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Seahawks Playoff-Clinching Scenario For Week 17

Here’s how the Seahawks can clinch a playoff berth when they face the Steelers this weekend.


Edit: With the Seahawks' Week 17 loss to the Steelers, here are the updated playoff scenarios for Week 18.


Two weeks ago, the Seahawks were coming off a fourth consecutive loss, a stretch that at the time looked to be a big blow to their playoff chances.

But after back-to-back wins over the Eagles and Titans, as well as some favorable other results around the NFC, the Seahawks are not only back in playoff contention, they are currently in a playoff spot as the seventh seed with two games remaining.

That means the Seahawks control their own destiny and will make the playoffs with wins in their final two games, and while it isn't the most likely of scenarios, the Seahawks do have a chance to clinch a playoff berth as soon as Sunday.

For the Seahawks to clinch a playoff berth in Week 17, they would need to beat the Steelers at Lumen Field Sunday, then they would also need the Sunday night game between Packers and Vikings, who are both 7-8, to end in a tie.

Ties are rare in the NFL—there hasn't been one yet this season, and the Packers and Vikings last played to a tie in 2018—but the fact remains that the Seahawks have a path to clinching a playoff berth, however unlikely, this weekend.

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