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Seahawks Rewind Podcast: Seahawks Lose 23-13 vs. Cardinals

Rewinding Week 11 with interviews, highlights, press conference audio, and more.


The struggles on offense continued for the Seahawks in a 23-13 loss to the Cardinals at home. Let's rewind. Subscribe and listen to the Seahawks Rewind podcast.


Re-live Each Game With The Seahawks Rewind Podcast

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Today's show:

  • Steve Raible Interview (01:25)
  • Pete Carroll Postgame Presser (11:44)
  • Jamal Adams Postgame Presser (28:19)
  • Jordyn Brooks Postgame Presser (39:02)
  • Tyler Lockett Postgame Presser (51:01)
  • Russell Wilson Postgame Presser (01:00:38)
  • Sidney Jones Interview (01:12:03)
  • DeeJay Dallas Interview (01:15:20)
  • John Clayton Interview (01:25:00)
  • Pete Carroll Postgame Presser Part Two (01:31:32)
  • Highlight Recap (01:42:28)
  • Game MVP (01:48:31)

Listen below:

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