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Seahawks Legend Richard Sherman Makes Debut On 'Undisputed'

“Undisputed” returned to FS1 this morning with new faces alongside Skip Bayless, and Seahawks Legend Richard Sherman was one of them.


A few months ago, it was announced that Seahawks Legend Richard Sherman would join Skip Bayless on the FS1 show "Undisputed," and the All-Decade cornerback made his debut on the show Monday. 

The debates that the two will have on "Undisputed" won't be the first time they've debated on TV. Sherman and Bayless have a history with one another. In March 2013, a clip of Sherman and Bayless on ESPN's First Take went viral. The interview turned into a heated debate between the two, with Sherman, among many other comments saying, "In my 24 years of life, I'm better at life than you."

Now, a decade later, the two are sitting across from each other as co-workers.

On the show today Bayless and Sherman rehash the details of the decade old clip and address that moment, together.

During the show, Bayless admits that what he said to Sherman was disrespectful.

"We're actually way more alike than you might think," Bayless said.

Sherman follows up by saying "How you came from the bottom. Skip, I've got a ton of respect for what you've done."

Michael Irvin and Keyshawn Johnson will also be co-hosts on the show.

Seahawks Legend Richard Sherman threw out the ceremonial first pitch ahead of the Mariners vs. Royals game at T-Mobile Park on August 25, 2023.

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