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Seahawks Fan Saves Her Dad From Burning Building, Goes Back To Check On Russell Wilson 'Fathead'

A 19-year-old Seahawks fan in Virginia rescued her father from a pinned position under his truck in the family's garage that had ignited in flames.

A Seahawks fan in Virginia caught the attention of quarterback Russell Wilson this week for heroically saving her dad from a burning building – and then going back to check on her Russell Wilson Fathead.

Wilson posted a video message for Charlotte Heffelmire, 19, on Twitter Wednesday after seeing the teen share her story on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

"I saw that you went in to a burning fire to save the Russell Wilson Fathead – and not to mention, your dad," Wilson said. "You're a legend. A hero. ... Go Hawks."

In late November, Heffelmire rescued her father from a burning garage after discovering him pinned under his gray GMC truck at their home in Vienna, Va. The truck had collapsed on Eric Heffelmire while he was working under it, and then ignited from spilled gasoline.

"He was just stuck under it and he said 'You have to lift the truck,'" Charlotte Heffelmire recalled to DeGeneres. "So I just lifted it. It took two tries to lift it up."

After freeing her father, backing the truck out of the garage and alerting other family members in the house, Heffelmire had one thing left to do.

"What was the one thing you were concerned about inside the house?" DeGeneres asked.

"After I got everyone out … I sprinted to the basement. I have this big Russell Wilson Fathead," she said. "I was like, thank god Russell Wilson is fine!"

To show their appreciation for the East Coast 12s – who have a giant Seahawks logo painted on the hood of their truck – the Seahawks organization sent a gift basket of Seahawks gear, along with four tickets to a Seahawks home game next year.

DeGeneres delivered the gift on air, along with a $10,000 check toward her college education courtesy of Shutterfly. Heffelmire is a US Air Force Academy student.

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