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8-1-07 Daily Reactions - Sam Adkins

Attending my second practice of the season and it still does not feel like training camp because they are in Kirkland. Training camp is where you go away so the team can bond and get to know each other. When you stay at home for camp you have the pressures of running to your house to see the wife and kids when you get a break or hooking up with your buddies.

The Seahawks are one of thirteen teams in the NFL that are holding training camp at their headquarters. It sure makes things easier for Erik Kennedy (Equipment Manager), Sam Ramsden (Trainer) and their staffs. They're not operating out of trunks like they did in Cheney. Everything they need is right where it belongs. It cuts down on the search time. "Which trunk was that stuff in?"

The team was in pads for the first time and you could see the bounce in everyone's step as they walked to the field anticipating their first contact. As Mike Holmgren said "Football was made to play in pads." You find out if the guy who is so impressive in shorts is willing to stick his nose in there and be physical.

On the field as expected the defense is ahead of the offense. The most impressive part of the defense was the play of the two new safeties, Deon Grant and Brian Russell, and the way they communicate. They exude confidence by talking and backing it up. Brian Russell knocked away a deep throw by Seneca Wallace he turned around and barked "Don't test me Sen." All in a good-natured competitive tone, of course.

Deon Grant's favorite saying is "I got your back." That is music to a linebacker's or corner's ears. He is a smart player who knows where the ball is at all times. It was refreshing to see a safety play the ball rather than going for the "HIGHLIGHT" hit.

With the addition of new secondary coach Jim Mora, Deon Grant and Brian Russell the secondary has gone from a weakness to a strength.

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