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Seahawks Celebrate Mama Blue Friday

In honor of Patti “Mama Blue” Hammond, who passed away last week, the Seahawks celebrated “Mama Blue Friday” to wrap up the week.

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On Saturday, Seahawks fans in the Pacific Northwest and around the world learned of the passing of an original 12 – Patti “Mama Blue" Hammond. On Friday, the Seahawks celebrated "Mama Blue Friday" to honor Hammond, the original Seahawks super fan.

On Friday morning, Seattle welcomed four generations of Hammond family to Lumen Field for a special commemoration. Hammond's love for the Seahawks has been passed down through the family like an heirloom, as the descendants of the 92-year-old filed into the facility with a range of current and vintage Seahawks jerseys.

VP of marketing and community engagement Jeff Richards shared thoughts on the legacy of Mama Blue with the family, as he was joined by VP of community outreach Mike Flood hosting the Hammond family.

"You have these well-known fans," said Richards. "And the way it works for most teams and even here, they can be polarizing. But Mama Blue was so loved and respected here, from the front office, to the players, to Pete. They had a relationship as well. But even with her fellow fans, how much they revered and respected her here. She's just very beloved - and that's pretty unique."

An outpour of emotions came from those in attendance as the family visited Lumen Field. Memories of Hammond over the years dating back to the days at the Kingdome played on the jumbotron, as Bittersweet Symphony blared through the stadium speakers. Each family member took a turn raising the 12 flag in honor of Mama Blue. The flag was lowered at half-staff, where it will remain for the evening.

The Seahawks will continue to honor Hammond this year, including recognizing her seat near the southwest tunnel of Lumen Field where she would cheer on her favorite team as players came on and off the field.

"They asked me, 'Mama, where do you want to sit?'" Hammond once said of her seat assignment. "I said, 'Where do my boys come out?'"

The team will kick off the 2023 home opener by commemorating Mama Blue's seat in Seahawks history, and in the hearts of 12s all over.

The Seahawks celebrated the late Patti 'Mama Blue' Hammond at Lumen Field on Friday with an honorary flag raising led by Hammond's family, a tribute at her seat, and the stadium was lit in blue in her honor.

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