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Ranking the 30 Best Michael Bennett Quotes on his 30th Birthday

As Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett celebrates his 30th birthday, takes a look back at the Top 30 Michael Bennett quotes of all-time.

Happy birthday to the one and only, Michael Bennett! Here are 30 photos to celebrate this defensive end's 30th year around the sun.  

1985 was the time of Back to the Future, Bruce Springsteen, and the Nintendo Entertainment System. 1985 also brought us the man who saved Seattle from a mutated rockfish in *Seahawks vs. Monsters*, who leads the team with 6.5 sacks, the one, the only Michael Bennett.

Since coming to Seattle in 2013, Bennett has not only delighted the 12s with his on-field performance, he has dazzled the press conference stage with his quick wit and memorable quotes.

In honor of his 30th birthday, we've compiled a list of the 30 best Michael Bennett quotes of all time.

30. (On his favorite Halloween costume) "A black man."

29. (On Cliff Avril's personality in the meeting rooms) "He has a lot of money, he has a lot of nice cars, so I think he gets a lot of notoriety. Cliff is just a good guy, he's one of those guys that doesn't say a lot to you guys, but he can be a little a-hole-ish every once in a while. He makes a lot of jokes, and he's one of my best friends on the team and in general."

28.(On if the league has said anything about the sack dance) "My friend Von [Miller] got fined because he did three pumps, and I don't know, but three pumps is illegal. I only usually do two pumps, but Pete [Carroll] made sure that I know that Von got fined for doing three pumps, so I'm just trying to keep it at one and a half pumps."

27.(On playing for the Seahawks) "I don't think there's any better situation, no matter how much money is involved. Nothing can beat winning and being on a championship organization."

26.(On his sack dance) "My wife doesn't like it because my female fan-base has shot through the roof these days."

25.(On being in shape) "So many of the linemen are overweight. I'm in shape. I do Total Gym, so I can last a lot longer than them."

24.(On the most handsome man in the world) "Behind Denzel, I'm the most attractive"

23.(On the legacy of the Seahawks defense) "I think we'll be the Paul Bunyans of the NFL. We'll be the best."

22.(On how popular the Seahawks are in Seattle) "Russell Wilson got pulled over and the cop got a ticket."

21."You see Peyton Manning. My sister could probably beat him in the (40-yard-dash)."

20."A Rolls Royce (commercial). I'm never gonna shave, so I won't be in a shaving commercial. But I'd be happy to be in a Rolls Royce commercial."

19.(On eating) "I'm the Michael Phelps of eating chicken, man. I've got eight chicken medals, man. In Beijing!"

18.(On his daughter saying Russell Wilson was her favorite player) "What?! See, I've got to take her TV away. See if Russell Wilson will buy her a TV."

17.(On going to the White House) "I was really trying to get the taxes lower, but that didn't work. It was neat to meet Obama too. I didn't get to teach him the sack dance, but he did want to play me in basketball."

16.(On pretending to be Russell Wilson at a restaurant) "But they told me they were all booked up. I called them back a few minutes later. I said, 'Hey, this is Russell Wilson. I'll be attending your restaurant today. Do you have any tables?' And she was like, 'Yes! We can make a table for you! You were 22-for-30 the other night, 130 quarterback rating!' She knew every stat. I got to the restaurant with my wife and kids, I said, 'Oh, thank you. I'm Russell Wilson.' She was like, 'Good joke.' I said, 'Gotcha.' "She took me to the table and they had it roped off. They had sparkling water and everything."

15.(On Thanksgiving in Seattle) "You have quinoa, asparagus, kale, au gratin potatoes. If I'm home, we've got some gumbo, we've got some collard greens, we've got that stuffing, fried turkey, fried chicken, pork chops. That's all on one plate."

14.(On what he would do if he didn't play football) "I would study sociology. I like to study different cultures. I probably would write books about different cultures, go from country to country, live in a bunch of different places and study people and enjoy life. I travel every chance I get. In the offseason, I like to go to Hawaii with my wife and kids and just surf and fish and be one with nature."

13.(On his beard) "I think every wise person had a beard - Moses, Caesar, Genghis Khan - I'm not saying he was wise, he was a good leader - I was just like, 'Hey when I get a chance, I'm going to grow me a beard."

12.(On his sack dance) "Most important sack dance in history, because I helped the baby boom in Seattle."

11.(On who would play him in a movie) "Is it okay if I say white people? [laughter] I pick Bruce Willis ... No, actually, Leonardo DiCaprio. He could really do me from the 'hood."

10.(On Lynch's Beast Quake 2.0 run against the Cardinals in Week 16 of 2014) "It was the best run I've ever seen. I felt like he was running for freedom or something. Boy, he was gone. They haven't had a run like that since the Underground Railroad."

9."I've got my cowboy hat on for a reason because my dream is to ride a horse at the Super Bowl. A black horse, an Arabian black horse. I know that they have an Arabian horse here, so if I could get a horse that'd be pretty cool."

8."No, I don't. Why? Do you work for America Online? Nobody even uses that anymore. I'm part of the Twitter, Google generation."

7.(On playing in front of the 12s) "Have you ever seen Gladiator where Russell Crowe is like, "Are you not entertained?' It feels just crazy. It just gives you so much energy. It's just full of fun."

6.(On Pete Carroll) "He's always competing to be younger, competing to have the best hair in the NFL. He always has a good day."

5.(On which member of the Legion of Boom is the best) "That's like picking which kid is going to be most successful. I have three daughters and all my kids are going to be successful, you can't pick one."

4."I don't think 'funner' is a word," Bennett said in reference to the way the question was phrased. "But this is more fun."

3. "I wake up every day and look in the mirror and say, 'Damn, I look good.' So I can't be stressed."

2.(On his preparation for games) "No sex on Wednesday. I save it all for Sunday, after the game."

1.(On his beard) "I really want to look like the richest homeless person I've ever seen."

Happy birthday, Michael Bennett, here's to another year of quotable moments!

A look back at some of the best photos of defensive end Michael Bennett, who signed a multi-year extension with the club on March 10, 2014.

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