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Sea Gal Hope Pro Bowl Diary: Gameday

Today was the big day for Sea Gal Hope as she performed on the field at Aloha Stadium for the Pro Bowl.

Today was unbelievable! Walking into the stadium, I could just feel the energy radiating from the fans and the other ladies. I think we all carried that energy with us throughout the rest of the day.

Getting ready for the actual game backstage, nothing felt real. I just couldn't believe I had finally made it to this moment. Rachel Platten came backstage with us and did vocal warm ups while we were all getting ready- how inspiring!

The game was amazing. There were so many Seahawks fans in the crowd, and it felt so good when a player from our team did well to hear the crowd errupt. I don't think I can say it enough, we have the best fans! Even though the game was hot, I gave every motion and every movement everything I had- I kept thinking, "I'll never be able to do this again! Better make it great!" While the game went by so fast, the whole experience was just so incredible.

Tonight, the ladies and I will have a special ring ceremony where we will receive our official pro bowl rings. I can't wait to spend one more night with these incredible women!

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