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Pete Carroll Hints At Seahawks 2015 NFL Draft Class With #SeahawksDraftClues

Pete Carroll is providing clues to the team's 2015 draft class on Twitter.

Pete Carroll's #SeahawksDraftClues are back.

It's an entertaining hashtag Carroll (@PeteCarroll) instituted on Twitter ahead of the team's 2010 NFL Draft, his first selection process as head coach of the Seahawks.

With his initial #SeahawksDraftClues tweet, Carroll announced he'd be sending out song titles on the social media platform that would give his followers hints as to which players Seattle would select in that year's draft.

The tracks Carroll tweeted in 2010 came from the likes of Lil' Wayne, 2-Pac, Santana, The Doors, House of Pain, Crash Test Dummies, James Brown, AC/DC, Pearl Jam, Johnny Cash, Citizen Kane, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Stevie Wonder, and even Taylor Swift. The players the club chose that year included left tackle Russell Okung, free safety Earl Thomas, wide receiver Golden Tate, cornerback Walter Thurmond, defensive end E.J. Wilson, strong safety Kam Chancellor, tight end Anthony McCoy, defensive end Dexter Davis, and wide receiver/tight end/defensive end Jameson Konz. Can you find a correlation?

SeahawksDraftClues turned into a pre-draft tradition for Carroll. The exercise has evolved to include movie quotes, movie clips, comedy sketches, and even more musicians throughout the past four years. His tweets even led to write up an in-depth analysis of 'The Carroll Code' and led some to believe Carroll had pre-tweeted the team's entire 2012 draft class.

As expected, the Seattle head coach is at it again as the first round of the 2015 draft kicks off.

This year, Carroll's incorporating clips of comedian Dave Chappelle in his #SeahawksDraftClues. You can check out each clue below, an area we'll update as Carroll's draft inklings continue.

Day 2 (Rounds 2 & 3)

Day 1 (Round 1)


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