Richard Sherman's Weekly Players' Tribune Feature Debuts

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman kicks off a weekly Players' Tribune feature this week.

Starting Thursday, The Players' Tribune will feature a weekly look at the life of Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman called "Tuesdays with Richard on Thursdays." The idea is to provide a behind-the-scenes look at the All-Pro cornerback's life on his off day.

"It's a cool deal," Sherman said. "It'll be a behind-the-scenes, unfiltered—well, kind of filtered—way of seeing our lives, things we go through. It's something that will be pretty unique."

You can find all of the “Tuesdays on Thursdays” content here. This week's debut features a video of Sherman talking about the team’s expectations for this year, as well as enjoying some quiet time at home with his fiancée.

There's also a photo gallery, as well as a piece written by Sherman titled, “How We Play Football in Seattle," which focuses on the culture Pete Carroll has built in Seattle and the types of player like Sherman and Doug Baldwin who make up a roster full of, as Sherman writes, "a bunch of alphas."

"We have fun at practice," Sherman writes. "We compete every day. We keep it loose, and when it's time to go to work, we go to work. All Coach Carroll requires of us is that we do our jobs and be ourselves, because that's the reason all of us are here — because of who we are as individuals as well as football players.

"Every day, I feel lucky to have been drafted by the Seahawks. We have a crazy team with some chaotic dudes — a bunch of alphas. Wolves that could each lead their own packs, but instead come together to achieve something greater than any one of us."

On Richard Sherman's 28th birthday, check out these photos of each of the Seahawks cornerback's 28 career interceptions, regular season and postseason combined.

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