Seahawks Defensive End Cassius Marsh Plays 'Magic: The Gathering' On 'The Command Zone,' Again

Seahawks defensive end Cassius Marsh makes another appearance on The Command Zone's YouTube series 'Game Knights,' which showcases 'Magic: The Gathering' and the trading card game's Commander format.

It's been nearly three weeks since Cassius Marsh's splash as a special guest at *Magic: The Gathering* Grand Prix Las Vegas, and today, the Seahawks defensive end is a featured spellslinger once again, this time appearing on the latest episode of 'Game Knights' from The Command Zone.

Marsh, who was one of four primary Planeswalkers on the show's sixth chapter, returns for the YouTube series' eighth installment, which showcases the trading card game's Commander format that encourages multiplayer Magic.

Marsh lost out in his last ‘Game Knights’ appearance, but is out for revenge this time around as he enters the battlefield with The Command Zone podcasters Josh Lee Kwai and Jimmy Wong, as well as Riot Games' Josh Kim.

"I want to spread the word about the game and get some more athletes into it, get some more people who would be 'too cool for school' normally," Marsh said of his Magic involvement at GP Vegas last month. "I want to talk to those guys or those girls who may have the mind or the competitive nature or may like games. A lot of people are that way, like some people who play video games might love this game. Strategic games, everybody loves them.

"If I can find 10 people a year with the mind for Magic and get them to start playing, I'd feel accomplished."

Check out Marsh's latest Magic moment in the video embedded above.

Take a journey through 'Magic: The Gathering' Grand Prix Las Vegas with Seahawks defensive end Cassius Marsh, an avid 'Magic' player who attended the event as a special guest.

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