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Long-Time Seattle Fan Celebrates 100th Birthday on Seahawks Blue Friday

Seahawks fan Ruby Lamantea celebrated her 100th birthday on Blue Friday, two days before her team takes on the Minnesota Vikings in the wild-card round of the NFC playoffs.

A playoff-edition of Blue Friday started with a 12 Flag raising on the Space Needle and was followed by rallies and more 12 Flag raisings in the cities of DuPont, Renton, and Kent.

On the occasion of her 100th birthday, Ruby Lamantea wore a red sash, delicate gold drop earrings and a neon green Seahawks rubber wristband pushed up on her right arm.

One of the Seahawks' oldest living fans, Lamantea crossed the century mark on Jan. 8, which fittingly fell on Blue Friday.

"Mom's not a boisterous fan, she's very quiet and unassuming, but she enjoys watching the Seahawks and cheers them on," said her daughter, Betty Lamantea. "Most importantly, she is a woman of strong faith and prayer, and she prays for the team and its members."

The Seahawks sent a card and small gifts to mark the occasion; others brought bouquets of roses and balloons. There were greetings from President Obama and Pope Francis, and a sheet cake with pink and purple frosting.


Ruby spent the day reclining under a plush Seahawks blanket in her Seward Park home while receiving well wishes from friends and neighbors – and an Elvis impersonator, who dropped in to sing "Happy Birthday." Elvis and Ruby share a birthday; Elvis would have been 81.

"She was singing along," Betty Lamantea said. "That's another love of hers, music. One of her favorite [Elvis] songs is 'How Great Thou Art.'"

So, Ruby, how does it feel to be 100 years old?

"Well, not bad."

The family plans to gather at Ruby's home on Sunday for another celebration. And yes, they'll be watching the Seahawks take on the Minnesota Vikings, Betty Lamantea said: "A lot of people won't come unless you put the football game on!"


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