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Marshawn In Munich: Seahawks Drop Miniseries Featuring Legend Marshawn Lynch In Germany

Seahawks Legend Marshawn Lynch stars in “Marshawn in Munich,” a five-part series that goes behind the scenes as Lynch gets the grand tour of the city ahead of Seattle’s Week 10 matchup against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Munich.


Seattle Seahawks Legend Marshawn Lynch is a few years into retirement, but he continues to find his way around the game and in front of the camera. Ahead of Seattle's November 13 matchup against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers abroad in Germany, Lynch stars in "Marshawn in Munich"- a visit to Munich, Marshawn Lynch style.

In August, Seattle announced that Lynch would work with the team as a special correspondent to create team-related content with Beast Mode as the focal point. Marshawn in Munich is a five-part series released by the franchise, short episodes meant to be binge-watched as Lynch explores the culture behind the host city of the league's latest international game.

The Oakland-born Lynch is known to both spare no words - and let his actions speak at the same time without saying much. Now, Seahawks fans get to see Lynch unapologetically being himself - from shopping to the soccer pitch.

Episode one of Marshawn in Munich takes us sneaker shopping at BSTN where Lynch is "visiting our (expletive) flagship store", as he shops for Nike Air Force One sneakers and butchers the German language. The expletives fly from his tongue as naturally as he once cut through defenders on the gridiron to daylight.

With each episode totaling roughly five minutes, you get a short-but-sweet look at Lynch discovering more about Munich's history. From learning that Little Red Riding Hood was more than just a children's tale, to making sure his formal wears are "bussdown," Lynch remains true to himself inside and out and brings plenty of laughs along the way.

Episodes four and five show Lynch learning more about the popularity of the international version of football. Lynch gets the full tour of Bundesliga football club Bayern Munich, from comparing jewelry with footballers Leroy Sané and Alphonso Davies to encouraging a traveling American youth team visiting for a tournament. Lynch gets to comb the pitch and learn more from another legend, Bayern Munich Club Ambassador and former Peru National team Captain Claudio Pizarro. Only Lynch can send one of football's most-legendary strikers running off the pitch in laughter for referring to being bilingual as going "ape (expletive)."

Lynch learns the differences of the two games and lifestyles as the Seahawks prepare to face the Buccaneers and further help the game grow abroad. Having one of the league's-best personalities exploring Germany as only the Bay Area native could, the Seahawks continue to help stretch the league's fandom geographically.

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