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Pete Carroll on Seahawks Loss at Tampa Bay: "I Don't Think This Is A Trend. We Had A Bad Day"

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll didn't like what he saw in his team's loss in Tampa Bay, but he doesn't see it as a "turn in the wrong direction."

One day and one cross-country flight later, Pete Carroll felt pretty much the same way about his team's 14-5 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as he did when the game ended. And more significantly, he felt the same way about the big-picture significance, or lack thereof, of that performance.

Yes the Seahawks struggled early on defense and throughout the game on offense, but Carroll remains positive about his team's future because of what he has seen over the course of the season more than he is down about what he classified as "a tough day."

"Really disappointed with our performance yesterday, from the top on down," Carroll said Monday. "I thought I didn't do a good job in this game getting our guys right for it. We came out on the wrong end of it right from the start, both offense and defense. Defense was able to right itself as we got through it, made good adjustments and played really well throughout the last three quarters of the game. Offense couldn't get going; we couldn't nail it. I don't feel like we adjusted the way we wanted to, the way we need to as we look at it--three turnovers and six sacks, no third downs, it's really hard to win, obviously. That's exactly what we saw. It was a tough day. I don't think this is a trend or a turn in the wrong direction or any of that kind of stuff. I think we had a bad day, a bad outing but we're going to get right this week and get back at it. It's real obvious, the things that we want to do to get back on track. We're going to go about it in that fashion and get back to business."

While some games might require some reflection and film study before Carroll is ready to make sense of it with his players, that wasn't the case on Sunday evening in Tampa Bay. This was a bad day, one that the Seahawks will learn from then leave in the past.

"Sometimes it's clear and sometimes it isn't," Carroll said. "Sometimes I wait until the next day and all that, but I thought it was really clear that we were just clearly off. This was game 11 for us, and I think this was the first time we really felt like that. So I'm going to go with what we know and how we know to be, and we'll get this thing fixed and get back on track. I communicated that last night."

If anything, Sunday's loss was a good reminder of what happens in the NFL when a team isn't on its game and taking care of the football.

"It's a very good opportunity for us to respect what's going on," Carroll said. "The situation is, whether you're playing home or on the road and it doesn't matter about the opponent, we go out there and turn the ball over three times and don't convert (on third down), you're going to get yourself in deep water."


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