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Pete Carroll Discusses Players Recently Added To Seahawks Roster

Trades and waiver claims brought some new players to Seattle over the past few days. On Monday, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll broke down those additions. 

The Seahawks' "always compete" mantra extends off the field to roster building, so it was hardly a surprise that general manager John Schneider and head coach Pete Carroll were active over the past few days in order to add talent to the team.

On Thursday, the Seahawks made a trade with the Green Bay Packers to acquire quarterback Brett Hundley, who will serve as Russell Wilson's backup. Then, prior to Saturday's 53-man roster deadline, the Seahawks added a pair of players via trade, former Oakland Raiders safety Shalom Luani, and former Indianapolis Colts tight end Darrell Daniels, who was traded for receiver Marcus Johnson.

With hundreds of players hitting the waiver wire following Saturday's cuts, the Seahawks added two more players Sunday, claiming rookie cornerback Simeon Thomas from Cleveland and guard Jordan Simmons from Oakland. On Monday the Seahawks claimed one more player, linebacker Jermaine Grace, who was waived by Cleveland Sunday.

"It was a busy weekend," Carroll said following Monday's practice. "A lot of competing, a lot of work getting done. This is really the highlight, as the week starts, just coming off the weekend with all of the work that we did to try to make sure that we were making good decisions and seeing what was available out there too. You saw a couple of things that we did… I feel really good about this group and I'm excited about getting started."

Here's what Carroll said when asked about several of those players:

Quarterback Brett Hundley

"He did fine. He got rid of the ball really quickly. What would be really impressive if you could see it is the way (offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer) and (quarterbacks coach) Dave Canales have organized the process to get him ready to play this weekend. Very specific and very tuned in, and he has taken to it. He's a really bright kid, and he has handled everything to this point so he can go out on the field and he looked like he had been playing with us—you couldn't tell any difference. That's about what we got today. Really determined to be right on point of all the calls and the execution of the plays on the field today, so he did really well."

Safety Shalom Luani

"He's a really good football player in general. He's a tough guy. That's the first thing. We like that he can contribute immediately on special teams, and in time he'll learn our stuff. He knows how to play free safety and strong safety, featured by the way he runs and hits. We love that about his nature; a real natural football player. So he should fit right in. We needed the depth, for one, but really needed that boost from the safety spot on special teams."

Cornerback Simeon Thomas

"Simeon was a guy that we saw through the draft. You probably can see why we liked him once you meet him and shake hands with him—he shakes hands with you from about ten feet away. He's just a real profile guy for us. We liked him all the way through the draft and we were thinking about it all the way through. We took Tre (Flowers) and loved Tre. Those are the two guys in the draft that I had my eye on throughout and I was hoping we would have a shot to get him. So when the opportunity opened up, we jumped at it."

Guard Jordan Simmons

"Jordan had a difficult college career in that he was banged up quite a bit. In his effort to get back, it took him a long time. He didn't get all of the starts that you would like to see a guy get, but he's played the last couple and looks like he's back and really full-go. He's a good technique guy. Tough, long, big—he's all the right stuff. He just needed to get enough play time so that he could show that he can do it. I think we're fortunate to get him."

Tight End Darrell Daniels

"Again, we looked with kind of the edge towards special teams. We wanted to see that we had a guy that, from that (tight end) spot, could play and could contribute on special teams. He easily can do that, and he's a good blocker, a physical guy, and we like the opportunity to add him in."

Photos from Monday's practice at Virginia Mason Athletic Center in preparation for Sunday's game against the Denver Broncos.