Seahawks Stories Podcast With Guest Paul Moyer

Robert Turbin sits down with the former Seahawks safety for the latest episode of the Seahawks Stories podcast.


Robert Turbin was joined by Seahawks Legend Paul Moyer to discuss his life in football, playing at ASU and the Seahawks as well as coaching in Seattle. Listen and subscribe to Seahawks Stories.


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Former Seahawks running back Robert Turbin sits down with a current player or Seahawks Legend to share stories from the locker room to the playing field, and discuss their career both on and off the field. Available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and wherever else you might get your podcasts.

  • Road to Arizona State (02:41)
  • Paul's journey to the Seahawks as an undrafted free agent (07:49)
  • Playoff runs in the 80s (13:06)
  • 1983 AFC Championship year (20:40)
  • Moyer's favorite QBs to intercept (26:31)
  • LOB vs. DBs of the 80s (35:47)
  • Moyer's coaching experience with the Seahawks (45:56)

Listen below:

From Seahawks Legends to community heroes, take a look back at the 12 Flag Raisers through the years.

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