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Seattle Seahawks Defensive End Cliff Avril and Wide Receiver Doug Baldwin Join 710 ESPN Seattle's 'The Huddle'

A recap of Seahawks defensive end Cliff Avril and wide receiver Doug Baldwin's Wednesday afternoon conversations on 710 ESPN Seattle's 'The Huddle'

On Thursday afternoon, defensive end Cliff Avril and wide receiver Doug Baldwin joined 710 ESPN Seattle's 'The Huddle,' an award-winning, highly-rated two-hour broadcast devoted entirely to Seahawks coverage from Renton's Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

The full audio files from the pair's appearances are embedded for you below, along with a few highlights from each player's conversation.


Cliff Avril

(On what he expects to see from the Arizona Cardinals offense this week...) "They've been doing some great things on offense. They're going to try to run it, but at the same time, they have some wide receivers that can make some things happen, and with [Carson] Palmer back there they're confident in their throwing game as well. It is a different running back, but the same running scheme, though, so they're going to try to get on the edge a little bit and do some things that way, a few plays down-hill, play-action you, and try to go deep."

(On Frank Clark's development as a rookie...) "He's growing, he's growing. I think the big thing with him is he has to continue to keep building and growing in the playbook, because physically he has everything, he's extremely physical. He understands the schemes, but again, you've just got to be consistent with the playbook and knowing things as far as like down and distance, just getting a feel for that, but he's coming along great and I think he can definitely help us out."

(On if he believes in building momentum in Week 17 heading into the playoffs...) "Yeah, no doubt. It's definitely a chemistry, it's definitely a feel, and I think if guys can go out there and just get back to what we were feeing last week, going into the playoffs we'll be fine."


Doug Baldwin

(On what went wrong in this past Sunday's loss to the St. Louis Rams...) "We definitely weren't as clean as we had been the previous couple weeks. But definitely don't want to take anything away from the Rams. Every game that we play against the Rams is always a battle and their front four, their front seven on defense, they're just really, really good. So we've always had trouble with them. So wasn't surprised that it was going to go down to the wire. And again, like I said, we weren't as clean as we typically are, or have been, so that played a role in it, but we'll continue to get better and move forward."

(On if he's received more attention on defense given all the touchdowns he's scored in recent weeks...) "It's intermittent. There's some times I'll see a safety come down and help the nickel, or they'll play me a different technique from what we've seen on film, or from previous games, so yeah, a little bit. But they can't really do much, we've got a great offense with so many weapons. We've got Jermaine Kearse and Tyler Lockett, who are capable of doing anything against man-on-man, one-on-one coverage, and then you've got to keep a guy on Russell Wilson because he can get outside the pocket and make magic happen."

(On Tyler Lockett impressing as a rookie...) "It's been more impressive to me on the inside because I know how difficult it is to play receiver here, especially a guy like him coming from an offense where he got 100 targets, 100 catches, was the main guy, coming into this offense where you don't know how many targets you're going to see a game, and to his credit his mental mindset, his work ethic, none of that has changed. Being a receiver here, it hasn't fazed him, he's continued to work hard and it's truly impressive because a lot of guys, and we've seen a lot of guys that have gotten drafted or have come here and they weren't able to stay in it, and to his credit he's been able to do so."

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