Seahawks Announce "Behind The Noise" Documentary, The Story of The 12s

Premiering on August 20th Behind the Noise will tell the story behind the NFL's best fanbase.

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Tucked away in the corner of the Pacific Northwest you will find the Emerald City or Seattle, Washington as most may know it. But what makes the city of Seattle shine so bright or roar so loud? It's the city's hidden jewels: The 12s, the passionate fans of the Seattle Seahawks.

It has been 45 years since the first group of fans went to cheer on the Seahawks in the Kingdome. What started as a first-time NFL experience for some became the pride and joy of the Seattle Seahawks organization. The roaring sounds of the fans bounced off the ceiling of the Kingdome, creating thrilling energy that one could only imagine prior to seeing a game in the Kingdome.

To celebrate the 45 years of passion, loyalty, and noise, let us celebrate the 12s as they prepare to return to Lumen Field after a long absence. Created by NFL 33, in partnership with the Seahawks production team, "Behind the Noise" will premiere on August 20th, the first home game Blue Friday of the preseason, at 12:12 p.m.

"Behind the Noise" is narrated by Seahawks Legend and current voice of the Seahawks Steve Raible. The film shares the history of the Seahawks fanbase, as well as the vision late owner Paul Allen, who bought the Seahawks in 1997 and saved them from relocation, had when building Seahawks Stadium, now known as Lumen Field. In 1984, the number 12 was retired as a tribute to the fans of the organization. The documentary also looks into what it means to players and fans to see the blue 12 Flag wave before kickoff and showcases special moments with 12 Flag Raisers.

Get ready to re-live some earth-shaking moments created by the 12s, such as the "Beastquake" run in 2010 when running back Marshawn Lynch ran for a 67-yard touchdown, leading the Seahawks to a win over the New Orleans Saints in an NFC Wild Card playoff game. The noise from the 12s in what was then known as Qwest Field was so loud it was registered by a seismograph. Yes, the 12s caused the earth to move.

Fans will also hear from famous 12s such as Macklemore, Rainn Wilson, Joel McHale, and Duff McKagan on what it's like to be a fan. The loyalty of the Seahawks fanbase continues to grow with fans of different genders, races, ethnicities, and creeds all becoming one. On and off the field, the 12s are family, a global community that sticks together behind the Seattle Seahawks.

"Players come and go, coaches come and go, general managers come and go, and even owners come and go, but the one thing that's been consistent have been you the fans." Hall of Fame receiver Steve Largent said at the final regular season game in the Kingdome in 1999, "They can destroy this building, but they'll never damage the relationship between the Seahawks, the players and the fans, and we thank you so much for your years of support."

2020 was an unprecedented year for everyone experiencing the global pandemic. But the one thing we all are looking forward to is the love and embrace of the 12s this season. The 12s are back and no other sound can compare to the noise that Seahawks fans create. These are the greatest fans in the NFL, and we can't wait to hear you again.

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