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Mike Morris & Dre'Mont Jones Benefiting from Michael Bennett's Visit To Seahawks Camp

Seahawks Legend Michael Bennett has been passing on knowledge to Seahawks defensive linemen while visiting training camp this week.


Early in his NFL career, Dre'Mont Jones heard comparisons to Michael Bennett.

As a versatile defensive lineman who can make plays from different spots along the line, Jones' game shares similarities with that of the Seahawks Legend who made multiple Pro Bowls and helped lead Seattle to its first Super Bowl title.

"He's one of those past players that I looked at, because I got compared to him when I was younger," said Jones, who signed with Seattle as a free agent this spring. "My teammates in Denver said I kind of resembled his game style. I was on YouTube looking up some of his highlights and seeing some of his moves, and AD (Aaron Donald) and Grady Jarrett."

Mike Morris, meanwhile, began hearing the Bennett comparisons not long after the Seahawks selected him in the fifth round of this year's draft.

"Absolutely I knew who he was, but I never really got compared to him until I got drafted here," Morris said. "Coach (Clint) Hurtt compared me to him in terms of how smart he is on the field, and how certain formations help him with his alignment, help him kind of cheat the system a little bit and cheat our defense a little bit, so he always emphasizes that. When we watch film, he's like, Mike, 'Michael Bennett would do this, Michael Bennett would do this. Get in your playbook so you can do what he did.'"

The Seahawks would be thrilled if either Jones or Morris could have a Bennett-like impact on their defense this year or in the future, and if one or both of them do indeed thrive in Seattle, Bennett himself may have played a small role in their success. As a member of the Seahawks' preseason broadcast team, Bennett has been in town all week leading up to Thursday night's preseason opener, and both he and fellow Seahawks Legend Cliff Avril have been serving as guest coaches, if you will, taking part in meetings, helping out in practice and in general just trying to find ways to help current players develop.

"They demonstrated how passionate they are," Carroll said of Avril and Bennett's visit. "If you watched them during last 'Competition Wednesday's' practice, those two guys were going crazy, and they had a blast. It was fun to see that energy again; for me to see those guys get fired up. It's got to mean something. The practice field was lit up that day and we had a great day's work. It was because of the energy. Everybody on both sides of the ball were competing, but those guys added a little bit extra."

Jones was already an accomplished player before joining the Seahawks—he was one of the top defensive linemen available in free agency this year—but he has still benefited from his time with Bennett.

"It's been great," Jones said. "I've been learning a lot by myself. He's pointing out things that I haven't necessarily noticed in this recent past. It's been a blessing having a Hall of Famer like that in the room helping you out."

One area the Seahawks hope Jones can emulate Bennett is in the way Bennett was able to take risks, within the structure of the defense, to make plays.

"They are giving me a lot of freedom to do what I need to do to help out this defense," Jones said. "I'm definitely appreciative of them giving me that green light, but there's definitely some things I have to fix and make sure I do things right defensively."

Jones said he has talked with Bennett about that very topic, focusing on "just having good play recognition and being very eye disciplined."

Morris, meanwhile, continues to hear from Hurtt on how he can learn from Bennett's game, and he's enjoyed having the Seahawks Legend himself in town this week to learn even more.

"It's been great," Morris said. "He's been in my head a lot, because I'm a rookie in a new position. He said before he leaves, he wants to make me a monster, so I'm ready."

The Seahawks got in a practice this afternoon in Renton, Wash. on Aug. 9, 2023 ahead of their Thursday night preseason game.

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