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Seahawks Legend Doug Baldwin Jr. Delivers Commencement Speech At Seattle University Graduation

Doug Baldwin Jr. earned an honorary degree while inspiring Seattle University graduates as commencement speaker.

Yosef Kalinko/Seattle University
Yosef Kalinko/Seattle University

Whether on or off the field, Seahawks Legend Doug Baldwin Jr. continues to inspire. On Monday, Baldwin served as commencement speaker for Seattle University's 2023 class at Climate Pledge Arena and earned an honorary degree in the process.

Paying it forward is something that Baldwin lives by, as the 2023 Paul G. Allen Humanitarian Award Winner continues to find ways to give back to the next generation. The founder of the Family First Community Center in Renton used his own family for inspiration in crafting a speech to lead the new grads out into the world. The Stanford alum gave the students three core values to remember.

"When I think about what you all as graduates would want to hear from me, I can't help but think about my daughters," said Baldwin. "I couldn't help but think about what they would want to hear from a speaker when they're sitting in your seats. Number one, I need you to be honest. Not necessarily with the person next to you, but also with yourself. Honesty, that's just a posture of respect. Number two, be curious, never stop learning. Curiosity is just a posture of humility. None of us have all the answers. Be forgiving. We're on a planet, a little rock in the galaxy in this universe."

Baldwin brought it home with one word - Love.

"Love," said Baldwin. "Be honest, be curious, be forgiving. All of that is just really love."

The university proceeded to award Baldwin with an honorary degree, celebrating his impact on the Pacific Northwest. On June 23, Baldwin and fellow Seahawks Legends Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett lead the Second-Annual Champions of Change Celebrity Basketball game at Climate Pledge to raise awareness and funding for organizations leading the fight for change and equality in the area. The work is ongoing for Baldwin - but so is the praise for his efforts.

Seattle University awarded former Seahawk Doug Baldwin Jr. with an honorary degree at their graduation ceremony where he also gave the commencement speech. Photos were provided by Seattle University/Yosef Kalinko

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