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Richard Sherman Names His Seven-Man Quidditch Squad Made Up Of Seahawks Players

Seattle cornerback and self-proclaimed Potterhead Richard Sherman shared which Seahawks players would make up his ideal seven-man Quidditch squad.

Richard Sherman dressing up in a Harry Potter costume for his weekly press conference took the internet by storm on Wednesday, with news of the Seahawks cornerback and self-proclaimed Potterhead's Halloween outfit even spreading across the pond, where J.K. Rowling, the British author of the hit fantasy series, tweeted Thursday morning: "Did I ever mention I'm a #Seahawks fan? Well, I am."


In Rowling's tweet about the professional football team from Seattle, she added: "(Don't ask me who plays for them apart from R Sherman.)"

So, in an effort to help Rowling get better acquainted with the Seahawks' roster, we asked Sherman to shape his ideal seven-man Quidditch squad made up of his Seattle teammates.

Here's what Sherman had to say:

Chasers: Russell Wilson, Jimmy Graham, Doug Baldwin

Sherman: "We'd go Russell, we'd go Jimmy — you've got to have some size in there — and we'd go Doug. Doug has to be one of them, he'd kill me otherwise. They just have great rapport, so we're going to keep that rapport going. They have great chemistry. They know how to work together in unison and get the job done and get to the goal…line."

Beaters: Michael Bennett, Cliff Avril

Sherman: "They're tough, they're aggressive, great hand-eye coordination. They're definitely more aggressive. They'd be aggressive beaters."

Keeper: DeShawn Shead

Sherman: "Because not on Shead," he noted of the Seahawks' 6-foot-2, 212-pound starting cornerback who leads the team with nine passes defensed. 

Added Shead: "What would make me a good keeper is I've got to deflect balls and stop people from scoring. That's my ultimate goal and that's what I try to do here is stop people from scoring. So it'd be an easy transition."

Seeker: Earl Thomas III

Sherman: "The seeker of the Golden Snitch would be Earl Thomas III, because he's always got laser focus and he's very good at getting the ball. His hand-eye coordination is excellent. He has excellent focus and attention to detail. He'd be able to get that snitch for us in a timely manner and he'd be able to battle off the other seeker."

Coach: Richard Sherman

Sherman:"I have to lead this team because nobody else knows the rules. We'd be on the attack and we'd trust Shead in the back end to defend our goals. Our beaters would be aggressive and also involved in setting picks and things like that. I'd come up with a very innovative strategy to attack the goal."

House: Gryffindor

Sherman:"We're Gryffindor, for sure, because we're strong, we're courageous, intelligent. All the things that Gryffindor stands for."


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