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Seahawks Mailbag: Getting Back On Track, Seahawks Pro Bowl Nominees, & More

You had Seahawks questions; guest host Michael Bumpus has answers.


Working with a short week, the Seahawks are back home and gearing up for a Thursday Night Football matchup against the Arizona Cardinals. Having dropped their first meeting this season in the desert 34-37 in OT, the Seahawks know bouncing back tomorrow night will be pivotal in the NFC West race. Before we turn our attention to Seahawks vs. Cardinals, it's time once again to answer questions from you, the fans. Thank you as always to those who submitted questions on Twitter or Back in to tackle your questions this week is former Seahawks wide receiver and 710 ESPN Radio Analyst Michael Bumpus.

@Deviated88 asks, "How do they put these two rather ugly games in the rear view? And what do you think was the disconnect against the rams?"

A: "How do you put this game in the rear view? You digest it, you watch it, you're honest with yourself. You critique yourself, you critique your teammates, but you do it in a way that's constructive and that's going to help you along your mission. These guys know that they're a good football game. They know that they made some mistakes and know that they need all three phases of the game to perform at a high level like we saw against the 49ers. I think they need to tap into that mentality and I think they'll be fine. But how do you put it in the rear view? You have to go through it first, you got to go through it."

"What was the disconnect? It was really the offense. The offense turned the ball over three times, that's something we're not used to seeing. Russell Wilson has turned it over more often or more than we're used to the last two or three games. That's something that needs to stop, especially when your defense finally puts a game together. It wasn't anything great, nothing spectacular, but I felt like it was good enough for these guys to win. They held the Rams to 23 points. If you were to tell me before the game the Rams would score 23 points, I would've told you the Hawks win this game because of what the offense had been doing in previous weeks. They just need to get back to what they do."

@jesse_lamon asks, "Why has Russ played poorly recently? Is it the lack of a consistent run game?"

A: "I think the run game has something to do with it. There's nothing like having No. 32 Chris Carson back there, a guy who can break some tackles and keep the defense honest. Travis Homer has done a decent job, DeeJay Dallas has as well, and now you have the addition of Alex Collins. But, I also think that Russell Wilson has been playing poorly because he feels like he has to make the big play ever single drive. I think he's looking for the home run play every single drive. And you can't blame him for doing that. He's had a lot of success doing that. But I think at this point of the season because you don't have much of a run game, because your defense is going to give up some points; just take what the defense is giving you. There was a play against the Rams where he could have ran for 10 or 15 yards, but he decided to take a shot in the endzone to one of their tight ends. That's just him wanting to make a play. You cannot fault a man for wanting to make the big play for his team. But I think there's a lot of film out there now, teams are ready for these concepts that take receivers and tight ends 15-20 yards down the field. Don't press the issue, take the dump-offs, and when you have a chance to use your feet, Russell's still got it. Use your feet, pick up those first downs."

@MarcSheehan006 is wondering, "Would having the DBs jam opposing receivers more often (or at least have less of a cushion) be something that Mr. Bumpus would recommend?'

A: "As a receiver, I didn't hate it because I could get by anyone right? But, I would get frustrated when DBs would press. What do you do when you press? You mess up the rhythm of a quarterback. So I wouldn't mind seeing the DBs for the Seattle Seahawks do that, but I also know what their scheme is. Their scheme is to make sure nothing gets over the top. Now I'm a fan of mixing it up, a little bump and run. I wouldn't say necessarily press or jam them, but bump and run. Hit them in the chest, flip their hips, get out of there, keep integrity in what you're doing. I like to see them mix it up. I'm not mad at that idea at all."

Tommy from Portland asks, "Now that Pro Bowl voting is live, which Seahawks players do you think have the strongest cases so far this season?"

A: "Pro Bowl? We're talking Pro Bowl man? We got to finish the season! Right now I would say Russell Wilson of course. Despite his turnovers over the past few weeks, he has still shown he is one of the best quarterbacks in the league with 28 touchdowns. After him, I'd have to go DK Metcalf. You can't deny the progress this young man has made. He had a tough week against the L.A. Rams, but I expect him to bounce back. Also, Tyler Lockett, another receiver. You got to give him his love as well. I believe he's a top 12 receiver in this league, we'll see if he'll pick up some votes. Bobby Wagner is top 5 to 8 in the NFL when it comes to tackles. He's one of the few linebackers with 80 plus tackles and 3 plus sacks. There's only a couple other guys with those numbers. You have to throw Bobby Wagner in the mix as well."

"I think that's it as far as the Seahawks, but that's typical for a team. If it started today, if we're talking Pro Bowlers right now, those are the four guys that I would recommend."

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