Seahawks Gameday Playlist: Week 7

Follow the playlist on Spotify to hear what the Seahawks will be listening to as they prepare to take on the Cardinals on Sunday Night Football.


Set the mood for gameday by listening to a playlist of songs being spun by DJ Supa Sam, the official DJ of the Seattle Seahawks. Follow this playlist on Spotify and it will be updated every week during the season.

The Week 7 playlist features local favorites like Jimi Hendrix and Dave Matthews, a new track from AC/DC released earlier this month, and plenty of other songs that will get you ready for kickoff.

The Spotify playlist artwork was originally created as a commemorative ticket for Seahawks Season Ticket Holders, available within the Seahawks mobile app.


Follow the Seahawks Gameday Playlist on Spotify

Follow this playlist to hear what the Seattle Seahawks will be listening to all season long, curated by DJ Supa Sam, the official DJ of the Seahawks. Now playing: Week 1 at Colts

The Seahawks take on the Arizona Cardinals this Sunday at 5:20 p.m. on NBC.

Gameday Playlist: Week 7

  1. Jimi Hendrix – Fire
  2. KRS-One – Step Into A World
  3. Dave Matthews – Ants Marching
  4. Kamaiyah – Windows (feat. Quavo & Tyga)
  5. Black Box – Everybody Everybody
  6. The Chemical Brothers – Galvanize
  7. Brothers Osborne – All Night
  8. Meek Mill – Ima Boss (feat. Rick Ross)
  9. Imagine Dragons – Whatever It Takes
  10. BTS – MIC Drop (Steve Aoiki Remix feat. Desiigner)
  11. Darude – Sandstorm
  12. AC/DC – Shot In The Dark

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