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Seahawks Kick Off Super Bowl XLVIII 10th Anniversary Celebration With 'Season Of Boom' Premiere Event

Seahawks Legends, general manager John Schneider, president Chuck Arnold and others attended the premier of the “Season Of Boom” docuseries.

The Super Bowl "Season of Boom" docuseries premiere kicked off the week of events for the 10-year anniversary of Super Bowl XLVIII.
The Super Bowl "Season of Boom" docuseries premiere kicked off the week of events for the 10-year anniversary of Super Bowl XLVIII.

It has been more than two years since K.J. Wright last wore a Seahawks uniform, and a decade since he helped the team to a Super Bowl title, but on Tuesday night, he was still happy to pause on the red carpet, extend his arms and do the signature Spider-Man celebration he used to punctuate so many big plays in his career.

It wasn't quite a literal trip down memory lane, but Wright and a handful of other Seahawks Legends, executives, staff members and guests were treated to a memorable look back at the most successful season in franchise history.

With the Seahawks celebrating the 10th anniversary of their Super Bowl-winning 2023 season this weekend, the team's video production team is releasing a 10-part docuseries on that season titled "Season of Boom." With the first three episodes coming out on Tuesday, the team hosted a premiere event that included a viewing of the first chapter, as well as a panel discussion, emceed by Steve Raible and featuring Schneider, Wright, Doug Baldwin, Cliff Avril, Jermaine Kearse.

When screening ended and the applause had died down a bit, Schneider turned to shout, "Maddie, awesome! That's so good you guys." A reference to Madeline Down, the managing director of production and entertainment and the rest of her team responsible for the docuseries.

During a half-hour long discussion between Schneider and the Legends, the group reminisced about a memorable season, shared some inside jokes, and repeatedly showed their appreciation not just for a team that, as Wright succinctly put it, "Did some really, really bad-ass stuff," but also formed lasting bonds that have only strengthened over time.

This event, and those that will follow as many members of the 2013 team come to Seattle this weekend, are an opportunity for the team to fully appreciate what it accomplished now that some time has passed. As Baldwin explained, players were too focused on getting back to the Super Bowl to really sit back and take stock of their achievement at the time.

"I remember very vividly, I remember picking up the confetti off the ground and putting in my helmet, and I was just like, 'I've got to get here again,'" Baldwin said. "Then we just went right back to work.

"I feel like now is the time we get to actually celebrate that. And it's a beautiful thing that we get to celebrate a championship. We were young men coming into the NFL, I got to spend the majority of my career with Jermaine, K.J. and I all came in at the same time, Cliff became my brother immediately when he got here, and we were all growing up and maturing at this time. We were all becoming adults in a very unique and specific environment that only a few folks get to experience. It's very special, and for us to be able to sit up here and talk about a championship-winning team, organization, culture, and memorialize that for the 10-year anniversary… I typically have the words, but I don't have the words. It's very special."

As things concluded, Schneider had to wipe away tears as he talked about, "The character of these people… Yeah, they're awesome football players, but they're amazing people."

To catch up on the "Season of Boom," head to or the Seahawks YouTube channel. The first three chapters are now available, while chapters 3-6 will be available Wednesday evening, with chapters 7-8 coming Thursday, chapter 9 on Friday and chapter 10 on Saturday.

The "Season of Boom" docuseries, that documents the season when the Seahawks won Super Bowl XLVIII premiered on Tuesday, September 19.