstrated a lot of what the Seahawks like about him, most notably his speed and coverage skills.

"He's covered everybody deep now, we've just got to keep him from jostling and all that, because he's going to be there," Carroll said. "If you watch him carefully, he is so fast that you can see it happen in all kinds of different situations on the field. He's fun to watch. Whether he's holding up the gunner on the punt team, he's so fast he can just kind of run in front of these guys and stay on them. It's really amazing. We've never seen anybody that fast, and he uses it well."

The Seahawks host the Broncos for Monday Night Football at Lumen Field on September 12, 2022. Game action photos are presented by Washington's Lottery.

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